TRUTH: I Think Black Americans Owe Reparations to White South Africans

Does the title of this post offend you?  If it does, you are a racist!  Now, how did that feel?  Now how does it feel to know it is true?  I’ll explain, but it won’t change the fact that you may well be a racist.

Apartheid was:

1. An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against non-whites.

According to the race-hustlers in America today, you cannot be a racist unless you are the race in power.  In the case of South Africa, that was whites.  But that is not the case in America today.  Today, anyone paying attention to the news knows that the government is being used to ‘get even’ with whites in America for crimes and wrongs done before most of them were even born.  Many black Americans are even demanding these innocent whites pay reparations to blacks who were never slaves nor lived under the apartheid-like conditions of the South before the Civil Rights movement.

Now, at the risk of angering you even more than I already have, let me make some politically incorrect observations.  Today, it is blacks who are in power and whites who are being politically, legally and economically oppressed.  Again, if you follow the news, you know this to be true.  A black person gets killed by a white cop and we burn down the city and blame whites.  A black cop kills a white person and we barely hear about it in the news.  Black panthers are convicted of voter intimidation against whites and Obama tells his black Attorney General to set them free — no questions asked.  yet that same black President and black Attorney General pursue ‘hate crimes’ against any and every white person they can find.  Now we have professors in college telling people that just being white is a racial offense to non-whites, but that this is not racism because the professor is not white.  And it goes on: Obama has even said that Obamacare and other wealth re-distribution programs do not go far enough.  He wants even more money taken from whites and given to blacks.  Well, excuse me, but I must revert to some old fashion military jargon to express myself on this one and ask Whiskey Tang Foxtrot, over?!?

But I digress.  Lest I give you some fake excuse to accuse me of being the racist, let me return to the original point of this post.  According to the race hustlers in America, only those in power can be racists.  Well, blacks are in power in America, and they are clearly trying to use the power of government to place whites at a political, legal and economic disadvantage.  That is — BY DEFINITION — apartheid, just in the other direction.  Now, blacks claimed it was wrong when whites did it in South Africa, and they used the U.S. government to help end it.  Now blacks in America are doing the very same thing to whites.  So, apparently — and we are using logic here — apparently apartheid is not bad — unless you are the one being oppressed.  So, by the same argument presented by the race-hustlers in America, black Americans owe white South Africans reparations for the part black Americans played in ending the apartheid in South Africa.  I think 80% of everything black America owns should be a good start.

Now, I hope you realize that I have been using satire — at least to this point.  Now I want to get serious for a moment.  I am sick and tired of blacks buying in to the race-baiting in this nation.  I know you are better people than this.  I have read the history of blacks in America and, before the 1960’s and the start of welfare, even though many blacks lived under racist rule, the black community was an example of all that has ever been right with this country.  But that is no longer true.  Today, too many black Americans have willingly placed themselves ‘back on the plantation.’  But this time the ‘Master’ is the politician who uses welfare, benefits and entitlements to buy your submission.

When I think about how easily they did this, I have to wonder what that generation of blacks who were set free after the Civil War would think of blacks today?  In many ways, that first generation of free black Americans were closer to our founders than any white person alive today.  they knew the price of freedom, and how to use that freedom.  They did not make excuses, they lifted themselves up and, within a few decades, they had reached a level of achievement their parents had never dreamed of being possible.  But then the children and grandchildren of that first generation of free blacks was placed back under the thumb of hate.

Now tell me, exactly how is it that blacks today do not remember it was Democrat Woodrow Wilson and other Progressives like him who started this?  How is it that blacks today do not remember LBJ saying he was going to make slaves out of blacks and keep them voting Democrat forever?  How is it that blacks have forgotten that it was the GOP — formed by whites — who fought and died to free the slaves, then opposed segregation and finally forced the Civil Rights Act down the throat of those white Democrats?  How is it that blacks have forgotten that Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to trick blacks into eliminating themselves through abortion?  How is it that blacks today blame all whites for everything?  I was not alive after the Civil War, but I suspect that the majority of blacks back then knew and understood the price whites paid to free them.

