AGENDAS: How to Turn Hypocrisy into Millions of $’s and Adoring Fans

NOTE: Let me start with a confession: I am about the last person who should be writing this post.  That said, and while I still have a long way to go, I have recently learned to spot and admit to my own hypocrisy.  So please, understand that I write from the position of a guilty man.

Once again, I am writing in response to my favorite talk radio host (I’ll call him GB for short).  I honestly love this man.  Had it not been for him, this nation would still be ignorant of the political forces that are trying to destroy it from within, and I would have never learned to see my own failings.  I have nothing but respect for him in this regard.  However, I have something against him, and it is based in his own words.

If you listen to GB on a regular basis, then you already know this.  But, in case you don’t listen, GB has been the driving force behind this nation’s education on the history of the Progressive movement in America.  He is the one who showed us the link between what we call ‘Liberals’ and the early Progressives of the 20th Century.  He explained the relationship between the Progressives, Fascists and Communists in Europe, and how Hitler and the NAZI’s took much of what they did from the Progressives. If it had not been for GB, America would not know and understand the political goals of the Progressive movement.  We would not understand that both Parties are one, they are only pretending to be two.  Nor would we have the evidence to support this claim: evidence which consistently and coherently explains the things we actually see both Parties do.  GB has taught America the differences between the things our founding fathers believed and what the Communist and Fascist wings of the Progressive movement believe.  He has even used history to show us how and why the former is preferable and actually morally superior to both of the latter.

GB has also explained a great deal of how the Progressives work.  For example, he taught us why they call themselves ‘Progressives.’  GB has also shown his audience how they corrupt our language by using the same words and language to discuss conflicting ideas while insisting that people accept that they actually mean the same things.  The perfect example is the word ‘Liberal.’  Today, the majority of people who are politically awake understand that ‘Liberal’ is synonymous with ‘Socialist/Progressive.’  But when the Progressives first started calling themselves ‘Liberals,’ America understood ‘Liberal’ to stand for belief in individual rights and liberty.  Our founding fathers were ‘Liberals.’  This is why educated people have had to use the term ‘Classic Liberal:’ so they can make sure other educated people understand what they mean and that they are not playing Progressive word games.  The Progressives know that they are not using many of their words according to their original definitions, yet they will claim they are so as to fool or deceive those who do not know the difference.  Then they attack and try to destroy the character of anyone who tries to explain that difference.  GB is the man most responsible for revealing this pattern of political and social destruction, and we owe him a great debt for his service in this regard.

Building off of this, GB also demonstrated the connection between the ‘main stream’ media and both political Parties.  He explained and illustrated how the media forms and shapes public opinion, and then showed us how it is all connected to the Progressives and their belief that ‘science’ could be used to control the masses.  Because of GB, we know the early attempts at employing this ‘science’ was called ‘propaganda.’  Today, we call it by several names, such as ‘public relations,’ ‘commercial advertising,’ ‘the news media’ and ‘spin.’  As part of explaining how it works, GB has used real-world examples to show how Progressives use Political Correctness to prevent opposition to their agenda, and when it fails, they use their control over our social institutions to destroy those who speak out against them.  GB is actually a living example of how it works, but so is Sarah Palin.  How many of us think she actually said “I can see Russia from my back yard?”  Most Americans believe she did, but those words actually came from a Saturday Night Live skit and the media knows it.  yet, they never tell anyone the truth.  The same applies to this “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie.  The media knows this didn’t happen in the Ferguson case, but they not only won’t correct this lie, they are actually furthering it.  And if anyone tries to correct them or demands that they admit they are wrong, they are called a ‘hater.’  Once again, GB is the one most responsible for explaining who is behind most of it, how the process was developed and how it works in application.

To sum up, GB has told us who the Progressives are, how they came to be and what they want to do.  He has shown us — using history — that the Progressive agenda doesn’t work and — in most cases — leads to evil.  He has also taught us how they push their agenda through deception and trickery (this is why the Gruber stories are so important).  GB has shown us the link between this Progressive agenda and Political Correctness.  He has also shown us the links with the media — all forms of media.  GB has even shown us — in the real world — how Progressives use the media to protect their agenda: first they silence people with PC pressure, but if that doesn’t work, they attack those who speak out seeking to destroy their character and reputation.  The end result is that no one knows what is and isn’t true and, fearful of the Progressive power, they finally surrender and come to a point where they no longer speak out against lawlessness.  This is the Obama Administration  in a nutshell, but it is also Orwell’s 1984.”  Needless to say, when GB tells his audience that he has rules for dealing with the media and known Progressives, no one can blame him — that is, until he starts to do the very things he has been attacking the Progressives for doing.

