TRUTH: Man has an Infinite ability to believe His own Lies

I find it harder and harder to write about political matters these days. As time passes, I find myself being drawn closer to God, and to eternal matters. Chief among these are things concerning right and wrong. I have said it many times, and I will say it again: when it comes to right and wrong, if you are seeing ‘gray,’ it is a sure indication that you are on the wrong side of right. This is because right and wrong are black and white – never gray. It’s just that we never want to accept the consequences that go with doing the right thing. We find it much easier to tell ourselves lies than to face the truth. I ran into a perfect example of how we lie to ourselves while watching the movie, “Monuments Men.”

The movie is about a group of Allied experts in the arts who are sent in to Europe shortly after D-Day. Their mission was to save as much of the artwork stolen by the NAZI’s as possible. What the NAZI’s had done was rightfully portrayed as theft, and as an extension of their evil. I take no issue with that part of the movie. However, there is a scene where several of the characters are discussing the difference between the NAZI’s stealing the art and the Russians, who wanted it as “payment” for the losses they had suffered during the war. In this scene, Matt Damon’s character justifies Russian theft because they had lost 20 million people. The problem with this is there are several lies in that one line.

The first lie is simple: if the NAZI’s stole it, then the Russians are not entitled to it as compensation for the damage the NAZI’s did because the art did not belong to Germany. In essence, it would have been no different than had the Russians gone to South America and looted every nation there, claiming it was owed them because they were attacked by Germany. Damon’s character simply ‘rationalized’ Russian theft because they had suffered 20 million deaths.

There is the second lie. The actual estimate of Russians casualties in WW II is closer to 27 million, of which, between 8.7 and 14 million were military related deaths. Even then, the best estimate that can be credited directly to German action is no more than 11 million. This leaves some 16 million deaths that were actually caused by one of Stalin’s purges, or his total disregard for civilians under his care. What’s more, of the 8.7-14 million military deaths, many were the direct result of criminal military doctrine on the part of Stalin. Most Westerners are aware of Japanese Banzi charges in the South Pacific, but few know that Russia employed the same tactic against the Germans – and with the same result.

They were called ‘human waves,’ and the Russians forced to participate in them often were poorly trained (if at all) — and often — not even armed. These waves were pushed in front of properly trained and equipped soldiers, often over open ground and through minefields and other fortifications. The purpose was to absorb the German defenders ammunition and to push the lines close enough so the trained and armed troops could break the German lines. No one knows how many Russians died in this manner, but it was in the thousands – because the Germans were very good at breaking up these sorts of attacks. But the point is this: every one of the Russians who died in one of these human waves was actually murdered by Stalin and his officers, not the Germans – because they were forced to certain death by Commissars who would shoot them if they refused or if they tried to turn and run away.

And there is yet another source of murder: Stalin’s political officers. They were called Commissars, and they were allowed to shoot any soldier they believe was exhibiting cowardice – and they did.

So, with one line in a movie, Matt Damon helps to not only justify theft by the Russians, but to blame the Germans for twice as many deaths as they were actually responsible for inflicting. Now, please understand: I do not mean to excuse the Germans in this matter – only to point out that Stalin was equally as guilty, only he was killing his own people. And in spite of the fact that all this is known, people like Matt Damon chose to defend and make excuses for Stalin rather than tell the whole truth simply because they believe Communism is somehow preferable to our system. And there is yet another lie: that Communism actually works, or can ever work.

See how easily we lie to ourselves?


6 thoughts on “TRUTH: Man has an Infinite ability to believe His own Lies

  1. I remember the first month I was in college, and I was at an “intellectual” gathering that my friend hosted called “Coffee party” which was every Wednesday night, and it traveled between different host. One of the first nights I was there I was talking to my friend’s girlfriend at the time; I must admit that I don’t remember the beginning of the conversation being some years ago but I remember the ending because I was utterly stunned. I was explaining about evil nature of communism and his girlfriend( who thought herself a “true” intellectual free -mind, who always resented me for some reason) said, ” Well what’s really wrong with Communism?” in tone that said there’s nothing you can say that can prove there’s something wrong with that ideology. I must admit I was tongue tied, because this was really the first time in my life having grown up in small town U.S.A. and now going to the big university that I experienced something so inherently un-American… and yes communism is the epitome of anti-Americanism.

