TRUTH: There is a BIG Problem with what Glenn Beck Teaches

Let me open by saying this up front: I respect Glenn Beck. He has done a great deal to educate this nation, and we owe him a debt for that work. I would go so far to say that I love him, and the people who work for and with him. I even pray for them, but I pray mostly that God will wake them up and rescue them from their delusion. You see, there is a fatal – and I mean spiritually fatal flaw in what he teaches people about right and wrong. I understand than Becks fans will not appreciate this post. I also understand that his enemies may like it, but they shouldn’t. There is a connection between Beck’s enemies and the fatal flaw in his message. This is why you need to know what it is and why it is fatal.

The problem with Beck’s message of right and wrong stems from his religion. Mormonism is a cult – period! It has many strong parallels with Islam. But the truth of the matter is that Mormons do not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob any more than Muslims do. Both religions hold a different understanding of who Jesus is, and this different understanding falls directly under the definition the Apostle John gave for the spirit of antichrist.

Now, I am not looking to get into a debate over these points. They are true, and can be verified if you will take the time to actually investigate the issue, but the point at hand is what it means for the message Beck preaches to his audience.

If you listen to Beck regularly, then you may have noticed that he has started to embrace the Libertarian ideal. Today, May 7, 2014, he even praised an admitted atheist for teaching the Ten Commandments in a way that is designed to avoid God. My dear reader, there is a direct connection between the Libertarian ideal and the idea that you can be ‘good’ without God. The Libertarian ideal accepts this argument, as have many ‘secular’ belief systems – and they have all failed every time they were tried!

Our founders tried the Libertarian approach. It was called the Articles of Confederation, and it allowed each State to do as it thought right. This led to Anarchy and this nation nearly collapsed. The founders then turned to Scripture and designed a new government according to God’s principles for civil government. We know this to be true because they flat-out said it was true, but also because the very structure of our government reflects these principles. The result of acknowledging God and turning to His law was the greatest nation in history since Israel. Now, if we will look backward, we will see that the decline of this nation can be traced to the very period where we kicked God out of our public life. This is because good and bad do not exist apart from God.

Unfortunately, Beck teaches a message that smacks of the new age message that ‘all good gets to heaven.’ This is most likely due to Beck’s Mormon religious belief that most people will get to heaven, but what level they reach depends on how good they were in this life, and on how many good deeds they did. This message is a lie! Praising an Atheist who says he is teaching the Bible without God is exactly the spirit the Apostle John called antichrist, and it will lead to spiritual death! There is one way, one truth, and His name is Jesus! We can reject Him, and try to live according to our own notion of what is right, but we will only create what we have created in our society today: an immoral and totally lawless society. We are living in a time that is quickly approaching the picture Jesus was trying to paint for His audience when He warned that He will return in a time like the days of Noah. The days of Noah should remind us that all of mankind had turned from God and was living as everyone saw fit for himself – except Noah. Had it not been for Noah, God would have destroyed all mankind! Well, we are entering these trims again, so why would we expect God to react any differently this time than He did the last – especially when His Son has already said He will not?

So I warn you to be very, very careful with Glenn Beck. Listen for the information he presents. There is value there. But do not listen when he tells you there is ‘good’ outside of God, especially when you know his god is not the same as the God of the Bible. When Beck tells you that government should stay out of marriage, and he suggests that people should be allowed to marry who they wish, understand that Beck is teaching against God’s commandments. When Beck embraces Atheists and Muslims and people who he presents as doing ‘good,’ you should understand this is pantheism. It is an abomination to the God of the Bible. Beck does this a lot and it is all connected directly to his religion. So, please, learn why Beck holds these false beliefs and guard against them as they will lead to spiritual death!

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