INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: The Persistent Delusion that Socialism can be made to Function

I call this insanity for a simple reason: history has condemned socialism.  No matter how many times it is tried, it has always failed.  It always will.  Socialism cannot work for a simple reason: it contradicts Natural Law.  Yet, no matter how much clear and irrefutable evidence is presented, there are people who insist that socialism is the ideal.  These people insist that the only reason it has not worked is because it has never been tried by ‘the right people.’  The implication here is that all those before were not ‘smart enough’ to make socialism work, but the current round of advocates are.  And there is the insanity.  These people are no smarter than anyone who came before them.  In fact, evidence suggests they may be less intelligent.  They are certainly less wise.  But then, socialism is about one thing and one thing only: control of other people.

Now, if you happen o be one of those who are going to argue that I am the one who is wrong; if you are going to argue that the free market is the real problem; save your breath.  We have not had a free market since the early 20th Century, so anything you try to tell me about how the free market has failed is going to be undermined by the fact that we have had some form of socialism for more than 100 years now.  And socialism undermines the free market.  The reality is that the only reason our nation has not failed long before now is because there were strong remnants of the free market still operating within this growing socialist economy.  But we are now seeing the result of these socialist ideas.  As the last vestiges of the free market are strangled and die, the historic result of all socialist economies is finally starting to manifest in America.  [The Simple Reason Socialism Always Fails, The Socialist Myth, Why Socialism Failed]

For those who may be on the fence on this argument, let me explain it in the most simple terms that I can.  If the government increases spending on welfare, it provides a disincentive for people to work.  It is simple human nature: if someone else will pay for your needs without you having to work, you won’t work.  Instead, you will spend your time trying to find ways to get more money from those free handouts.  [CBO Director: Obamacare ‘Creates a Disincentive for People to Work’, A ‘Perverse’ and Chilly Jobs Report: Unemployment Down, but We’re Leaving the Workforce in Droves]

In spite of what some will claim, government does not create wealth.  The attempt to ‘prove’ that government can and does create wealth is another sign of the insanity we are dealing with here.  Wealth is created through enterprise, and government is consumption, not enterprise.  Even where the means of production are owned by the government, it is not the government that is producing – it is the business the government owns.  To argue that government creates wealth is to concede that the slave owner was the producer of his wealth – not the slave.  So, before government can spend, it has to raise taxes and/or borrow money from others.  However, as it increases spending on welfare, fewer people work.  Many quit because it is easier to just take free money than work 40, 50, even 80 hours a week just to see the government take it to give it to those who are not working.  So wealth is no longer created.  And because wealth is no longer created, there are no assets to back up any loans made to the government, so the government – eventually – cannot borrow from other nations.  This means the government is left with only one option: to print money. [The Fed’s Futile Effort to Bail Out Obamanomics, Ben Starts Printing Money to Bail Out Obama]

Now, as the government prints money, the value of that money starts to fall.  As the money becomes worthless, the people who are not working start to demand more money so they can keep buying the things they have grown accustomed to being able to buy.  These people no longer know how to work.  They have been made dependent.  All they know how to do is riot, and that would threaten the government.  So the government prints even more money and gives it away to keep the people from rioting.  This process accelerates until, eventually, the system collapses.  The problem is, when the system collapses, no one knows how to work so the path is opened to any tyrant who promises to feed the people.  The people have become animals, and all they know is their hungry bellies, so they will sell themselves for crumbs of bread.  And this is how the greatest nation in the history of the world is going to become as pitiful and pathetic as every group of self-made slaves that has ever been. [Don’t Feed Wild Animals, Don’t Feed The Animals! They May Become Dependent On Handouts!,  The Dangerous Path of Money Printing, UBS Issues Hyperinflation Warning For US And UK, Calls It Purely “A Fiscal Phenomenon”]

Look, this one is simple.  Socialism does not work – period.  Those who argue that it does are not ‘smarter’ than anyone else.  They have not discovered anything new.  They are – to put it simply – insane.  They are living in a world of self-induced delusion.  It is this simple.  Now, normally, this wouldn’t be too dangerous, only, these people believe their delusion is reality and that those who live in the real world are the ones who are insane.  To those who believe in socialism, anyone who opposes them needs to be ‘fixed.’  Initially, they will try ‘re-education,’ and then they will try to just ‘buy’ participation in their delusion.  But – eventually – they always resort to force.  Whether through the law or regulation or by out-right killing people, the socialist will always resort to force.  And that is because force is the only way their ideas can be made to even appear as though they work.

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