Yes, it’s true: when it comes to matters of religion, GB is a Progressive!

First, GB has said that those who do not accept his definition of his faith are haters.  According to GB, those who disagree with him are “weak-minded” people (his actual words — Dec 10, 2014 on his radio show starting at 0821 CST).  According to GB, we all just need to ‘get along,’ and arguing over religious differences does not further that goal.  To GB, his faith is equal tot hat of Islam and both are equal to the Judeo/Christian faith and anyone who says otherwise is part of the problem.  To this, I can only say, “How very Progressive of GB.”

According to GB, Progrewssives lie and deceive and intentionally confuse things to achieve their goals.  Also according to GB, the Progressive agenda is not the same as Conservatism or Classic Liberalism or the free market or any of the ideals of this nation’s founding (and I agree).  If a Progressive tries to argue they are the same, GB will use history to show them otherwise, and he is right to do so.  But if someone wants to do the same thing to show GB that the four faiths are not the same, then GB shuts them down and calls them “weak-minded haters.”  Right here we have all three of the things GB has shown us are hallmarks of Progressivism: trying to equate opposing ideas through deception and then trying to destroy those who speak out against their lies.

Today, GB claimed that his faith believes in the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He also believes Muslims believe in the same god.  They use the same words and language, and they make the same claims, but if you read what is in their holy books, you will find that Mormons and Muslims do not worship the same god, let alone the God of the Bible.  This is not my ‘interpretation,’ it is a simple matter of what is written in the Bible, Qu’ran and book of Mormon.  But there is more.

After repeatedly telling people that other religions have no ‘right’ to question his claims to being a ‘Christian,’ and if they do, they are “weak-minded haters,” GB then proceeds to call Satanists evil.  He also said there are ‘good and bad’ Atheists.  Whats more, he did all of this — everything I have mentioned in regards to religion — he said all of this on the same day he preached to his audience about principles.  I hate to explain this to GB, but he is contradicting himself here.

First, GB is correct in claiming that Satanism is not equal to the other four faiths.  But in doing that, GB is admitting that it is possible for one or more of the remaining faiths to not be equal.  GB knows this, and it is why he does not want people to examine the holy books of the Mormon and Muslim faith against the Bible.  Like any Progressive, what is actually in a document will often destroy the lies they have crafted to deceive.  But here again, GB undermines himself by saying there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Atheists.  If he can make a value judgment against a ‘non-religion’ (in reality, he is judging that person’s heart), then by what ‘principle’ can he then tell a Christian they have no right to do the same to him or a Muslim?  The actual principle is the same here.  The Truth here is that Beck is being a Progressive: he does not want you to examine his faith, he just wants you to take his word for things and, if you don’t, he is willing to destroy your character to shut you up.

I know I harp on this a lot, but I have done my homework.  Mormons are polytheists.  Muslims deny the divinity of Christ.  Both deny the virgin birth and the Trinity.  Both claim the Bible has been corrupted (a claim that can be definitively disproven).  And both get hostile if you question them or seek to examine what is actually in their holy books.  This is because, when you do, you will find that they do not believe in the same god as Jews and Christians.  This is also why the Muslim and Mormon messages of peace and love are so dangerous.  Christ told us to be on guard against those who will deceive us — especially those who do so in the name of peace.  This is all I am asking you to do with GB: make sure you do your own homework.  Read his holy books and compare them to the Bible.  Do the same for Islam.  I know what you’ll find so I am not worried about being proven wrong.  What I am worried about is seeing the danger here and not trying to warn you about it.

[NOTE: contrary to what GB has claimed, I can disagree with his religion and still get along with him.  I do not want to convert him.  All I want is the same thing he says he wants from Progressives.  He claims he can accept what Progressives believe, he just wants them to be honest about it.  Well, that is what I want from GB concerning his faith and that of Islam: I want honesty about the differences between them and the Bible.  If GB could give me that and quit telling the world I am a “weak-minded hater” because I am trying to warn people that he is LYING, then he and I would get along as well as any two people could possibly get along.  Unfortunately, on this subject, GB suffers from the same affliction as the Progrerssives he has become rich by attacking.]


4 thoughts on “AGENDAS: How to Turn Hypocrisy into Millions of $’s and Adoring Fans

  1. Great Post !

    GB in Trucker parlance is “Good Buddy” …… sorta fits for this Chameleon of emotional manipulation. He’s a GB to the Establishment Media whores.

    1. Careful, there is still more ‘good’ in him than ‘bad’ (with good being defined as informative). He is largely responsible for waking this nation up — more than anyone else on the scene.

  2. Informative yes !!

    But also trying his hardest to be “Formative” ….. it’s the Form of that Formative that is worrisome.

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