Time Is Short; Please Do Not Dismiss The Signs

Earlier today, I heard some people mocking the idea that people are hearing the trumpets of the apocalypse.  Apparently, people have been reporting mysterious sounds in the sky.  It is been happening for ten years now, and has been reported all over the world.  There are even recordings of the sounds.  So far, no one has been able to identify them, or explain what is causing them.  But when some suggest that these sounds good be connected to the trumpets of the apocalypse, most people dismiss it and laugh at the idea.  That’s what the people I heard today were doing.  For your own sake, do not join them.  Learn about God and how He works.  “I didn’t know” will not be an excuse on judgment day.  His warnings have been showing up everywhere, and His appointed watchmen have been sounding the alarm, but most people are ignoring them.  Please, I am begging you, do not be among those who ignore or scoff at God’s warnings.  Judgment is coming!

Here is one of many clips of these sounds.  This is the best clip I found, as it is compiled of several tapes from around the world.  However, I have to warn you, the language used by some of the people filming is explicit:

The ‘trumpets’ mentioned in Revelation are ‘shofars.’  They are important, especially in connection to the Lord’s Feasts and End Times prophecy, but I’ll get to that in a moment.  First, listen to this clip all the way through, paying special attention to the many different sounds the shofar can make.  Compare these sounds to those in the first clip:

Now, I understand that many people may not think the sounds being reported from the sky are shofars.  A good many people think it is an effect caused by HARP.  But then, Scripture records that many of the people who heard God’s voice thought it was thunder, such as when Christ was baptized and God announced that Jesus was His Son.  So it is very possible that those who are spiritually awake hear the shofar, and those who are spiritually blind hear something else.  I believe this is the case with the people I heard mocking those who believe these sounds are shofars.

Now, we must also understand the role of the shofar in the Hebrew culture:

“Blowing the Shofar is an inseparable part of the atmosphere of The Days of Awe and The Jewish High Holidays.

The High Holidays’ climax is Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is also called “Yom Teruah”, (the day of blowing the Shofar), as we find in the book of Numbers (29:1):”

This is also known as the Feast of the Trumpets, which is followed closely by the Feast of Tabernacles (booths).  The Feasts of Trumpets represents awe and repentance, which leads to the Feast of Tabernacles, which represents restoration — a time when God comes to live among His people.  The shofar is an integral part of these feasts, but this year is special, and the Feast of Trumpets and of Tabernacles will fall on the last of the four blood moons known as a tetrad.  This fourth blood moon will be the only one seen over Jerusalem, and will happen exactly when God’s people will be sleeping outside in their booths (tabernacles) where they cannot miss the sign.

There are other prophecies/mysteries of God at work here as well.  Nearly one hundred years ago, America ‘stood up,’ as Scripture would say, and took her role on the world scene.  This happened in WW I — in connection with the shemitah.  The shemitah is a time of rest and restoration in God’s calender.  It happens every 7 years.  After the shemitah of WW I, for the next 112 years (periods of 4 shemitahs), the U.S. would boast that it would become the dominant world power, plan and build a set of mighty towers to symbolize that power and then the trade towers would be attacked and fall.  All four key points landed exactly on the culmination of the shemitah!  Watch rabbi Chan’s video, or read his book.

Now, the Twin Trade Tower attack was not only connected to the shemitah, but also to the prophecy of Isaiah 9.  God warns His people before He sends judgment upon their land, and that is what the prophecy in Isaiah 9 was: a warning to Israel before the exile to Babylon.  Israel defied God and was destroyed.  America is only the second nation in history to be founded upon a covenant with Yahweh.  Since our founding, we have turned from Him and become an apostate nation like Israel did before Isaiah 9.  And just like Isaiah 9, we have repeated — verbatim — the boasting and rebellion of Israel in Isaiah 9.  Rabbi Cahn calls this the Harbingers, and you can watch the video or read that book.

The Harbinger and shemitah are linked, and they are foretelling God’s judgment on America.  But there is more.  The shemitah also hit squarely on our last two economic collapses.  Now, if you are paying attention, a great many economists — good and trusted economists — are starting to talk about a massive collapse, and some are even saying it will happen in September of 2015.  That is when the next shemitah hits, and it is right at the time of the Feats of Trumpets/Booths and the last blood moon.  But there is more!

