TRUTH: Obama was sent by God

When I speak about Scriptural matters, I usually tell my non-Christian readers so they can pass by those posts that they may not want to read.  Not this time!  Whether you are Christian or not, you need to read and head this post.  And I’ll warn everyone now, it is not going to be easy to accept what I have to say, but I challenge anyone to show me where I am not standing on solid ground.  So hear me, and hear me clear: we are not going to get rid of Obama or the spirit he represents because he has been sent by God as part of God’s judgment on this nation!

I am no prophet, but I feel the pressing warning of Ezekiel 3:16-21 pressing down heavily upon my shoulders.  I have been slowly coming to realize this truth, but a friend posted something on a Face Book page I am part of that suddenly brought it all into focus for me.  I happen to believe America has fallen under God’s judgment.  We were warned, and we ignored God’s warning.  Just as Israel ignored Isaiah’s warning of judgment, we have done the same.  If we look to types or spirits, we will find that America has repeated the prophecy of Isaiah 9:8-21 – almost to the letter.  Something we need to understand about Biblical prophecy is that it is one of the Lord’s wonders.  It usually applies to the lifetime of the prophet who delivers it, but also to some future event.  What’s more, we will often see the spirit or type of the prophecy echo in history before the ultimate fulfillment. We see this in Joseph, who is an early type of Who Christ will ultimately be.  There are many such examples.  So, when you consider what this nation has done in response to the Lord’s warnings, we should take seriously the likelihood that we have ignored God’s warnings and have now fallen under His judgment:

Now, consider this.  Isaiah told Israel that its ruin – God’s judgment – would come at the hands of other men, who would do the Lord’s work and then be ruined in return.  In Isaiah’s time, this was Babylon and Assyria.  And everything came to pass – just as Isaiah said it would.  But it did not come to pass the way we – as humans – always seem to think it will.  God did not reach down from heaven and smite Israel all in one swipe of His hand.  He used men to do His bidding, and because He used men, when we look back on history, that’s what it looks like: the works of men.  But this is how it must be.  Otherwise, faith would be destroyed and, with it, any hope of salvation; for one needs no faith when a thing is plainly evident, such as gravity.  You do not have ‘faith’ in gravity: you know it is real.  And this is why God often works through men; to preserve faith.  And this is why we should be looking for His judgment in the works of men.  I say this is what Obama represents.

The Bible repeatedly records men who it calls ‘destroyers’ as doing the work of God.  Obama is clearly such a man.  He has boasted that he wants to and will destroy this nation – as it was founded.  Well, this nation was founded by a Godly people, and they built it on Godly principles.  No, not as a theocracy, but on the principles the Bible gives for how to operate a civil government.  The founders actually said exactly this, so it is not open to debate any more than what a person says they think or feel.  They are the highest authority on such subjects – period.  What’s more, God raised this nation up for one purpose and one purpose only: to bring Israel back into being.  So, now that we have served our purpose and have now started to turn from Him – just as Israel has done so many times in its history – we are suffering the same fate as Israel suffered every time it turned its back on God.  Obama is just the vehicle through which God’s judgment is being metered out on us.

Ultimately, this is our fault.  When God was pushed from our schools, we did nothing.  When He was pushed from our TV and music, we did nothing.  When H e was pushed from our government, we did nothing.  Now we’re doing nothing as He is being pushed from our churches.  As individuals, we are judged by God on judgment day.  But nations are not real; they have no soul.  So God judges them here, in this world, and in our time.  He always has and He always will.  That we believe we can turn away from God – even to the point of becoming His enemy – and he will not pass judgment on America in our time is the height of arrogance.  This nation deserves judgment.  We have begged for it, and it is here.  Obama is that judgment, and even then, the man is but a symbol of the vehicle of that judgment.  In a very real sense, we are destroying ourselves via the very beast we built to give ourselves what others had earned.  Yes, my friends, if you read Scripture, it condemns the destruction of wealth, as well.  In fact, it is connected to the spirit of antichrist.  And we built the welfare system and allowed the tyranny of political correctness, which is the shield to that system.  So it is we who built the beast that is now devouring us.  Obama is just the symbol of that beast.

All this leads us to the truth we must accept: that we will not be able to rescue ourselves from the abyss.  Only God can make good what we have ruined, and He has promised He will do so.  But first, we have to turn back to Him and repent – and I mean repent!  If we do, God has promised He will hear and He will heal our land. But if we insist on looking to ourselves and to other men to fix the problems we created, we will only seal our doom.

Our founders knew this.  Franklin reminded them of it when the Second Constitutional Convention was close to failing.  They turned back to God and asked His guidance and this nation put forth the greatest government the world has ever known as a result.  Today, we are much, much farther removed from God than our founders ever got, but all is not lost – not yet.  Anything is possible with God, but we must seek Him, and beg His forgiveness.  And that means we must stop sinning and seek to live righteously.  Sadly, I do not think this nation will trade its worldly comforts for the comforts of God’s Grace, and I fear that spells our ultimate doom…


5 thoughts on “TRUTH: Obama was sent by God

  1. Joe,

    Obama and Michelle are our Ahab and Jezebel. We now worship the spirit of the anti-christ. Just as Israel brought destruction on itself so shall the USA.

    Our pulpits now preach a watered down theology, filled with false teaching, that will sadly lead many to the White Throne Judgement. The Church Age is coming to a close and the 70th week of Daniel approaches.

    1. chhelo,

      I know. I suppose that is why — try as I might — I can’t find it in my heart to preach the good news in Scripture. Rather, more and more, I find myself in the place of the prophets who stood on the wall and cried out their warning of impending doom and called the land to repent. The world can hate me for it, but I will not stop — not now that I see the doom on the horizon. I will not answer for their blood; I have enough to answer for just in my own wrongs 😦

  2. Joe,

    Another link to a little devotional help. In the quite of the morning before all the man-centered activities toss us all about here’s a good place to start.

    Don’t always measure up myself but I get shoved or nudged back on the path when I start to veer off. It’s all about the relationship. Few really consider the omnipresence of God.

    Just last night I started to go of on a rant on Obama and had to remember God is using him to show millions the result of sinful behavior. We as Christians still have time to witness to those that have not had the opportunity to fully understand God’s purpose, plan and program.

    Restful assurance.

    1. chhelo,

      Thanks. Funny, last night, my Pastor and I were discussing just how small we humans try to make God — even when we’re trying to think big we make Him too small. I know you understand 🙂

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