LESSONS IN LOGIC: Obama Declares Himself Dictator

That headline is not hyperbole – it’s just that our schools have so successfully dumbed us down that we no longer think clearly enough to see what should be self-evident.  Obama – through his Attorney General – has openly declared that he can do whatever he wants.  He is no longer constrained by the Constitution, Congress or anything other than himself.  But what’s worse is that no one in authority seems to care.  But I care.  So let me help you see that Obama really has declared himself a dictator so you can help others see it and get ready for what is coming next.  We start with this story:

Holder Sees Way to Curb Bans on Gay Marriage

 WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Monday injected the Obama administration into the emotional and politicized debate over the future of state same-sex marriage bans, declaring in an interview that state attorneys general are not obligated to defend laws that they believe are discriminatory.

OK, first things first: ignore that word ‘discrimination.’  That is a red herring.  It is designed to play on your emotions so you will turn off your brain and just react.  When you do that, you nearly always make the wrong decision.  Think back over your own life and I bet you’ll see times when you reacted out of emotion and things turned out worse than they would have had you taken time to think.  Well, they don’t want you to think, because – if you do – they know you will see what they are doing and oppose them.  So ignore the word ‘discrimination.’  Besides, you have a Natural Right to discriminate.  In fact, your right to discriminate is inherent in the tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Next, understand that the federal government is limited by the Constitution, and marriage is not an area where the federal government has authority.  If the federal government is going to act outside of its limitations, it ceases to be legitimate!  That means it is no longer the lawful government and we have no moral or legal obligation to obey it.  In fact, we have a moral obligation and Constitutional duty to oppose the government if it refuses to operate within its lawful boundaries.

Well, this story is about Obama telling us he no longer cares about the constraints of the Constitution; he is going to do whatever he wants.  He said this through Attorney General Holder, who works for Obama as an official of the Obama Administration.  That means he is speaking what Obama wants him to say.  This is a matter of law and simple logic.  If Obama did not object, he would have fired Holder on the spot – but he didn’t.  This means – no matter how strongly they object – Obama and his Administration agree with Holder.  And that means they have declared themselves to be dictators of the United States.

So, what did Holder do that is so bad?  He told the State Attorney Generals to disregard any law they do not like.  Now understand, Obama has a Constitutional duty to uphold all the laws of the United States – whether he likes them or not.  Obama has already demonstrated – repeatedly – that he refuses to obey the Constitution in this regard.  He ignores the laws he doesn’t like and, in many cases, he just changes them to suit his desires.  Now he has directed Holder to tell the States’ to do the same thing: to just do whatever they want without any regard for the law.  You must understand that this is serious.  Obama has told State law enforcement officers to break the law; to violate the very foundations of the Social Contract upon which our nation is built.  This is nothing less than an open declaration of dictatorship.  But don’t take my word for it; listen to a liberal law professor tell you the same thing:

The Moment a Prof. Warned That America Is at a ‘Constitutional Tipping Point’

Let me try to hammer this point home.  Obama – if this is allowed to stand – will set a precedent.  If – and this is a very real “if” – Obama ever leaves office, the next President will then be able to appeal to this precedent.  Now imagine that we somehow elect the nation’s first Muslim President.  Using the path Obama cleared for him, this new President tells the federal and State governments that they need to “follow their conscience” with this religious freedom thing.  He will say it so it sounds innocent enough, but he will clearly be saying Islam is the only religion in America, and anyone who does not convert can now be persecuted as discriminating against Islam.  He then points to Obama’s precedent again and says all homosexuals are to be rounded up and executed.  Women will now wear full covering or they can be legally raped in the streets.  Christian will either convert, or they can have their property taken away and be made into third class citizens.  They will have no rights over their children, and can never practice their religion again.  And this new President – again, pointing to Obama for authority – will make it a capital offense for anyone to object to anything he commands.

Now, if you think this is hyperbole or totally absurd and will never happen, let me ask you something: did you ever think what Obama is doing could happen in this nation?  but, if you are one of those who cannot be honest enough with yourself to admit that Obama is acting lawlessly, then know this: you are helping this man make my little scenario not only possible, but likely.

Dear reader: if you ever wanted to know how the Germans could just sit by and let Hitler take over, just look around.  We are letting a dictator rise to power right now, here, in the United States of Amerika.


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