AGENDAS: The Usurpation Playbook (or, what do Hitler, Obama and the GOP have in common with the Anti-Christ?)

Do you know how Hitler came to power? Do you? Do you really? Do you know that he tried to seize power by force and was thrown in jail? Do you know that it was this experience that taught him that he had to take control through ‘democratic means?’ This is when he started to practice his public speaking: not to convey information and gain support, but to create emotional reactions and manipulate the audience. He used this ability to speak to get elected, and from there, to rise in position of power. Then, after he was at the top, he created a crisis and used it as an excuse to seize the power he had always wanted. Luckily, this could never happen in the United States. There is no way the leader of a violent revolutionary movement – like the Weather Underground – could ever become ‘legitimate’ – like a college professor or leader of reform of the nation’s elementary education curriculum — there is no way such a person could ever get into the inner circles of the White House. Except, such a person has. His name is Bill Ayres. Another such person is named Valerie Jarred, and she controls a third such person by the name of Barack Obama. Yes, I am telling you that the White House is under the control of people who are following Hitler’s playbook for seizing power, and if you understood that playbook, you would see it as clearly as I do.

The reason most Americans miss what is happening is 1 – we are ignorant, but these people are allied with those who have made us ignorant specifically so we will not see what is happening and will just do what they tell us to do, believe what they tell us to believe and reject what they tell us to reject. 2 – We are lazy. We are a spoiled nation that has become soft and lazy. We could easily find out everything we need to know to see what is happening in this country over a three-day weekend. All we need to do is start surfing the internet and we’d find everything has been explained – many times. The names have been named, and the process has been described for us. Heck, many of the people who want to overthrow this nation have openly boasted about what they want to do and how they plan to do it, and you can find that, too. But that requires something this nation has forgotten how to do: work. And, finally, there is 3 – we just don’t care. So long as ‘they’ feed us and keep our cell phones and X-Box going, we will do what they say, believe what they tell us to believe and reject what they tell us to reject.

But those few of us who are awake understand that we are dealing with Godless people who have made it their life’s work to study revolution. They tried the violent approach in the 1960’s. That is what the Hippie movement was all about: an attempt to cause wide-spread public unrest which – in their minds – would lead to a ‘spontaneous peoples’ revolution.’ This is what they tried to do in Russia when Lenin first tried to take over, and it did not work. Lenin had to use over force to seize power. However, as Hitler discovered, that path does not work in a democratic society. SO the people who are now in charge of our government started to study how to take over by using the system, and that is what we have been seeing ever since the 1960’s.

When a court hands down a ruling that is blatantly unconstitutional – such as Obamacare – you have found judges who are part of this revolutionary movement. Interpretation of the law is one thing, but declaring a spending bill ‘constitutional’ when it originated in the Senate is not a matter of ‘interpretation, but of overt subversion of the rule of law. When a President says he will ‘borrow’ power from the Congress, or a Congress watches that same President do so and commit treason by aiding and comforting the nation’s enemies, and that Congress does not impeach that President, it subverts the rule of law. At that point, all that is left is a ‘crisis’ of some sort that can be used as an excuse to declare ‘emergency powers,’ and the exact same path Hitler used to take power will have been repeated here in the United States – where ‘it can never happen.’

Now, here is the thing Christians need to understand. Scripture does not tell us there will be a single entity known as ‘The Anti-Christ.’ In fact, the Apostle John – whom Jesus loved – specifically tells us that such a belief is bad doctrine. In his letters, John tells us not to look for a single person, but that the spirit of anti-Christ applies to anyone who denies Christ. This spirit of anti-Christ is also connected to Scriptures that foretell the coming of ‘the man of lawlessness.’ This is where many Christians get the idea that we are looking for a unique end-times figure, but we are not. ‘The man of lawlessness’ refers to any person who becomes lawless and who, in their heart, says they are god and then proceeds to act as he or she pleases. This is what Jesus was trying to get people to understand when He said He will return at a time “As in the days of Noah.” In Noah’s day, everyone did as he or she saw fit. Mankind had become lawless – just as we are becoming today. Hitler was lawless. Obama is lawless, and the entire GOP is lawless – even Ted Cruz.

One does not fight lawlessness by giving strength to the source of that lawlessness, and by staying in a lawless political Party; one is giving strength to the source of lawlessness. In the same way, one does not refrain from filing impeachment proceedings because one does not think they can get a conviction, even though they have more than enough evidence to convict. If this were the case, then why bother to ever try O.J. Simpson in the first place? Just let him walk.

Scripture tells us that the laws are meant for the lawless. They hold no power over those who seek to do God’s will, or who at least fear Him. They are intended to restrain evil people who serve only their own desires. So, when you look to the leaders of this nation and you see men and women who do not uphold the law – no matter what their excuse – you are looking at a lawless person, and now you know what Scripture says about lawlessness and its connection to the spirit of anti-Christ. That spirit is growing in this nation and this world, specifically because we have turned our back on God and think we have the solutions to the problems we created. If you doubt this, then ask yourself why we haven’t been able to fix anything, but the problems keep getting worse? Look to history: look to the Old Testament…


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