PC WATER TORTURE: Just Another Example Of Who They Really Are

This is just a short post to bring you yet another story that illustrates that the people who claim they are trying to protect us are actually the very people from whom we need to be protected:

Gun Control Supporter Caught on Video Threatening to ‘Kill’ Colorado Recall Activists…With a Gun

There are none so dangerous as those who claim to be protecting you.  More often than not, what they really want to do is control you.


7 thoughts on “PC WATER TORTURE: Just Another Example Of Who They Really Are

    1. Mike,

      I understand, but then, I also understand that this is how they end up being allowed to commit their atrocities: because no one takes them seriously until it is too late.

      It may only be me, and I still plan to live my life, but I also chose to take them seriously and to live my life accordingly. Just in case… 😉

  1. This guy looked like he could barely part his hair, but you never know.
    I doubt a gunaphobe (has a gun) therfore could go home to get his gun(right) and come back and kill the pro-gun folks. Either an unarmed liar or a lunatic.
    It’s not these guys, it’s the quiet ones.

    1. Mike,

      Many who have gone on mass shooting sprees in this nation bragged about it openly for weeks before they did it….

      Just sayin’ Still, I agree: the quiet ones are more dangerous.

  2. It’s not the Punk. It’s the Mob they incite. His actions and words are just a window into their thinking, and in the worst case their plans.

    For Instance. Authorized by ObamaCare is the “Ready Reserve CorpS” for use by the Executive. Look it up. Louie Gohmert R- of Texas has been asking questions about it. This puke represents those “Silent Ones” en masse awaiting Official Sanction.

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