PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Explaining those ‘Gaffs’

Almost a decade ago, I started reading into an aspect of history about which – before that time – I was totally ignorant.  I thought I knew American history, especially that related to the 20th Century, but I didn’t.  And what little I did know, I didn’t understand.  Since that time, I have been working hard to catch up on everything I can learn about the American Progressive movement – especially its European origins.  And that has also complimented my research into the founding of this nation, especially the centuries leading up to the American Revolution.  Fortunately, but for different reasons, both the founders and the Progressives wrote prolifically about their ideas and reasoning.  The founders did it so future generations would know and understand the foundational principles of a free and self-governing society, while the Progressives did it because evil cannot help boasting.  Sadly, too few recognize these boasts and, before I started studying them, I was among those who chalked them up to ‘gaffs’ and incompetence.  They’re not, and I can demonstrate.  Let me start by reminding you of this seemingly ‘out-of-touch’ comment by Joe Biden from the 2008 election cycle:

Even this video is perfect for the purpose of this explanation because it is explaining Biden’s comment as insensitive t best, racist at worse.  But the truth is, Biden was letting the mask slip and giving us a peak behind the curtain.  What Biden really meant is revealed in this story:

US sliding into tyranny because of Obama’s skin color

Please read that entire story, and watch the videos and listen to the audios.  DO not be put off by the personalities in the story: they come from both sides of the political spectrum.  And do not dismiss it as ‘racist;’ it was written by a black American.  Focus on the explanation – because it is the truth.  Obama is being allowed to become a dictator because no one will dare impeach America’s first black President.

Biden knew this was the thinking when he made his comment.  Political correctness was invented by the Progressive founders.  They called it the shield to their agenda.  It was meant to shield that agenda from any attack by attacking their opponents in return.  So Biden was fully aware that a black candidate who would appeal to all of America would be the perfect person to ‘fundamentally transform America.’  It is why Hillary was removed as the front runner and Obama thrust into the Democratic candidacy.  So he could complete the transformation with immunity because of his race and Hillary could then be our first female President without the problems she would have had pulling off what Obama has almost completed.

And that is what Biden was actually saying.  In the same way, now you should understand what Obama was saying when he said he would ‘fundamentally change’ America.  And if you are unconvinced, you need to understand that these people are doing nothing more than completing what Progressive founder, Woodrow Wilson, started a long time ago:

Since We’re On Wilson Again, Let’s Explore His Desire To “Americanize” Marxist Ideology

If you will stop looking at the American Left as though they are Americans and start looking at them as Revolutionary European Marxists, much of what they say and do will start to make sense.  What you once thought was a ‘gaff’ might suddenly make sense, and what you once thought of as ‘incompetence’ may also make sense.  But there is one last piece of the puzzle you need to understand.  The Progressive movement was started by Republicans, and it has never changed back from Progressive leadership.  So thinking that the Republican Party actually cares about stopping Obama is a HUGE mistake.  They want him to succeed because they want to have the power he is building.  This is what Rand Paul is trying to warn us about in this last story:

Rand Paul’s Prediction About Future Presidential Elections May Frighten Half the Country


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