TRUTH: Islam Cannot be Reformed

Finally!  In the first hour of his show today, Glenn Beck finally accepted someone who is trying to tell the world that the problem is not ‘radical’ Muslims, it is the doctrine of Islam, itself.  Beck started his show by praising an English Atheist as “the bravest man in the world.”  What makes him the bravest man in the world?  Well, read Beck’s post and watch the video:

Why Glenn thinks this is the bravest man on Earth

I do not care how he stumbled across it, or who gets the credit: I’m just glad that Beck seems to have finally found the truth about Islam.  Now I pray he will continue down this path to learn more.  Most importantly, I hope Beck will learn enough to understand why there will never be an Islamic reformation.

The Protestant reformation was an attempt to break from the apostasy created by the Catholic Church (sorry, Catholics.  I was raised Catholic, but the Protestants were correct: the Catholic Church is currently in apostasy).  The Protestant leaders realized that the Christian faith had been perverted.  They wanted the people to return to the original Gospel of Christ, and to follow it as the original Church did.  This was possible because it was true.  It is why the Protestants were able to return Christianity to some semblance of what Christ taught His followers to be.  However, this is not possible with Islam.

Muhammad was a cult leader, and as with all cult leaders, he created rules that prevent his followers from changing his commands.  According to Muhammad, anyone who tries to change anything he said or commanded is an apostate and should be killed immediately.  So, any attempt to ‘reform’ Islam would be met with violence from those fundamentalists trying to live by Muhammad’s commands.  This is the opposite of Christianity.

This also explains why we never see the ‘moderate’ Muslims standing up to oppose the ‘radical terrorists.’  First, we need to understand that most ‘peaceful’ Muslims realize that any attempt to attack those who are following Muhammad’s commands will most likely result in their own deaths.  But we also need to understand the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  When we do,  we will see that many of those ‘good’ Muslims actually agree with Jihad against all non-Muslims.  They just have a different understanding of Islamic end times prophecy.  For Shia, the individual can commit to Jihad on his own, but for Sunnis (some 90% of Muslims), the Caliphe has to issue the command.  If and when that happens, then many of the ‘peaceful’ Muslims the West likes to point to as proof that there is nothing wrong with Islam will suddenly join the ‘radical terrorists’ in Jihad against all non-Muslims.

Why have I been saying all of this for the past few years?  Because it is all true.  How do I know it is true?  Because I took the time to read the Qur’an and to study the history of Muhammad and Islam.  I do not have to make anything up; Islam condemns itself.  But our politically correct madness not only prevents us from researching the truth for ourselves, it prevents us from accepting it.  In many ways, the insanity that has gripped the West is the same blanket of protection Muhammad threw over his religion.  It takes different forms, but it works the same way by insulating the brainwashed among us from even hearing the truth, let alone accepting and believing it.  Sadly, this is also why I know few will read this post, and fewer still will listen to the warning.

So, if it takes an Atheist to get peoples’ attention, so be it.  I only wish that this same Atheist — who also savages Christianity realized that the very things he is warning us about were all foretold by Jewish and Christian prophets.  Some of those prophecies go back thousands of years, and are being fulfilled right now.  Maybe if this Atheist were to look at Christianity with the same intellectual honesty he has applied to Islam, he might find that — where his attacks on the Judeo/Christian faith are concerned — he is the idiot (his words for those who ignore the threat of Islam, not mine).  For instance, Ezekiel lists a number of peoples and nations who will come against Israel in the end times.  Today, all of the peoples and nations Ezekiel names are Islamic.  There is more — much more — but those who have taught themselves to ‘reason away’ Truth will not see it.  They will always find some reason to dismiss Truth as fantasy and/or superstition.  All we can do for those people is pray for them, and I do.  This is why I pray that Beck will follow the path his new ‘hero’ has set him on and apply his passion for research to Islam.  Maybe then Beck will learn and start to share the truth: it is not the people, it is the religion, itself: not Muslims  that threaten the world, but Islam.


7 thoughts on “TRUTH: Islam Cannot be Reformed

    1. Kells,

      It is not 90% in America, it is 90% of ALL Muslims are Sunni. This is according to nearly everything I have read (and as you know, I have been researching Islam for a long time now)

    2. I agree Kells….. I’ve been watching him as well.

      It isn’t hard to find Info out there if you really try.

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