    As time went on I learned it didn’t matter if I responded at all to this girl because her resentment of me was drawn from the disdain that I represented with every fiber of my being everything she thought was wrong with the world. I was Christian, a constitutionalist, that took pride in my country’s successes including thwarting Communism for so many years.

    When the wall fell many thought we had defeated communism, but being as an ideology, as long as it exists in one mind, it’s never truly defeated. We, those who oppose this evil, have allowed it for far too long to grow in our Universities and in communities without any restraint from those who truly love individual liberties that exist within natural law. Because of this it has gained much force in an attempt to fundamentally change America. It is up to each of us who love our nation to resist this head on. It may be harder and harder and suspect it will become even harder but they wish us to wear us down only so we will accept the lie as truth being too fatigued to resist.

    1. phadde2,

      We must remember that these ‘intellectuals’ are following the line of reasoning started by Communists and would-be Communists, and they started it in our university system. It appeals to them because of the allure of thinking they can be the first to figure out how to make this failed system work. It never occurs to them — mostly because of pride and arrogance — that they will never succeed because the system is fatally flawed. There is a god-complex in these people. They think they can change the laws of this world simply because they will them to change. And when they run into reality, they always resort to killing those who oppose them instead of humbling themselves enough to admit they were wrong. ALWAYS — EVERY TIME!

      1. One of other thing I’d like to highlight with government growth, and also that of communism. I’ve been discussing the EPA caps on the coal companies, and of course the importance of government sanctions came up with preventing greedy businesses from conducting business purely on greed a selfish intentions. Many communists, I know we say liberals/progressives/ et al… but we might as well just call them what they are, feel as though only capitalist or private industry has monopoly on greed. After a comment was made that the only things these companies care about with these new sanctions is their Q3 and Q4 earnings, I pointed out that the EPA has around 18,000 employees and an $ 8.1 billion budget, and we’re to assume that bureaucrats are immune to greed?

        The response was that “the motivation and response [of an agency] is an ancillary point, that doesn’t matter so long as the ends justify the means” I was again dumb founded… CEO’s again get to retain their positions by making their stock holders money, that’s the heart of the word capital to grow capital for their investors. Everything they, the capitalist, do is wrong in their eyes.

        1. Ends justify the means? Next time, tell them “Exactly, Adolf!”

          This thing with the EPA is about nothing more than forcing Americans to live like the third world. These people think we ‘deserve’ to be punished because we took what we have from others. They are greedy, power-hungry tyrants — nothing more. They are also the very thing they claim to be fighting, which also makes them hypocrites (not to mention evil).

  2. Joe,

    Where have you been? I read your post on the RNL yesterday and it was very insightful. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss your daily posts, as they are a comfort to read.

    Given the recent events (VA scandal, Bergdahl trade) it is easy to find yourself caught in the downward cycle of dispair and discouragement. Just try being a millenial (LOL); do you know how difficult it is to find a resolute Christian individual in this crowd? I find that, I too, have begun to observe the world from an disconnected perspective. If there is anything evident to me, it is that my citizenship and my heart belongs elsewhere. Even in these times of seemingly perpetual darkness, we cannot abandon the beliefs that we hold most dearly. Many of our friends have started down the road of submission and moral depreciation: soon they will arive at the their destination and cry out in anguish, “where has our God gone”. You know the rest.

    Please continue to post, Joe; Do not hide your little light out of weariness.

    1. Hi Lara,

      I’m still here. I’ve just been very busy with my company, and also undergoing some radical changes in my personal perspective. I will be back to blogging again by the end of the week. I’m just not sure I will still appeal to as many people. As of late, my attention has been focusing more and more on God and less and less on men and the matters of this world. It sounds like you are on the same path, so I suspect you will like what I write. I just hope I can find a few others who will see the value in my new way of seeing things, as well.


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