It’s too bad that things have come to this point in our nation, but sadder still that blacks — who should know better — have ceded any moral high ground they ever had.  By embracing the very people who have boasted about enslaving blacks again, blacks in this country have surrendered any right to oppose slavery or decry the injustice it represents.  They have become that which they claim to oppose — and that is the truth.  We decry the ‘moderate Muslim’ for not standing up and speaking out against the ‘radical terrorist.’  Well, where are the black ‘moderates’ speaking out against black racism and apartheid in this country?  I’ll tell you where — nowhere, that’s where.  Any black who tries to speak up is treated pretty much the same way ‘moderate’ Muslims are treated if they speak up.  They are labeled ‘Uncle Toms.’

Now, I understand that now all blacks support black-on-white apartheid, but the majority of blacks in America do.  I have seen the studies, I know the numbers.  This means that, on the whole, black America is now the racist bunch in this nation.  It is the only way the huge numbers of whites who still fight for true racial equality and justice can be ignored, or worse, lumped in with the ‘all whites are racists’ claims we hear in the media every day.  It makes no sense.  It is irrational to believe the garbage the race-baiters are pushing, but people drink it up.  We even have a large number of whites convinced they should hate the color of their own skin.  Well, if whites are racists, then where did these self-hating whites learn to hate themselves, huh?  From black racists, that’s where.

Me?  I’m tired of all of this.  I see right through it because I took the time to engage my mind.  I read and watched old video and I found the real racists boasting about how they would enslave blacks politically.  When I look around today, I have to say they achieved their goal.  But when I look to the people black America blames for their sorrows, I see this:


Yeah, that’s right: MLK was a Republican.  I think may be he knew and understood why I am so angry about the state of the black community in this nation today.  And these are just a few of the minorities in the GOP.  Now, I am no fan of the GOP, believe me.  But they seem to practice what the Democrats only preach — at least until Obama.  But then, Biden’s comment about finally having a ‘clean, articulate black man’ to run for office should have been telling.  Instead, people just laughed at him.  George Soros put Obama in office.  Last time I looked, Soros was white.

My black brothers and sisters, you are better than this — at least, you used to be.  I pray that you will rise up and throw off the true yoke of oppression that grips black America today.  It is not whitey, nor the GOP.  It isn’t even the Democrats.  That yoke is self-imposed.  It is the belief that you can’t do for yourselves anymore, that you have to have someone do for you.  That was once the argument whites used to justify slavery, and now you are using it, yourselves.  See what I mean when I say you have willingly crawled back to the plantation?  Well, stop it, and stop blaming all whites while you are at it.  Some of us are actually on your side, but only when you are standing on the side of right, yourself.  Make sure you know which side of the line that is and we can finally start reconciling.  Once we do that, race won’t be the problem anymore and we can focus on the real problem together — corruption.

But cling to your hate and keep supporting Obama’s apartheid and… Well, just understand that you are placing yourself in the ranks of everyone you claim to hate, you are just doing it from the opposite side of the same coin.


Because I couldn’t find this the first time…


Now, I disagree about it being OK to be Republican, because the Party is still controlled by Progressives, and Progressives are a huge part of the problem in this nation.  But the picture drives home the point I am trying to make.  Look at the black Americans ‘on the other side’ and ask yourself what is different between them and the way they live and all those rioting in the streets?


5 thoughts on “TRUTH: I Think Black Americans Owe Reparations to White South Africans

  1. Did you happen to watch Hannity tonight? He had his studio audience (majority -black) react to news regarding race in America; one man, Niger Innis says, “Barack Obama is the reincarnation of Woodrow Wilson.”

    1. Summer,

      No, sorry, but I stopped watching ALL TV ‘mews.’ Still, the man you mention is more like the black Americans I know from my youth. They always seemed wise and gentle and loving. I guess that is why I have such a difficult time reconciling the changes I have seen in the black community in my lifetime. Black America of today is nothing like the black America of my youth. I miss the old days because they truly were better. I know. I was there.

      1. I must admit, I don’t understand. Was the comment ” Barack Obama is the reincarnation of Woodrow Wilson” a positive statement or a negative one? In other words did Niger mean that was good or not ?

        1. Don,

          Value will depend on the hear of the listener, but there is still absolute Truth in what he said. That is all that matters. We cannot change the heart of the individual, so we must always do our best to at least present the truth and then let them decide for themselves (something the Progressive heart cannot abide).

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