INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: NBC Says Holocaust was a ‘Pivotal Experiment’ In History of Europe

No, NBC didn’t actually say that – they said something much worse.  They said Communism was a ‘pivotal experiment’ in the history of Russia.  Communism led to the murder of at least 50 million people in Russia.  As horrible as it was, the Holocaust only killed 6-11 million.  So you see, had NBC said the Holocaust was a ‘pivotal experiment,’ it would actually have been more acceptable than what they actually said.  The video in this story says it better than I can:

‘A Communist Network’: Beck Tears Into NBC’s Olympics Coverage

“I didn’t realize that killing 50 million people was a ‘pivotal experiment,’” Beck said in a withering tone. “Bless their collective heart … can you imagine saying that about fascism? That was a pivotal experiment, wasn’t it? You know, ‘Here we are in Berlin, where this was the home of a pivotal experiment.’ No, it was called fascism. Killed millions of people.”

This nation has lost its collective mind.  The people who tell you that there is nothing wrong with Communism or Socialism are insane.  Run from them – as fast as you can!  If you do not, they will enslave you – at best – or kill you if you will not submit to their rule.  History is very clear about this.  There have been no exceptions.  The pattern is universal; the only differences are in how the pattern manifests itself from nation to nation.  I beg those who do not already realize the truth of what I am saying to wake up!

[FOR THE RECORD: Beck doesn’t often make direct comparisons between modern America and 1930’s Germany.  He has explained that, while he sees them, he feels doing so is to ‘divisive,’ and that it will turn off too many people who might otherwise be reached.  I strongly disagree.  If a person cannot see the parallels between this nation and NAZI Germany, then they are beyond reaching and should be counted as part of the problem – period!  This is not because I think my ‘opinion’ should be forced on those who disagree, but because the parallels are so clear as to be undeniable by those who are still intellectually honest.]


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