TRUTH: Glenn Has It Wrong — AGAIN!

Glenn Beck has announced that he is writing a book about Islam that is due to be released this summer.  I strongly suggest this book will be a waste of your time and money on your part.  I say this because Glenn keeps trying to create something that does not exist.  Today, Glenn continued trying to make a ‘good’ Islam and a ‘radical’ Islam.  This is proof positive that Beck simply does not understand Islam.  So, one more time, let me try to explain what Beck is missing.

I am going to try to explain this issue s simply as I can.  I pray you will get it.

If you are a follower of Christ, you must obey His commands.  Jesus commanded His followers to love everyone (agape love), even our enemies.  Jesus did not command His followers to kill in His name or even force others to obey His laws.  He said to leave those who refused to obey to Him, and He would deal with them in the next life.  So, anyone who calls themselves a Christian who does not obey these commands is demonstrating — by their actions — that they are not following Christ’s commands.  This is because Jesus defined what it means to be one of His followers.  He was the Author of ‘the Way,’ and that makes Christ the ultimate authority on who is and is not a follower.  So, by definition — Jesus definition — those who do not obey His commands are not among His disciples.  Jesus said that, on judgment day, He will send those people away saying “I never knew you.”

At the same time, Muhammad commanded his followers to hate anyone who refuses to submit to Islam.  Muhammad commanded Muslims to fight all non-Muslims until there is only Islam.  Muhammad said to kill non-believers, taking them prisoner where they can then be killed or sold into slavery.  Yes, Muhammad said to call non-believers to Islam before killing them, but this has been done — many times.  There is nothing in Shari’a law that requires any more warning before Muslims can kill non-believers.  This is Islam as Muhammad defined it.  Muhammad is the highest authority on Islam.  He defines how Muslims should behave — not 21st Century infidels.  So those ‘good’ or ‘moderate’ Muslims are not ‘practicing Islam’ as Beck claims.  Nor are the Jihadists ‘Islamists.’ Muhammad said there is only Islam, and everything else is apostate — period!

Beck is constantly trying to force a different definition on Islam, his definition.  I understand why he believes he can do this.  His religion has re-written Christ’s Gospel and Christ’s commands to suit itself, so why should it hesitate to re-write the Qur’an, too?  But Beck and those like him cannot change reality.  Muhammad condoned the killing of non-Muslims to spread Islam, and he lead by example.  The Muslims following this example are doing what Muhammad said to do.  They are just practicing Islam as Muhammad defined it.  And those who the West calls ‘moderate’…  Well, if Beck and others would learn the differences between Sunni and Shi’a Islam — especially their end-times prophecies, then they might understand why the ‘moderates’ have not started taking heads yet.  I stress ‘yet’ because, once a new Caliph is seated and he declares global jihad, then the majority of those ‘moderate’ Muslims will join the ‘radicals.’

Ignorance of Islam is going to kill the West.  Do not remain among the ignorant.  Learn what this faith believed.  Jefferson and our founders did, but then, that generation believed in the Lord, and that belief gave them the strength to recognize and face the truth.  We no longer can because we are no longer the people our founders were.  That is why we will be removed as a nation — just like Israel was when they were sent into captivity in Babylon.


9 thoughts on “TRUTH: Glenn Has It Wrong — AGAIN!

    1. Evan,

      I can understand your sentiment, but we should credit people where it is deserved and Beck deserves more credit for teaching history than Rush does for teaching politics. Were it not for Beck, I doubt the TEA Party would have ever been, nor would we understand the connection between Liberal–>Progressive–>Communist. If you value liberty, we all owe Beck a great deal. But if you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then we should pray for Beck because he is lost.

      1. What good is the Tea Party now? Have they been co-opted? The establishment Republicans consistently go against the will of the voters that put them in office. Where is the pushback against the media? Don’t count on Fox News.

        1. Evan,

          For one thing, it shows that we can do something about the system. And no, it has not been co-opted as much as it has been marginalized by that system. But there is another benefit in that. Look how the Dems, GOP AND media came together to destroy the TEA Party. That is strong evidence of a ‘one-Party-pretending-to-be-two’ system operating behind the scenes.

          The move to go independent and push back against the media is largely being driven by the man you just said you have no use for. Don’t get me wrong: where matters of faith are concerned, I have no use for him, either. But that does not mean he is useless. 🙂

          1. So that being said, how are we any better off than before the Republicans took over both houses? We aren’t. I will never understand the concept of taking soccer balls to the boarder. We should be taking materials to build a fence.

            1. Evan,

              What did I say to make you think I disagree with you, or am defending the GOP? There are long-term readers here who will be happy to tell you that you and I are on the same side of most the issues we just discussed. I’m just trying to be fair; to not become what I oppose by painting indiscriminately. Let’s just try to focus on the guilty, and then, on what they have done wrong. This way we do not condemn the whole person because — to be honest — if that is the measure we are going to use, I doubt any of us will escape. I know I won’t 😦

        2. Evan,
          Movements can Morph.

          There were rallies in 2009/10…..we went the way we were told. Elect different people. We did that and as you say ….no change because the TP was usurped by phonies.

          I think the TP and Conservatives need MORE rallies now…. on an ongoing basis. The theme being “Washington STILL hasn’t gotten our Message”.

          About this particular issue Beck is fundamentally wrong. We DO need to be in the Streets, just in a different way than the communists and racists in Baltimore.

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