AGENDAS: The Republican Party is Allied with the Democrats!

If you are in favor of small, limited government and the rule of law, and you are voting Republican, you are a fool! Let me say that again: if you believe in the principles and ideals that founded America and you are voting for a Republican – even Ted Cruz – you are a fool! Do not consider yourself a Patriot because you are giving aid and comfort to your enemy every bit as much as Obama did when he knowingly armed Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria. When Obama committed treason, four American died. But those who support the Republican Party will kill the entire nation. But, before you start thinking I am advocating for the Democrats, let me make this very clear: there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are the same party!

The TEA Party has been made into villains by the media, by the Democrats and by the Republicans. This should be a clear indicator that these three entities are allied with and defending each other. The TEA Party is not what the media, Democrats and Republicans say they are. The TEA Party is the remnant of the true Americans. They believe in limited government, the rule of law and fiscal responsibility (among other things). Anyone who attacks the TEA Party today attacks the America of our founders and forefathers. Such a person is no Patriot. They are an enemy of liberty and individual rights. Again, anyone attacking the TEA Party is an enemy of this nation, of liberty and of individual rights:

Caddell Bombshell: GOP Establishment Wants the IRS to Go After the Tea Party

McConnell: We’re Going to ‘Crush’ Tea Party Candidates in GOP Primaries This Year

Now, if you are one of those who think we have to take the GOP from within, you are a fool! You have bought into a lie. There is a reason the media, Democrats and Republicans all say that a third Party will cause trouble. It is because it will cause trouble – for their one-Party-as-two system. In other words, if we start a third Party, we will finally have a real second choice. How do we know this is true? By looking at reality rather than listening to the liars in this one Party pretending to be two.

The polls show that many of the TEA Party candidates are the only chance for the GOP to beat their Democrat opponents in many State races, yet the GOP is opposing those TEA Party candidates in every case. That means the GOP is knowingly and intentionally spending their constituents’ money on what the polls indicate will be a losing campaign. Then the GOP has the nerve to go on TV and complain about tax payer and union dues being used to oppose the American people and union workers! Hypocrisy! The GOP = DEMOCRAT PARTY = the GOP. They are no different.

The answer is to vote for anyone other than a Democrat or Republican. Voting for either is voting for the same thing. Both Parties oppose the American ideal. Both Parties are lawless and oppose the Constitution. Both Parties support the oppression of individual rights. Both Parties are spending this nation into bankruptcy. Both Parties lie to their voters. Both Parties are hypocrites. So, how many more similarities do we need to discover before we admit to ourselves that the two Parties are one? And when will we realize that they want us to think they are different because, no matter which Party wins an election, they all win? It is a game, we have been convinced to believe a lie and the reality testifies to this truth.

DO NOT VOTE D OR R THIS YEAR! All you will be doing is voting for evil. Even if the person is good, he will be wearing the uniform of our enemy, and that makes him our enemy, too.

[NOTE: if you reject my message because you think ‘they will win,’ then you are a fool.  ‘They’ win either way.  The only thing we can do is send a message both sides must heed, and that means we must refuse to play the game anymore.  Unless they fear a real revolt — not violence, but cooperation revolt — they will not change and we will fall into the abyss of history.  Think ‘War Games:’ the only way to win is not to play the game.]


3 thoughts on “AGENDAS: The Republican Party is Allied with the Democrats!

  1. Joe,

    This may be hard to believe, but I will legally be permitted to vote this year! Concerning the primaries within my State, there seems to be no legitimate Tea Party candidates (or none that I know of so far). I have, however, noticed a disturbing trend, that is, people would rather replace democrats with RINO’s becauae they do not believe they have the capacity to elect a truly pro-Constitutionalist, pro-freedom, pro-rule of law individual. It is such a shame, but no surprise; good things never do come easily.

    1. Lara,

      I understand I do not know what to tell you, so I will just leave you with the words of John Quincy Adams:

      “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

      Now, to me — just me — what this means is I must be prepared to justify my vote before the Lord. So, if there are no good choices outside the D’s and R’s, then I have that blank line at the bottom of every position. And though I may vote alone when I write in a name, at least I will know that I can tell the Lord I voted for the person I thought best suited for the job because the last thing I want to do is tell Him I voted for the lesser of two evils. That excuse may not go over so well with Him.

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