DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Glenn Beck Admits I Have Been Correct

Those who read my blogs know that I tend to support much of what Glenn Beck tries to teach us. However, on several occasions, I have broken with Beck, and in some cases, my disagreement has been very strong. One example was my disagreement with him (and many of those who read my posts) where the meaning of words is concerned. I have always held the line where the meaning of the words we used is concerned, but others are not nearly as concerned over them. They tell me that my focus on definitions is too ‘philosophical,’ that it is too rigid, it doesn’t keep up with the times and that it is irrelevant to the ‘real world.’ So I was pleased to hear Beck today when he finally admitted that he had been wrong to be in the camp that mocked and dismissed those such as myself. On his radio program today, Beck admitted that the meaning of words is important, and those who dismiss those definitions are the ones who are actually contributing to the erosion of society. Apparently, Glenn has finally figured out that allowing the meaning of words to become confused leads to the confusion of everything else in society.  To that, the only thing I can say is: “Welcome to the party, Mr. Beck.”  I’m not looking to make a big deal of this; I just thought I’d share it with those who follow my ‘relationship’ with Glenn Beck to show that I am slowly winning him to my side.  🙂


2 thoughts on “DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Glenn Beck Admits I Have Been Correct

    1. He said he was wrong to mock those who kept asserting that this nation is a republic and not a democracy. he also said he was wrong to mock everyone else who was trying to defend the specific language of liberty like he was doing back during the 2010 election. He ended that segment by saying he (we) should have learned the importance and power of words from the Progressives and actually apologized for not placing the emphasis on defending the language and ideas behind it as much as he should have.

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