PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: More Evidence Of Racism In Progressive Ideology

In my last post, TRUTH: A Generation Will Have To Pass Away For Things To Get Better, I pointed out that the people who populate the Progressive movement are the people from who they claim to be trying to protect Americans.  One of the original characteristics of the Progressive movement – and a characteristic which is still alive and operational today, is racism.  Now, remember, I have defined racism according to the dictionary.  This means that, in order for a policy to be considered racist, there has to be a social or government aspect to the practice.  In other words, it has to be institutionalized.  Otherwise, it is bigotry, not racism.  Well, the Secretary of Education just proved that – so far as Progressives and the Obama Administration are concerned – they are both racist:

Education Sec. Arne Duncan Makes Wild Claim About Why Some ‘White Suburban Moms’ Oppose Common Core

Now, the obvious point here is that Secretary done – like most of the people in the Obama Administration – seems to be incapable of thinking in anything but terms of skin color.  So, by stressing ‘White Suburban Moms,’ he is not only exposing his and the Administration’s racism, they are also attacking people who are considered to be ‘rich.’  Since the racism in question here is black against white, the notion of wealth is an indicator.  We know this because the assertion that blacks have been exploited and that this is why they are not as wealthy as whites is intricately connected to the black on white racism which prevails in this country today.  It is one of the excuses used to justify what some call ‘reverse racism.’  In truth, it is not ‘reverse’ racism, it is just racism.

But there’s more here.  The claim that the children in question are not as smart as their parents thought is a trickier thing to catch.  Unless you read what Progressives have written about racism and education, and you have paid close attention to their public speaking engagements, you may not realize this is actually a racist comment, as well.  In fact, this one is much more sinister.  In truth, Common Core does ‘dumb down’ the curriculum – and on a national level.  And part of the reason for this is to ‘equalize’ the educational outcomes for minorities.  In short, this is one of the ways Progressives have sought to ‘get back’ at whites: by making it easier for blacks to match the test scores of whites.  This way – according to the way Progressives think – blacks can then get more of the other benefits that have traditionally gone along with higher education.  This includes more access to higher education.

That this is part of the grand scheme is evidenced in Obama’s radio interview about the Constitution and ‘reparations’ from 2001:

As well as giving the government total control over every aspect of our lives, Obamacare is  massive wealth transfer.  Obama sees Obamacare as one way to make ‘sweeping wealth redistribution,’ exactly as he was discussing in this interview.  Education is another area where the Progressives are seeking to achieve this same goal.  By nationalizing the student loan program and then instituting Common Core, the government will be able to restrict who is allowed to go to college, and this will then be used to control who is allowed to work for the government and the major corporations who are allied with the government.  In short, they are going to control the winners and losers through what is a Fascist system of administration.  This is essentially what Woodrow Wilson argued for, and the Progressives have never surrendered that goal.

So, whether you believe me or not is up to you.  I know that I am wrong about many things, but this is not one of them.  I can say this with certainty because I have been reading what these people have written about this and many other social issues for several years now.  I understand how they think.  This is why I am absolutely certain that the Education Secretary gave us another peek behind the mask and it revealed the racist nature of the Progressive ideology.


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