LESSONS IN LOGIC: More Fun With The ‘Politically Correct’

If you read my blog posts, you will run across a repeating theme: that those who call themselves ‘Liberal/progressive’ are irrational.  I still believe this, all the more because the proof of my assertion is displayed daily in the ‘main stream’ media.  But there is more to this story that I have never told my readers.  I think it is time I do so, because it is directly related to why we should reject what the ‘politically correct’ crowed is saying and doing.  So, if you have a moment, I want to share a story with you, then explain how it is related to the politically correct agenda of the modern American Left.

My logic 101 instructor was a student teacher, but he was also a protege.  At the age of 24, he had spent 4 years in the Air Force and was only 6 months shy of his doctorate in philosophy.  He was also an Atheist and a hard-Left ‘liberal.’  However — and this is key — he was intellectually honest.   You see, my instructor told us that humans are separated from animals only by our ability to reason.  He said that, if we are presented with a sound, valid and rational argument that we cannot break, and we do not change our minds because of that argument, we were irrational.  According to my teacher, irrational beings are not human and, therefore, not protected by laws governing human interaction.  Remember this, it will be important.

Also on the first day of class, we were told our final exam would be to argue either of two positions.  We had to argue that God does/does not exist, or the unborn is/is not a person.

The last day of class came and I did not turn in my final.  I was the leading student in a class of 110 students, so my instructor noticed my absent paper.  He asked — in class — why I had not turned in my final.  I told him it was because I did not need to, I could give it orally in class.  He agreed.  So I told hm he needed to grant one stipulation before I presented my argument.,  I asked him to tell me whether or not we live in the United States, and under the Constitution.  He granted my stipulation.  It was his biggest mistake of the semester.

I then told him that the Constitution grants all of us the right to life.  I told him the founders said the Constitution is linked to the Declaration.  In logic, this means the two documents cannot be separated.  Because them men who wrote and enacted them said so, this makes the connection a matter of fact (by definition).  The Declaration says our rights are granted by our Creator at the moment of creation.  Therefore, in America, under the Constitution, there is a God and the unborn has the right to life from the moment of conception.

My student teacher immediately rejected my argument.  At that point, I got up from my seat and started to walk to the stage.  As I walked, I asked him if my argument was valid.  he said yes (I started up the stairs to the stage).  I asked if it was sound.  He said yes (I was now on the stage).  I asked if it was rational.  Again, he said yes (I am now walking toward him).  Then I asked him if that means he now believed in God and that the unborn was a person.  He said no (I was feet from him and still advancing).  Then I asked him if that meant he was irrational, and if so, could I know kill him because he was no longer a person.  It was at that moment that the light bulb went off in his head and he tripped over his stool as he started to back away from me.  I got my A in his class 🙂

Now, my student professor knew I had him, and he admitted it.  He never changed his mind, but I forced him to change his definition of human.  He no longer links it to rational thought.  I tried to explain to him that he just opened the door to the Spirit, but that is another story.  The point here is he admitted he could not break the logic in my argument.  We became friends because of that.  We never agreed on much, but we had grounds for mutual respect.  The politically correct crowed has no such common ground because they lack the intellectual honesty necessary to do so.  They are drones performing their programming.  If they were intellectually correct, look at the conclusions we would have to draw and they would have to accept by applying their ‘logic.’

Provided the political Right in America were to resort to violence when they feel ‘offended,’ the politically correct crowed would have to:

— Tell blacks to stay in their place, not to ask for welfare and never riot or they will be responsible for causing the violent back-lash that would follow.  In short, blacks caused and deserved the KKK.

— Tell homosexuals they have to stay in the closet or they will be responsible for the backlash from the ‘conservative right.’

— Tell Muslims they must leave their religion or they will be responsible for the violence that would follow.

— Tell the government it cannot violate the slightest point of the Constitution according to the strictest original intent construction or they will be responsible for the violence — even revolution that would follow.

— Abortion would have to be 100% illegal for any reason, or the mother and the medical team would be responsible for the violence that would follow.

— The media would have to report and support only the agenda of the political right or the media would be responsible for the violence that would follow.

Now, I do not believe nor do I advocate any of the above, but the Politically Correct crowed does — I just switched the political orientation.  Today, the politically correct do all of this to their opponents.  They blame victims for the actions of those who commit violence.  So, according to my student professor, we can reasonably question whether or not the politically correct crowed is even human — because they certainly are not rational.  And before you question whether or not the politically correct crowed should be denied personhood, remember that the Marxist believes man is nothing but a ‘graduate animal.’  In other words, the materialist believes men are just animals who can speak. Think about the logical extension of what all this means — I mean really think about it.  Where does it lead, and do you want to go there?


5 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: More Fun With The ‘Politically Correct’

  1. “I” don’t want to go there. But the Left already has….in Spades.

    Therefore I want push back.

    When you say the “Constitution is linked to the Constitution” you are creating an Identity statement ?

    1. Don,

      Mental block induced typo. Re-read that line and I think you’ll see I corrected it :-)https://widgets.wp.com/notifications/1839037949#

      Thanks for catching it. I can always count on you to correct my bad typing 🙂 lol

  2. American Progressives/Democrats/Marxists do not believe in the golden rule- one rule of law applied equally to all. They believe in one set of rules for themselves and one set of rules for everyone else. They believe they are above everyone else, which makes themselves above human and like gods; or, everyone else is something less than human, subhuman, and therefore subject to a different law of control and they are free to do with everyone else as they vicariously choose, like slaves.

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