SOCIAL ENGINEERING: More Thought Control In Your TV Shows

There is a new TV show out called ‘Almost Human.’  It’s a futuristic sci-fi show about the police working with robots to fight crime.  Now, I am going to admit it now: I like the show.  However, just as I have pointed out how NCIS has been used to undermine support for the Constitution and rule of law, Almost Human is being used to alter the way you think about machines and the police.

If you watch the show, you will notice how the DRN – the main characters robot partner – is humanized as much as possible without being forced to give up the farce that he is supposed to be a robot.  The people pushing advanced robot technology and artificial intelligence have been arguing that their creations will soon achieve consciousness; that they will even assert that they have rights.  This is never going to happen, but that is a different post.  The issue here is that these TV shows are meant to condition you so you will be pre-disposed to accept the argument that these artificially intelligent machines are our equals.

The next warning in this TV show is the way the police are portrayed.  They are no longer ‘Para-military,’ they are out-right militaristic.  Now, this is justified by the ‘crime syndicates’ in this futuristic world making it necessary that the police be armed as well as soldiers, but the net effect is to desensitize us to the ever increasing militarization of our current law enforcement agencies.  For now, we do not have crime syndicates justifying this arming of the police.  Instead, we have ‘terrorists.’  Either way, the design is the same: to condition you and I to get used to and accept a police state in which machines will be used to help control the people.

One last observation: this show is on the ‘conservative-associated’ FOX network.  I do not believe in coincidences – not anymore.


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