AGENDA: The Gun-Grabbers KNOW it is not Guns, it is the Entertainment Culture

The ‘leaders’ in this nation know that guns are not the cause of these mass shootings. The average person may believe we have a gun problem, but that is because those in government or who claim to be some sort of ‘social expert’ who knowknow – that guns are not the problem lie to them and tell them guns are to blame! It is a lie and these people know it. They have seen the evidence, yet they refuse to tell you about it because they do not care. They want these shooting to happen because they can use it to take your weapons. That is what they want: because it is easier to control a society that cannot fight back. So, the next time you hear someone from the government or claiming to have some sort of sociological or medical ‘expertise’ dealing with gun crimes telling you that we have a ‘gun problem’ in this society, understand that you are listening to a liar!

I wrote about this once before in my post, SOCIAL ENGINEERING: It’s Not The Guns, It’s Us. Now that we have had yet another – and very predictable – mass killing involving a gun, the same, tired, fallacious calls for gun control are in the media. But that is the problem: the media! The problem is not guns, it is our entertainment media society – and those in ‘the know’ know this is true.


But more than this, we have the people who commit these crimes telling us it was the video games they played, not the guns. This most recent killer, Elliot Roger, said that video games were part of the problem. The Norway shooter said Call of Duty ‘trained’ him to kill:

Norway mass-shooting trial reopens debate on violent video games

The thing no one will tell you is that many of these ‘shooter’ games started with the military. The military designed these games with the stated intention of desensitizing soldiers so they would be better killers. So, if the military started this to ‘train killers,’ why should we think these games would not do the same thing on the kids playing them?

‘Training simulation:’ Mass killers often share obsession with violent video games

The link has been known for a long time, and real experts have testified to Congress about it. That is why I know these ‘leaders’ know the truth, but they will not do anything about it because they need their Fascist ties with their media allies to propagate their government propaganda, and they want the money they get from these many media sources.

But there is more. Those ‘in the know’ are also aware that the other aspects of our media are equally to blame. Once again, the sexualization of everything in society – pushed by the media – was another factor in the Elliot Roger shooting. Look into what his father did to objectify women, and then listen to how Roger viewed women and try to tell yourself there is no connection. Look at the way the message is re-enforced in everything – including those video games – and tell yourself there is no connection. If you can tell yourself there isn’t one, then the man or woman in the mirror is a liar, too.

And this brings us to the real source of our social decay. We have always had isolated events (list of school shootings), but they did not become a common part of society until after we kicked God out of our public lives – especially our schools. Since the 1960’s, when God was kicked out of our public schools, this nation has been experiencing a falling away from God and religion – and it shows in the social indicators. People may not like the source, but it is mostly because he is correct. But David Barton has been a leader in the attempt to get America to see why we are having these problems. He has been trying to make people aware of these social indicators.

Now, I am well aware that many will look at these figures and say they don’t mean anything, but I have a sociology degree and I remember my training. If we see an indicator this strong and this consistently tied to a date, we ‘assume’ a correlation (not necessarily causality). This is especially important when you consider that the correlation number between second hand smoke and cancer was much, much weaker than the number here. In fact, the same study that was used to declare second hand smoke a carcinogenic showed that milk and peanut butter were even more dangerous. But did we ban milk and peanut butter? No. Still, the causal correlation was there, and since we accept it when it was so weak, we should accept the causal relationship here, and that is the point in which God was kicked out of the public square. Which brings us to the real reason our society is falling apart – just like our founding fathers said it would if we ever rejected God and religion:

In the Founders’ Words: The Connection between God, Liberty and the Founding of America

In the Founders’ Words: the Essential Role of Religion in Public and Civic Life


4 thoughts on “AGENDA: The Gun-Grabbers KNOW it is not Guns, it is the Entertainment Culture

  1. Right on!
    Destroy or marginalize God, family and country (patriotism) and you will win. God is the main target though, they think and rightfully so, once they get Him the rest will fall.
    These days I sway back and forth from day to day thinking people are waking up.? Some days I’m encouraged and some, not so much.

    1. Mike,

      Our founder tried to tell us that God was the key to their success and, if we ever abandoned Him, we would fail. That is why the people who want to control us have worked so long and so hard to convince us that this was not a Christian nation and that our system of government has nothing to do with the Bible. The founders — in their own hands — said otherwise, but lies are accepted as truth and the truth is now called a lie Isaiah 5:20-21

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