AGENDAS: For Republicans, It’s not about America; It’s about the ‘W’

I am feeling more and more like the prophet Jeremiah. It seems that, lately, all I have are messages of reprimand and doom. But then, that is all I see: people who need correction and warning as to what they are brining upon themselves. So, here I am again, with a message of reprimand and a warning of impending doom for all of you who call yourselves Republicans.

Have you seen this story?

Gallup Poll Finds the Tea Party Is Losing Support Among Republicans

No wonder the Republican Party leadership is trying to destroy the TEA Party. They believe it is what their voters want because – apparently – it is what their voters want. If this is the case, then the Republican Party should try to chase the TEA Party people from their ranks. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the Republicans who are trying to destroy the TEA Party and who are also claiming to be the last breath of the founding spirit of America. You are no Patriot if you oppose or are even indifferent to the TEA Party movement; you are a hypocrite! You are no different than the Liberal/Progressive Democrats you oppose!

This nation was founded upon the idea of individual rights and the rule of law. It was built by men who actually had principles, and were willing to die for them before they compromised on them. In fact, many did die for their principles. So you Republicans who are so willing to attack the TEA Party – the true last breath of the American Revolution – you are no Patriot. You are an enemy of liberty and an ally of the Liberal/Progressive Democrat who – today – is the American Fascist in disguise (he is a Fascist pretending to be a Communist pretending to be an American). You have joined the ranks of deception, and in deception there is no light and no truth. Just as George Washington predicted, your loyalties no longer lie with your country, or even the idea of freedom. You loyalty is to your Party, and your only concern is winning the election. Now, you are proving to the world that you will sell your soul and attack the defenders of liberty to get that ‘W.’

So let me remind you of something. Were it not for the TEA Party, you would be a minority Party in all three branches of government. The TEA Party gave you the House. And without the TEA Party this year, I suspect you will lose this election cycle. Oh, to be sure, you may actually win enough elections to show gains in representatives, but this will not be because they people support you. No, the polls show that most of the support for you ‘R’s’ is actually an anti-Obama vote. So, if you do win, when you start to govern as the Progressives you really are, the people will finally see that there is no difference between you and the Democrats.

The TEA Party already knows it, which is why you hate them. But, like your Democrat brothers, you think the people are too stupid to figure it out. You foolish R’s actually believe you can beat the Dems at their own game and fool the people into voting for you. All that is going to happen is the welfare sell-outs will keep voting for the D’s – because that’s their sugar-daddy – and the rest of America will slowly start to wake up and will end their support for you R’s. I mean, why vote for a fake Progressive pretending to be an American when you can vote for the real thing in the Democrats, right? So why vote Republican anymore? All we are going to get is more of you people who do not care anymore about liberty and the rule of law than the Democrats. All you want is the power of government so you can protect your wealth – just as the Left accuses you of doing.

I never thought I would see the day, but it has finally come. There are no more innocent Democrats. Anyone who votes ‘D’ votes to end this nation. But neither are there any innocent R’s. Both Parties are the same, so both voters are just as treasonous to the Spirit of America!


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