More Evidence We Are Going Stalinist Instead Of NAZI

For years, I have tried to warn people that America was heading down the same path Germany traveled in the 1930’s.  I still believe this to be true, but — lately — I see evidence that Obama and those supporting him are trying to push us more in the direction of Stalinist Russia.  The Baltimore riots are evidence of this trend.

The only real difference between Fascist (NAZI) Germany and Stalinist (Marxist) Russia were borders.  NAZI’s were nationalists, Marxists are internationalists.  In other words, NAZI’s want their nation to be supreme, Marxists don’t want any nations at all.  George Soros runs the Open Society Institute (i.e. borderless world).  It is no secret that Soros is a major backer of Obama, and I believe he is the man on the other end of Obama’s Blackberry.  But still, the fact that Obama is a Marxist at heart has been well documented by now.  No one who is paying attention should even question this.  His actions speak loudly enough.

But how do the riots in Baltimore connect Obama to Fascism or Marxism?  Well, let’s look at a few things and see if they have any counterparts in modern America.

NAZI’s had the Gestapo, while Stalin had the NKVD.  Both were para-military police forces with their primary focus on political crimes.  Obama wants the same thing, and he said so:

But Americans would not tolerate the President setting up an American Gestapo, so Obama needs an issue (in this case, race) and a crisis (maybe the riots, or more likely, vigilante reaction to government siding with the lawbreakers) to create a situation he can manipulate (like the Reichstag Fire).  The idea is to make it look like the people are demanding he take action so he can declare martial law.  However, before he can do this, he must gut the military (check) and establish a para-military national police force loyal to him.  That is what this is all about:

Sharpton: Federalize Cops and Fight Against States’ Rights

[NOTE: I chose Info Wars intentionally to show that those sites the Left dismisses as ‘kooks’ or ‘conspiracy sites’ are not what they claim.  Yes, they can be, but many times the Left is conducting a propaganda campaign to undermine what is actually a legitimate expose of what the Left is doing.  The point is simple: check the story and facts, not the source. (that was for you, WH) 😉 ]

Google the militarization of America’s police.  Everyone has a ‘SWAT’ team now.  The police are wearing military uniforms and operating armored vehicles.  This is exactly why the founders gave us the 2nd Amendment, and why it says ‘arms,’ not ‘rifles/hand guns.’  The founders wanted us to have military weapons so we could fight the government when — not if — the time came we needed to do so again.

Obama is pushing to establish an American Gestapo, and that is just one more similarity between both Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia.  The goal is control — global control.  As long as man rules himself, there will always be people who want to rule the world.  that will never change.  So, if you wish to remain free, start learning to fight such people, but do it peacefully.  use the law and public opinion to win your battles, like Gandhi and MLK.  This is because this nation no longer has the moral compass necessary to do what our founders did.  If you try that, you are handing what little is left of this nation to your enemies.  Do not forget that, and do not ignore my warning.  PEACE!  Do it Christ’s way.  Let Him fight for us and we will win.  Do it our way and I guarantee we will lose.


15 thoughts on “More Evidence We Are Going Stalinist Instead Of NAZI

      1. Like, someone’s actually building forced labor/death camps for Christians??? I must have different news sources…
        It’s not cynicism. I think hyperbole is COMEDY GOLD!

        1. When they come for you, Mikey, do not get upset when there is no one left to help.

          BTW: I think there is a pizza shop and bakery that would think you are being dismissive — BECAUSE YOU ARE!

            1. Don,

              And any Christian who wants to pray in school. They can’t, but the government is actually ordering students to participate in 2-week courses where they are forced to act like Muslims — even PRAYING TO ALLAH!

              Now, if that is not the State favoring one religion over another, I’d be hard pressed to know what is.

              And it is DEFINITELY persecution of Christianity. Mikey just refuses to see it, which makes me wonder if he wouldn’t rather play the role of a young Soros?

              1. I wouldn’t object to having Soros’ level of wealth. I definitely have better places to spend it than on political influence. Young? I’m nearly 62. That train has passed.

                I’m also a Christian, the kind carrying the sign saying “Everyone Welcome”, female clergy, same-sex marriage ok etc. – the radically inclusive kind, like Jesus. I only get “persecuted” by Christians of more orthodox flavors.

                1. “I’m also a Christian, the kind carrying the sign saying “Everyone Welcome”, female clergy, same-sex marriage ok etc. – the radically inclusive kind, like Jesus. I only get “persecuted” by Christians of more orthodox flavors.”

                  You get ‘persecuted’ because JESUS said you do not meet the definition of ‘Christian.’ The things you just listed are counter to the Law, and CHRIST said the Law has not and will not pass away. So you are creating your own religion in Christ’s name and then acting as though His true followers are the ones in the wrong for not accepting you. How very…Islamic/Mormon of you.

                  1. We can agree to disagree. My church doesn’t see it the way you do, and I’ll defer to the guidance I get in prayer, as opposed to web sites. (I put persecuted in quotes because that too is hyperbole.)

                    1. I’m sorry, but I am taking Christ’s word for this — not my church or prayer. If you read your Scriptures, you will find that Satan often comes to us disguised as an angel, so it is a small thing to mistake his voice as the answer to prayer. You can only know if something comes from God if you do as God’s Word says — test it against Scripture. Sadly, it would appear you are more comfortable testing things against yourself than God’s Word. I may be wrong, but if God’s Word can be trusted — and I believe it can — I fear your way is not going to work out the way you think it will…

                    2. I thank you for your concern, especially since it immediately followed an insult. I would not recommend your method for making converts, but we all have flaws.

                    3. Scripture does not tell us that we have to be ‘gentle’ with those claiming to be Christ-followers. In fact, Jesus was rather rough with those claiming to be God’s representatives in His day. I think he called them ‘sons of Satan.’ And Paul, Christ’s hand-picked disciple for bringing the Gospel to the Gentiles, Paul teaches that we are to go so far as to put believers out of the congregation if they refuse to obey Christ’s commands. So, tell me, Mikey, what would you have a follower of Christ do: concede to you and your wishes, or stand firm on God’s Word?

      2. Is Mikey the *Fairy Tail* who commented on another of your Posts?

        The not so Invisible Fascist telling others what to do hiding behind rhetorical artifice and self congratulatory snark. Or do I have the court jesters confused ?

        1. Don,

          I don’t know and, honestly, it no longer matters to me. In this particular exchange, all I care about is presenting an honest defense of God’s Word — not that He needs me to defend Him, but more like I want to make sure He knows I am loyal to His commands. If Mikey chooses to ignore that commands, that is on him. I just don’t want others to be lead astray by the likes of Mikey because I remained silent.

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