There is a shemitah of shemitahs, so to speak.  It is called the year of Jubilee.  It happens every 49 years (7 X 7).  It is the year following the shemitah, and counts as the first year in the next 49-year cycle of Jubilee.  Now, no one knows when the year of Jubilee should be.  It was lost when the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled (if not before).  But the year of Jubilee is when slaves are freed and land is restored to its rightful owner.  Now, in 1948, Israel became a nation again, and the Jews were given back part of their homeland.  In 1967, Israel regained control of Jerusalem.  Both events were the fulfillment of important end times prophesies!  Both events are connected to the shemitah!  Now, assuming one of these happened in the Jubilee year, then either 1997 or 2016 would the next Jubilee.  This may be important as there is still another prophecy to be fulfilled — the one that foretells Israel finally taking possession of all the lands promised to her by God.  Since the time God made this promise, Israel has never had possession of the entirety of the lands God promised her.

[NOTE: I am happy to admit that I have had difficulty getting everything I have been learning straight in my mind.  This is not because there is nothing here, but because there is so much coming together at the same time it boggles the mind. So I may have gotten some details wrong here, but I have done my best to convey a general outline of God’s ways and prophecy as I currently understand them.]

There is still more.

Prophecy foretells what certainly sounds like a nuclear war in the Middle East — specifically in the region we now call Iraq and Iran.  This is part one of a possible understanding of just one such prophecy.  Zechariah also talks about a plague that will ‘consume’ a man’s eyes and tongue in his head and make his flesh ‘consume’ off his body before he hits the ground.  This plague will effect all living things.  Ezekiel tells of a war that will take 7 years to clean up, and the clean up will have to be performed by special workers.  When the body of a soldier is found, it will be marked and the workers called.  If you mess with these bodies, you will die.  The bodies will all be buried in a special place, and no one will be able to travel through it.  All are descriptions of a nuclear war and the decontamination process afterward.  And there is more.

Read the new understanding of prophecy the Church is discovering and you will see that Islam is a better fit for the fourth Beast of Daniel than a resurrected Rome.  Read our new understanding of Daniel’s 70 weeks and you will see the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ is most likely the Dome of the Rock Mosque. (part one here, the rest here).  And there is more.

If these new revelations are correct, then we have finally found America in prophecy.  Our founders were the descendents of Ephraim, and they knew it.  They called America ‘New Israel,’ and it was foretold in Joel and other minor prophets some 200 years after Ephraim (the ten northern tribes) had been lost into the nations.  Zechariah tells us that God will bend the bow of Judah (modern Israel) and fill it with the arrows of Ephraim (the lost tribes).  Prophecy also tells us that God will reunite Judah and Ephraim.  Well, the United States is the only reason Israel exists today.  We were the first to recognize them, then we armed them and helped them to defend themselves.  We were the arrow in Judah’s bow.  Prophecy even says that Ephraim will come to Israel from the West.  The United States is in the West!

Now, if this new understanding of prophecy is correct (and I believe it is), then it also tells us that we are already in Christ’s millennial reign.  It also tells us that the time of the Gentiles is over.  It ended in 1967 when Israel regained control of Jerusalem.  And the new understanding tells us Satan has already been loosed for his ‘short season.’  Up until 1948, men may not have believed in Jesus, but nations recognized Him.  Since 1948 — when Israel was reborn — the Church has been invaded by Marxists and there has been a great falling away of believers.  This is because Satan is deceiving the nations.  Now we think we are our own gods and that science allows us to perform our own miracles.  All of this fulfills prophecy to the letter.

And yet, there is still more — much more.  But it takes a diligent attempt to learn it, and it must be learned line-by-line, just as Scripture says.  You cannot understand prophecy unless you first understand the basics of God’s Word and Law.  But those who study these things know that prophecy is coming true in our time.  We do not scoff because we see it happening — to the letter.  We do not have to force things to fit anymore.  Just as Daniel was told, the last generation will understand.  Well, those who are spiritually awake are starting to understand, and what we see and hear are God’s warnings.  They are everywhere.  I just pray that you will repent, turn to God and seek Him and His forgiveness before it is too late.  If you need any help with that, or have any questions, just email me.  The address is in the margin of the home page.

[NOTE: this is a very, very brief summary.  If you take the time, you will find there is a massive convergence of God’s signs coming, and they all fall on September 2015.  Now, I am NOT telling you Christ will return in September, but I AM telling you that something big and important in God’s plan will at least start in September of 2015.  If you have read this far, you will have no excuse on judgment day.  You have been warned.  Now, please, heed the warnings.  Turn to, believe in and trust in God.]



