TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: The American Brownshirts and Gestapo


Rush mentioned a story today that details how Obama has just ‘directed’ the IRS to ‘punish’ any business that fires workers so they can escape the draconian mandates of Obamacare – unless that business agrees to swear that it did not fire those workers because of Obamacare.  Rush then claimed that this is pure Marxism.  He was wrong.  Marxism does not work this way because, under Marxism, the government owns all businesses.  So, if someone doesn’t do as the State directs, they get shot.  What we are actually seeing is a modern incarnation of Fascism.  Under Fascism, the State ‘allows’ certain businesses to exist – so long as their owners do as the State directs.  These businesses are then kept in check by the State through the use of laws such as the one in the story Limbaugh mentioned.  Here’s the link:

Businesses must swear to the IRS that Obamacare had nothing to do with firings

This is all about making it illegal to tell the people that they are being fired because of Obamacare.  That way, if businesses swear they did not fire people because of Obamacare, the propaganda mill we call the ‘main stream media’ won’t have to report that unemployment is going up because of Obamacare.  This is exactly how NAZI Germany worked, only, in 1930’s Germany, it wasn’t the IRS that Hitler used to enforce his Party politics, it was the Gestapo and the Brownshirts.  Today, the role of the Gestapo is being carried out by the NSA and Homeland Security (and a host of other intelligence gathering agencies and programs which includes Obamacare, itself).  And the role of the Brownshirts is being carried out by the IRS:

The Enforcement Arm Of The Obama Administration

Obama’s ‘IRS Enemies List’ — Updated Chronology

Paul LePage, Maine Governor, Blasts Obamacare, Calls IRS ‘The New Gestapo’ (UPDATE)

Those who actually know and understand the history of Fascism have been awake to the similarities between America today and 1930’s Europe – especially Germany.  But what I want to know is this;

Are you?


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