TRUTH: A Generation Will Have To Pass Away For Things To Get Better

But It Isn’t The Generation Oprah Thinks It Is


This post deals with a very emotionally charged subject, which means many will have a difficult time accepting the Truth of what I have to say.  But I can assure you: I am looking at this issue as a matter of logic and human nature.  If my argument makes some people feel uncomfortable, or even angers them, then I would suggest they address the reflection in the morality mirror before they direct any of their anger at me.  I will never accept blame for stating a Truth that others should be able to see for themselves.  With that said, let’s start with an interview by the racist and race baiter, Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah: Racists Have to Die for Racism to End

OK, let me start by pointing out that Oprah is expressing the very same spirit that she claims to be opposing.  Simply put, she is a racist.  She is also arguing the same line of thinking that led Hitler to exterminate between six and eleven million Jews and other ‘undesirables.’  That same spirit has driven the very political Party to which Oprah has given herself: the Progressive, Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party has been racist since before the Civil War.  It has not changed.  It is still racist, and it is still exterminating black babies through Planned Parenthood.



Next, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for equality – not in outcome of condition, but in opportunity.  He wanted minorities to be treated equally under the law.  He also wanted people to be judged by their character, not the color of their skin.  But Oprah is fighting for the exact opposite.



There were many whites who were lynched along with blacks.  Some figures place it at near 30% of all race-related killings.  Many whites fought alongside Dr. King to push through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  In fact, without whites, the law would not have passed.  Then there is Oprah’s success.  Has she looked at her audiences?  I have, and I do not see a sea of colored faces.  I see a heck of a lot of white people in her audience.  Simply put, this makes Oprah a bigot – period!  That is by definition, which means there is no rational objection to or defense of the accusation.  She is guilty of being exactly what she claims to be opposing.

But being a bigot does not make a person a racist.  What makes them a racist is when they make judgments based strictly on skin color.  So, when she says the only reason white people may oppose Obama and his policies is because he is black, she shows herself to be a racist – period!  Dr. King said that equality is when a person is judged by the content of his character and his ideas.  Well, this is exactly what the majority of Americans are opposing Obama: because he has little to no character and because his policies and ideas are destroying the nation.  That this is true can be seen in the growing number of blacks who are starting to oppose him, but also in the way his white ‘friends’ have also started to turn – especially in the media.


In truth, I think Oprah is afraid of how Obama’s obvious failure and his tyrannical tendencies may damage the image of blacks in this nation.  But, rather than admit Obama is a failure, she clings to her racism.  Even if she does not believe it, saying that the only reason to oppose Obama is because he is black is racism.  It is based strictly on his skin color and the skin color of the people opposing him.  But it is more than this.  Her anger is directed at whites.  That is actually more proof of her racism.  If it weren’t, she would be attacking the 47%+ of Hispanics and 15% of blacks who oppose Obama, as well:



Here is the Truth.  Oprah is a bigot: she hates whites.  She is a racist: she judges people on their skin color, and assumes they cannot hold an opinion about Obama or his policies that is not connected to his skin color.  Oprah is the proof that this nation is not what she claims.  If it were, she would never have gotten successful.  Oprah is a self-hater.  She is ashamed of being black.  This is why she tells other blacks they cannot make it without help, and that it is because whites have kept them down.  Again, if this were true, Oprah would not be who she is.  The truth is, like all rich elite, she just doesn’t want anyone else to succeed and take some of her pie.  By telling other blacks they have been exploited and cannot copy her success without help, she is saying blacks are not as good as others – not even herself. Demanding government policies to ‘make things equal” is part of this racism.  It is also peddling a perpetual culture of victimhood.  It is based in the idea that people cannot succeed simply because of skin color.  Once again, Oprah, Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, Clarence Thomas, Holder, OBAMA – they all prove that Oprah is lying.   Finally, Oprah is a race-baiter.  She is using accusations of racism as a weapon to bludgeon her political opposition.  In fact, if she is not opposed, herself, her accusations could be sued to justify yet another Progressive atrocity.

However, Oprah is correct about her claim that a generation will have to pass before we will have any hope of affecting real change.  It’s just that the Southern Whites are not the generation that needs to pass, it is her generation is the one that has to pass away before things will get better.  The self-haters; the victimhood perpetuators; the race-baiters; the reverse bigots; the people who have made it and do not want others to follow – they all have to pass away before we will be able to make real changes.  The problem is, as long as their tactics work, they will not pass away.  On the contrary; they will get stronger.  If we take Oprah at her word and follow it to its logical extension, what she is saying is that the only solution is a Black-Led Apartheid: a society where the black minority oppresses the white minority.  Once again, Oprah’s hatred shows through.  She wants revenge, not solutions – and she is not alone.  Obama is just like her, and he has surrounded himself with people who think just like her.  The sad truth is, without this issue of race, none of these people would be where they are.  We wouldn’t even know their names.  So, until they are gone, we will not be able to move past the issue of race.

Now, I anticipate that I will be accused of being a racist.  I don’t care.  I know I am not, and so does the Lord.  This is what we have to start doing.  When we are wrongly accused of being a racist, we must keep standing up for what is right.  We cannot let them silence us because we are afraid of a false accusation.  If we know we are not guilty, then act like an innocent person.  Shame them.  Turn the tables on them.  Point out that they are the bigot, the race-baiter, the one peddling victimhood and the true racist.  Until we do this, they will grow stronger.  But once we start doing this, then we can start their generation passing away.  You see, unlike these people, we do not want to harm them.  We just want to show their ideas for what they are.  When we start doing that, when we start to refuse to sit down and shut up, they will start to fade away on their own.  The Light will always shines through the darkness.

[NOTE: I am in no way excusing white bigots.  They exist and they are just as wrong as any other bigot.  But this nation is not racist toward blacks.  By definition, racist requires government institutionalization.  Since most government programs have been geared to favor minorities and are prejudicial toward whites, that means the nation is racist against whites.  Again, this is by definition.  That means you cannot rationally argue against this point.  This is also why blacks are always arguing that the racism is subtle, hidden, underground: because they know there is no evidence for institutionalized white on black racism, but they most definitely have instituted government sanctioned black on white racism.  They also know they have used race to seize and maintain their power.  This is the point I want readers to understand.]


Is this man a racist?


5 thoughts on “TRUTH: A Generation Will Have To Pass Away For Things To Get Better

  1. Missed this. Wish you would double post, pal Joey.

    Would you believe I’ve only seen clips of the Oprah. My sisters wanted me to watch her show when it first aired, but I thought it similar to all of these other silly daytime talk shows. I will say that I was disappointed that she officially endorsed a candidate. So tacky… Sean Penn Hollywood. Gah! You’d think actors and talk-show hosts also got degrees in political science!
    I recall reading an article that stated Oprah was actually to be named after the Biblical woman, Orpah. Don’t know, but Orpah’s an interesting character…..

    1. Kells,

      You need to add the OYL to your routine. You will not always have me on the RNL. As my time shrinks, I will have less and less for blogging, and that means I will not post nearly as often on the RNL. Not a mark against the boss or the RNL, just responsibilities getting in the way and forcing me to make choices… 😦

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