33 thoughts on “Time Is Short; Please Do Not Dismiss The Signs

    1. Don,

      If I look at JADE HELM from a Scriptural, Harbinger stand point, I would expect that our government either knows about, is going to let happen or is planning a false flag attack on the U.S. made to look like terrorism. But, personally, I would not be surprised if the Jihadi’s hit us with an EMP sometime this fall. Nor would I be surprised if the government suspends the Constitution and establishes martial law for some other reason. We are already past the point of the Riechstag Fire. All we are lacking — as a society — is the event. Everything else is in place for a dictator to take over, and the people will cheer when he does:

      1. I think a “Dirty Bomb” by ISIS or other Jihadi’s would be their method. That along with the Obama and Progressives engineered race riots mixed with trying to Federalize the Local Police and Local Courts…..and now Obammy trying to DISARM the Local police is part of the Set up.

        1. Don,

          A dirty bomb in New York city would cripple the world — especially the West. This is one of the primary objectives of the Jihadi’s. It is also one of the easiest ways to do it — especially since there are persistent reports that they actually have tac-nukes in this country.

      2. Agreed.

        I suspect the 3 letter agencies that create bogeymen like ISIS, have a script something like this they are playing out:

        1) First get people *absolutely* convinced there is an evil bogeyman (ISIS is coming to get you!)
        2) For months on TV and the web, repeat the mantra. “ISIS is evil. ISIS hates you. ISIS is coming to get you! Be scared, very scared!”
        3) Expand the scope of the disinfo “ISIS is here. ISIS is in 2 states! Wait…this just in. ISIS is in 12 states! Scratch that…now hearing 18 states.”
        4) Crank it up “ISIS is in all 50 states! Somehow they are everywhere?!”
        5) Sell your boys as the solution. “Good thing we have Jade Helm special forces and UN teams deployed everywhere…they will be critical for targeting ISIS.”
        6) Start the roundups. Lie that it is they ISIS bogeyman, but instead just go round up anyone who loves freedom and hates what the gov is doing to take it away ‘dissidents’. “ISIS factions are being rooted out by your loving government in all 50 states as we speak. You will soon be safe.”

        In case ISIS isn’t enough to get people begging for saving by the gov, they are also adding another angle, in the form of vaccines. The big push to make vaccines ‘required’, and target those evil ‘unvaccinated ones’. Next they will be clamoring to get the unvaccinated to wear a patch in public.

        It’s the same script the Nazis used in WWII, only then it was the Jews. Or the same script used by the US gov in WWII, only then it was the Japanese.

        Today it’s ISIS and the unvaccinated and race wars, and any other artifical, synthetic, fake dividing line they can use to get us to hate ourselves, and give them permission to target the hated. What they do to any one of us, they will do to all of us.

        Same game, different times, different names.

        Divide and conquer.

        Create a bogeyman, to create division. “It’s you, and THEM.” Get people begging for protection from THEM. Then round up and dispose of the bogeyman.

  1. So what is jade helm? I have found two different definitions…. One says “It is not a precursor to martial law. It is not an operation designed to round up American citizens for FEMA camps. It is not a UN ordered invasion. The truth behind Jade Helm is much less conspiratorial, but much more interesting.”
    The other says it is that.

    1. Summer,
      Let me answer by telling you what I DO know:

      — I KNOW that the U.S. military has never practiced in and among civilians to this extent in the past. In my lifetime, it has become routine.
      — I KNOW the U.S. military has been planning for civil unrest under different forms for years. Food riots and ‘zombie apocalypse’ are both scenarios that have been used in official military publications.
      — I KNOW the military is being used more and more for law enforcement. THIS IS ILLEGAL!
      — I KNOW the police have been militarized and now the feds are seeking to nationalize these militarized police organizations.
      — I KNOW JADE HELM contains provisions to switch from an ‘exercise’ to a live operation that actually executes the scenario.
      — I KNOW that Progressives have long boasted they will find a way to suspend the Constitution and re-write this nations laws.
      — I KNOW those same Progressives believe that all they need to do this is the proper ‘crisis.’
      — I KNOW that they can and have tried to create this crisis in the past. This is what the unrest in the 1960’s was all about.
      — I KNOW Obama and those closest to him were raised believing all of this and have never renounced their ideas/plans.

