So, Obama said he is not buying into the idea that we will always have the poor with us.  I am going to set aside the fact that this ‘Christian’ just tried to over rule Christ’s own words and ask you to look just at the utter stupidity of Obama’s assertion.  Remember, it is not the word that defines, but the form and function: the nature of something is what defines it.  So, what is it that defines ‘poor?’  It is not so much the amount of money you have, but whether or not the amount of money you have will provide for your basic living needs.  Now, let’s apply that to Obama’s claim that we can rid the world of poverty.

First, in case you missed it, here is a story about what Obama said:

SICK: Obama Just Openly and Proudly Condemned the Words of Jesus Christ Himself

[DISCLAIMER: I happen to agree with the sentiment of this story.  Obama claims to be a Christian, but in everything he does, he shows himself to be a Marxist Muslim.  Actions speak louder than words.]

OK, let’s apply a little logic here.  If I give you $50,000/year and place you in a small farming community in the heartland of this nation, I suspect you will be able to live a decent life.  But if I gave you that same amount of money and I placed you in New York city, I suspect you might find it a little harder to get by.  So ‘poor’ is not connected to how much money you have.  It has to do with whether or not you can provide for yourself.

Another way of explaining this would be to ask yourself why we don’t just make the minimum wage $100/hour?  Do you think that would eliminate poverty?  The answer is no.  If we raise minimum wage, all it does is drive up the cost of living so that, now, whatever you make at $100/hour will still only buy the same amount of goods you could afford at $8/hour.  It is how economics works.  There is no free lunch.  You have to work to survive, and labor has a value.

Now, that is actually the key to understanding the lie in Obama’s assertion./  You see, he knows that the poor will always be with us — unless he can make all people of equal value!  This is where Obama’s Marxism starts to shine through his deception.  The reason raising the minimum wage actually increases poverty is simple: if I am a business owner and I have to pay you $15/hour, I am going to expect you to work twice as hard as the guy who will work for $8/hour.  This is not because I am greedy, but because there are hard laws of economics I must obey if I want to stay in business.  Obama is in government, so he can ignore these laws (for a while).  He just raises taxes, goes in debt or — worse — prints money.  But I cannot do that.  As a business owner, I have to live in the real world, by Natural law.  That means I cannot pay more for labor than what it is worth or I will go out of business, and there is the key to poverty!

Obama wants to use government to make everyone equal.  He thinks we should all be paid the same for what we do.  But we are not all the same.  Do you think you are worth the same as say, Steve Jobs was?  I know I’m not.  But that isn’t because I am worth less as a person, but because Jobs provided a more valuable service that was in greater demand.  So, naturally, he should be paid more because he serves more people and in a greater way.  But the person demanding minimum wage be raised has no intention of working harder for that raise, they just think they should be worth as much as Steve Jobs.  This is a lie! We are all equal in value and rights as humans, but we are not all equal in ability and attitude, and that is what decides whether or not the majority of us will live in poverty or not.

If I am born dirt poor, but I work hard, maybe holding 2 or even 3 jobs.  If I save and maybe even invest my money.  If I do not buy all the toys our consumer economy pushes on me and only buy the things I have to have to live; then — eventually — there should come a time when Obama will declare me ‘rich’ and tell the world I stole it from the person who refused to work, and who wasted their money on things they wanted but did not need.  And because there are more lazy people in this world, they will accept Obama’s lies.  They will vote for Obama, and they will demand that he ‘get even’ with me by stealing my money in their name and giving it to them.  And what happens then?  They waste my money on the same slothful living.  They do not use it to get out of poverty; they just consume it and stay poor because of it.  Oh, but they will not see this.  They have been convinced they are victims, so they will re-elect Obama and demand he steal even more from the next person.  This is how the Marxist/socialist routine works, and it is why poverty always goes up under the control of such people.

But there is a greater injustice here.  Look at what Obama is doing: he is telling the lazy that they are not to blame.  It is ‘the rich man’ who is to blame.  But Obama and the people who put and keep him in power are rich, and they got that way by stealing from the very people they claim to be trying to help — the poor.  You see, Obama is the person he says he is fighting against: a corrupt, lazy thief who takes from those who actually do the work.  So why does Obama think he is any different from ‘the poor?’  If he wants to make all people equal, why doesn’t he include himself and his friends in his attempts to level the playing field?  Well, the answer to that question is easy: some pigs are more equal than the rest of the animals.

(If you do not understand that last line, thank your government-controlled indoctrination center — also known as public schools.  There was a time when we all read “Animal Farm,’ and if you are old enough, you know what that last line means.  But if you are not, then you need to go read Orwell’s book — now!)


4 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: We Will ALWAYS Have The Poor

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    When you consider that America’s ‘poor’ are not actually poor … I do not see any actual material lack for the putatively ‘poor’ in America … their standard of living is equal to the middle class of most of the world in material possessions and food availability. Their support materially from the government makes them very comfortable and cozy in their soi-disant ‘poverty’. So much so that a majority of them are obese and incapable of performing even the most basic of life-sustaining tasks, much less being capable of holding a job!

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