CONNECTING THE DOTS: How the Gruber Story Pulls Back the Curtain, Part II: Affirming the Warnings

It would appear that the Gruber story is no longer a concern for anyone.  Well, I haven’t forgotten it.  In fact, I’m going to add it to my list of things for which I am thankful this week.  I have tried to explain to whoever would listen that these people have been open and honest about what they believe, what they want to do and how they plan to do it.  I’ve even told people where to go to find their declarations.  But they usually declare their intentions in academic settings and in technical writings that are not easily accessed by the average person — until now.  Gruber changed all of this.  I simply cannot think of another example where everything I have tried to explain the past few years is so clearly illustrated, and yet, many people — even many who should know better — still do not see it.  So, at the risk of sounding arrogant, allow me to walk us through everything Gruber has told us this month.

First, Gruber confirms that these people cannot help themselves: they are compelled to boast.  It’s just that they usually boast in private settings, where and when they feel certain their boasts will not be leaked to the public.  If you look for them, you will find video clips of Obama in private meetings with SEIU where he said he doesn’t do anything without consulting them first, and that Obamacare is the first step in single-payer healthcare.  That means the first step to government healthcare, which is the hallmark of most socialist systems of government.  Thus, Obama was boasting that he is a socialist bent on seizing the healthcare system and bringing it under control of the government.  If you look, you will also find video of people boasting about Occupy Wall Street.  It happened in a planning session which took place in Canada — almost nine months before OWS started!  And these ‘planners’ are directly connected to the Obama Administration.  If you know where to look, you can find them boasting.  Gruber jsut made it easy to find this time.

Next, Gruber admitted that they:

1 — Have to lie to get their agenda enacted (not passed — it has to be done by ‘alternative’ means or it cannot be put in place).  Gruber flat-out stated that, if it was done the way the law (i.e. Constitution) defines the process, and done honestly — in the open — their agenda would be rejected.

2 — This means the American people are not stupid.  If they were, you wouldn’t have to lie to them.

3 — It also means these people reject democracy.  If they really supported the will of the people, they would not be lying to them to force their agenda on the masses — against the will of the people.

4 — Gruber also illustrated that the people who vote for his agenda are not so much stupid as they are greedy.  All one has to do is look at what Gruber and his conspirators have to promise to get the people to support it to see that they are just bribing the voter.

5 — If a person must rely on bribery, then they are admitting they are corrupt.  This is a clear condemnation of these people, but it also destroys their assertion that government can be trusted when business and the private sector cannot.  Gruber has unwittingly undermined the entire foundation of the socialist argument for government and against the private sector!

6 — The Gruber story has also demonstrated that ‘the main stream media’ is nothing more than a State-run propaganda mill.  If it were truly a free press, then all of this would have been exposed before Obama was ever elected the first time because all of this was known before Obama won his first term as President!  We know this because we have audio of Obama saying so, and video of Obama and Michelle saying it, too.

7 — The Gruber story also demonstrates the elitist attitude of the people trying to rule over us.  However, it also illustrates what I have tried to explain: they feel they have a moral duty to rule over us because — in their minds — they “know what’s best for us.”  If this were not the case, then they would obey the law, work within the system and bow to the will of the people.  But they don’t.  According to Gruber, they lie, deceive, bribe and work around the law by any means necessary.

8 — This then illustrates that these people believe the ends justifies the means.  This should not be a surprise to anyone who has been reading my posts.  I have quoted the intellectual leadership behind these folks saying exactly this.  Obama studied Alinksy, and Alinsky said the ends justifies the means.  Well, guess what?  Hitler was trying to build the perfect society, so — by the same reasoning as these people are using — Hitler’s actions — all of them — were justified!  SO, without knowing it, Gruber has shown us — by his words and actions — that he and Obama and this whole cabal are no different in their thinking than Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.

9 — But the thing I think Gruber has done that is most important is he has shown that the Republican Party is part of all this.  They are just a different wing of the same Party.  They play a part, but they do not actually oppose anything that is happening.  If the Republicans actually were against what these people are doing to this nation, Gruber just handed them all the ammunition they need to dismantle the Obama Administration, the bureaucracies in Washington, the IRS, the media and even start to take apart the welfare system and purge the courts.  But, so far, the Republicans have done nothing of the sort.  All they have done is declare they will not impeach Obama, will work to pass the immigration reform they like (which is agreeing with the agenda), to ‘fix’ Obamacare (which is agreeing with he agenda) and to ‘sue’ Obama if they do not like him playing dictator (which is playing along with the game since the courts are part of the agenda).

This post could go on and on because there is that much in the Gruber story.  It truly has affirmed everything I and those like me have been trying to explain to whoever will listen.  Sadly, there are too few listening, and of those who do listen, fewer still who care enough to spread and explain the word.  Still, I am thankful for the Gruber story because — to those intellectually honest people who still know how to think rather than what to think — the Gruber story has vindicated everything we loyal Patriots have been trying to warn America was happening.



5 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: How the Gruber Story Pulls Back the Curtain, Part II: Affirming the Warnings

  1. I think you have shown hat the problem is wide enough and deep enough that it cannot be corrected by any human organization. I suggest that it will require a re-boot of the system such as I describe in – (enter the URL, I don’t have much luck with links)

    1. billcoats,

      I have written similar posts. Yes, it will require a ‘re-boot’ from the hand of God to correct the mess we have made. It always does. This is one of the primary messages of the Old Testament: God makes things right, then man — in all his arrogance — messes them up and God has to step back in and wipe the slate clean so He can re-set the table again. We never learn.

      However, I think we not only missed the first horseman, I think we missed all four. Go here and give this a careful, open0minded read, and be sure to check it against ALL of Scripture as you do. See if it might help you see things a bit differently:

      Click to access 2013-S.G.pdf

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