      Mow, you will have to decide for yourself what you believe is true, but I would ask you to answer one question first. Do you trust our government and political leaders to be honest with you? The answer to that question should influence your decisions as to whether or not JADE HELM is anything America should be suspicious of.

    2. Summer,

      Look up(1) Gov. of Texas Abbotts respose to it. (2)And Ted Cruz and (3)recently Congressman Louie Gohmert. I called Senator Lee’s office and they were VERY sceptical about Why Utah would be considered “Hostile Territory”.

      Marl Levin took a while to look into it and said Twice now… ” Look folks …this is REAL….this isn’t Black Helicopter stuff”.

      Look up Posse Comitatus….. Federal Troops are NOT supposed to operate in Civilian Areas…..and there is more than enough room to train on FEDEWRAL land all over the Country….. Camp Pendleton….Fort Hood many many options.

      The Subtitle of the Jade Helm operation is called ” Mastering the Human Domain”. And the DHS lists Constitutionalists, Fundamentalist Christians, Patriot Groups, Veterans as potential “Domestic Terrorists”.

      Look further ! And look at the Gov Document itself.

      1. Correct.

        Even the tagline, “Mastering the Human Domain” should offend every lover of liberty. Translation? “Enslaving humans everywhere.” Every person participating in this drill should be brought up on treason charges for going along with what is clearly about finding, classifying, and targeting every one of us.

        They work for us, we pay their salaries, and now they are training to turn on us.

        It’s sick.

  2. From ancient Egypt, this is the sound of the approaching Niburi, the destroyer Planet X and called different things in other countries. According to when the jews fled Egypt this is the Egyptians view points. Sounding trumpets, red dust falling into the rivers and drinking water and the frogs jumped out of the water and the animals with the sores and stuff from all of this. Even older text talk of an earlier time when this happened. The destruction of Atlantis.

      1. What I read in the Kolbrin Bible. I don’t know who is Mondoshawans are. The evil wind was from the nuke destroying Sodom and Gomorah by the Annunkia’s war? The great whirlwind.

  3. Oh and Posse Comitatus doesn’t apply now thanks to Obama’s many changes to his executives orders.

    1. I am not familiar with the Kolbrin Bible, but I am suspicious as the Scriptures which can be traced back to Moses do not mention any of the things you are discussing. I’ll look into it, but — until then — I think we’ll have to keep a mutual respect for any differences we may have in our beliefs. 🙂

      1. I don’t know Kolbrin Bible either. But the Annunaki’s War is from ancient Tablets….. VERY ancient. It mirrors accounts in the Vedas as well as the War of the Titans and even Norse legends.

        Tolkien who was a Medieval scholar also knew these Legends as did C S Lewis his friend. The Basic Story is incorporated in the Tolkien Ring. You can see a bit of it in the Movie where the Combined Army of the Elves and Man are arrayed against the the Evil one and his Orcs and whatnot. That is where the Ring gets lost and the story starts….. A lot of Tolkien’s Ring is encoded stories from ancient legend and religious texts.

        I’m not big into Tolkien ….. but I know many of the backround Legends that inspired it.

        1. Don,

          The problem for me is this: archeologists and those who study the migration of ancient peoples have pretty much nailed down that the ten lost tribes DID migrate to England. However, they did not retain their faith. It mutated over time. If this is the source of these tales (as I understand it is), then they are very likely fables inspired by Biblical stories/prophecy. It would seem the ‘Kolbrin Bible’ argues the opposite, and that the Bible was inspired by the tales it preserves. IF this is correct, I have to break with it and hold to Scripture. So far, Biblical prophecy is the only prophecy man has that has been fulfilled as told and has yet to be broken. I just have a difficult time accepting the idea of a rogue planet and aliens being behind all of this. Hence my reference to the movie “The Fifth Element” (which was lost on my intended reader). 🙂

          1. Mila Jojovich : “Multi-pass, Multi-pass…”
            Bruce Willis : ” He knows it’s a multi-pass, Hon. ”

            I think the Wars did happen. The Watchers, Giants in the world in those days, from the Bible. That doesn’t mean they were extraterrestrial. Also the ancient Wars are not prophecy so much as Lost history …. possibly pre flood history.

            As to WHO was fighting… ??????

