Bill Gates Reveals Primary Difference Between Him And NAZI Germany

We no longer teach history.  If we did, then I would not have to write this post.  Everyone who saw this story would already know that the only difference between the world Bill Gates dreams of and that which Hitler wanted is a border.

Have you seen this?

Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Better With A World Government

Mr. Gates typifies those who think they know what is best for the world.  He believes that the world would be better off if it had a one-world government.  As it happens, Gates also thinks the world would be better off if 5-6 BILLION people were to… ‘disappear.’  I think it is funny how the people pushing all these utopian ideas always seem to come from affluent white families, and how they just naturally exempt themselves from their own policies.  It is how we can know that what they really want is to rule the world by being one of those in charge of their one-world government.  This is what Hitler wanted, and so did Stalin.  But do you know what the primary difference between Hitler and Gates/Stalin is?  Hitler wanted to rule the world by making Germany in charge of all other countries; these other two wanted to do it by getting rid of all national borders.  That’s it, that is the primary difference between a Marxist and a Fascist — whether or not there are national borders in their plans for world domination.

If the man believed what he was saying, he would NOT be running Microsoft — which is a huge part of the CO2 he wants to eliminate.  But he does not address himself, his lifestyle or his company.  Instead, he targets ‘the poor,’ because they do not matter.  In his world view, they are ‘useless eaters.’

BTW: if you think Gates did not admit he is looking to reduce global population in these clips, then you do not understand logical extension.  He is counting on that.  It allows him to speak openly to his target audience while retaining the ability to say he never called for depopulation.  But he does say 1 number in his equation must approach 0.  He has not closed his company, so CO2 (from production), Energy (to run his computers) and services (which is what he markets) are not what he is looking at to become 0.  That only leaves people.  He sees his company surviving because it will serve those ‘worthy’ of surviving in his utopia.  But, if you cannot afford a computer, well….  I guess that is the easiest way to get P=0.  He just can’t say it, so he leaves his target audience to get the point through logical extension.


3 thoughts on “Bill Gates Reveals Primary Difference Between Him And NAZI Germany

  1. Bill Gates is part of the Elitist Cabal that has been “organizing” to take America down the whole of the 20th Century.

    We indeed don’t teach any history. Walter Cronkite was active his whole life in this pursuit. See his retirement speech where he calls for the dissolution of America and the creation of a World Government….. specifically he said “Americans will have to give up their Sovereignty”. And yet he is presented as the quintessential voice of Patriotic America. In fact his own generation didn’t even know his views or lifetime work away from the camera. He is today used as a meme by people who want to return to a True Constitutional Republic because they are completely unaware of his life’s work to promote Socialism and do away with the very Republic they love.

    And there are thousands of examples like Walter Cronkite.

    1. Walter Lipmann would be one of those the media has made into a hero who actually wanted to dismantle America in favor of a global Marxist order.

      Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and the beat goes on (as you said).

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