            1. Giants…? Yes, but if you look at ancient Hebrew, and the way it was used, this could just as easily mean great and/or powerful men — not the Jolly Green ‘Giant.’ Watchers and other references come from the book of Enoch, which, while interesting reading, conflicts with Scripture. BUT, if you read the Book of Enoch, you’ll find much of or very similar accounts as those you are recounting here. The problem here is, most conservative Jewish Rabbis consider the Book of Enoch to be fable/myth. Again, at least this is my understanding.

          2. Also Re: Migration to the land of Warm Beer and Wimpy Burgers….. that is why the British aristocracy believes they are connected intimately to the Bible and thus continuity through history.

            The Spencers are thought to be of the House of David….. which is why she was Chosen by the queen and queen mother for Prince Chuck. They are German and she cemented what should be an obvious tie to legitimacy.

            1. Re Migration: prophecy speaks of Ephraim (the ten Norther Tribes) hundreds of years AFTER they were lost into the nations. It says they will be harried until the Lord gives them a land of milk and honey. But they will also lose their children to war and before birth (sterile, still borne or possibly abortion???). Ephraim will come to the aid of Judah (modern Israel), and will arm Judah and — eventually, Ephraim and Judah will be made one Israel again.

              Now, if you follow the progression of the 7 Church ages (the seven Churches of Revelation), and you follow the progression of the TRUE Church, it moves West until it settles in America — the second nation to be founded on a covenant with Yahweh. Those who came to be known as ‘Protestants’ were likely the descendants of Ephraim, and in this light, their time through to America and America’s role since all match these prophecies.

              I wonder if any of this is in the Kolbrin Bible or ancient stories? 🙂

                1. 🙂

                  Sadly, I never have seen any of the supposed Biblical symbolism in those stories. I think he may have THOUGHT he was writing it in there, but if it has to be explained every step of the way… 😉

                  1. It was an amalgam. But he was re-telling, in modern form, very old legends. I know C S Lewis was involved in some way….just not the details.

  4. I most definitely do not trust the gov’t (or unfortunately, most people). I’ve heard of all that makes up jade helm just not the term itself – a wee bit embarrassing :-[. Thanks

  5. Ps 81:
    3 Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon, and when the moon is full, on the day of our Feast;
    4 this is a decree for Israel, an ordinance of the God of Jacob.
    5 He established it as a statute for Joseph when he went out against Egypt, where we heard a language we did not understand.
    —–Feast of Trumpets, by the God of Jacob, a statute for Joseph; Note that distinction between Jacob and Joseph – David seems to know that Joseph’s children (Ephraim & Manasseh) would be part of the split away from Judah, and the dispersion of the Northern Kingdom by Assyria. That dispersion probably reaches into every nation by now, and God knows who is descended from Joseph even though man does not. ‘Ephraim’ became the term used for all the northern ten tribes.

  6. Steve, Hope you are well. When you have a few minutes, I would be curious on your take on this. The videos are interesting. I sometimes think all that is going on in this physical world is a distraction of sorts along with spiritual warfare. I’ve never been much into prophecy, thinking I couldn’t understand and didn’t want to be speculating. I know God has a plan and is in control. Jesus is I AM, The way, The truth, The life. Jesus came once and He will be returning. This is the first time I’ve read something that “clicks” and makes sense to me. At the same time, alarming. Your thoughts … Love you.

    1. Well, I’m not Steve, so I hope I am not answering out of place. If so, please forgive my trespass; it was unintentional.

      I was like you for a long time. I did not pay much attention to prophecy because I did not understand and I believed people could make whatever they wanted of it. Then I started to study it and to sincerely seek God’s help in understanding. It taught me to study Hebrew — the ancient pictorial form — and the Hebrew culture (created by God’s Word/Law). Once this started to jell in my head, I started to realize that prophecy is more specific than I ever imagined. We just need to learn the spiritual language of God and His prophets.

      Anyway, once I realized that GOD says prophecy is for us, so that we will KNOW He is God, and we look, we will see that 1/3 of Scripture is prophecy. We’ll also find that much of it has already been fulfilled — just the way God foretold it. The second half of Daniel is so specific that skeptics have to claim it was written AD, so they can excuse it away. Christ fulfilled somewhere close to 400 prophecies, many of which He could have had no control over unless He was God. And now, again — just as Daniel and others foretold — prophecy is being better understood. I believe it is because this is the last generation, but I will not be so bold as to declare that. There could still be some time left, but not much — not if prophecy is to be believed.

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