URGENT: Imminent Threat To PHYSICAL Survival Of U.S.

You need to read this post – all of it!  The Blaze TV produces an investigative show called “For the Record,” hosted by a former FOX News host/anchor.  This show is what 60 Minutes used to be, back when it was a real investigative show that actually broke and told the whole story and just the story – without the political editorials woven into the show.  The latest For the Record was about a very real threat to this nation with which I happen to be more than casually acquainted.  I actually started my education on this subject when I was in the 11th grade, when I read a Congressional report, “The Effects of Nuclear War.”  We are talking about an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon, and the overwhelming evidence that both Iran and North Korea – with the covert help of Russia – have been working to develop such a weapon that could and is intended to be used against the United States.  Here’s the story:

‘For the Record’ Explores the Weapon That Could Shut Down America

What kind of weapon could wipe out food and medicine distribution, force America into a slumber for decades, make planes fall from the sky, permanently shut down the U.S. electrical grid, sever communications systems and lead to the deaths of millions?

This threat is not science fiction.  It is real.  It is imminent and, if this nation does not start preparing to defend against it, it will happen.  We could defend ourselves for approximately $500 Million (this is less than the annual waste in the Federal budget).  We are not doing anything to prepare for this threat.  If we are attacked with an EMP Weapon, and the attack is successful, it could result in between 50-80% of all Americans dying within the first 12 months after the attack.

Here are some additional links for those who want to know more about this subject (please note the sources I cited.  I could have gone to the technical reports available on line, but chose to use reputable ‘main stream media’ sources instead).  Please spread the word about this.  We need to raise public awareness about this problem and start pushing Congress to actually do something that is within its Constitutional mandate and take steps to defend against what will otherwise be nothing but a matter of time.

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Iranian Nuke Attack on US Easy as EMP?

Nuclear Weapon EMP Effects

It works! Computers fried by EMP-like blast

‘How-To’ For EMP Weapon Stunningly Accessible


12 thoughts on “URGENT: Imminent Threat To PHYSICAL Survival Of U.S.

  1. The mainstream media is about a week or two behind the curve. This was discussed at difficult lengths on various blog sites. The missiles are readily available and easy to obtain. The firing platforms can be set up on freighters. The nuclear warheads use materials their reactors make. The outage of the power grid if attacked by a nuclear weapon EMP, would be 70% (minimum) of power in the US going down, and an estimated three years to put everything back to the way it was prior to the EMP. This is a problem since operations are no longer analog and now are computer controlled.

    1. Brittius,

      Not to sound as though I am defending anyone, but I doubt most would consider The Blaze to be “main stream.” However, since it is one of Beck’s media divisions, I would point out that Beck was talking about the threat of an EMP more than a year ago. I have known about it since the early 1980’s, and was aware that North Korea and Iran have been working toward being able to deliver such a weapon for more than 3 years. But I am also aware that China has probably already orbited such a device that could be detonated over the U.S. from orbit — which would be DEVASTATING to our electrical grid and electronic devices.

      I am most worried about the Chinese threat as, if it is what authorities suspect, the Chinese would likely detonate after first initiating a computer attack designed to first cause massive confusion in our energy and municipal systems. If they had already disrupted our society and caused general confusion, then hit us with an EMP, it would effectively eliminate this nation with one device, and without causing radioactive fallout of physical damage to our property. All they would have to do is wait 6 months and occupy what would largely be a vacant nation.

  2. You were aware of an EMP in the 1980s?? That was futuristic as controls were analog.
    US intelligence sources say that on two test runs, the mock-terrorists got through and successfully deliver the EMP payload. Not a happy scenario.
    At the moment, NK is the major suspect if anything is undertaken but, there would be support necessary from other nations involved.
    Absolutely nothing of anything remotely connected to this has ever been discussed on police levels, when I was a cop, or, at local Town Hall levels when I was with Civil Defense. I had brought up a communications and messenger/courier plans in the event of hurricanes knocking out power but, Town Hall openly said it had no interest because they feel the police and the County would have the headaches.

    1. Brittius,

      Sorry, no. Analog can and is also vulnerable to EMP. ANYTHING electric is. Look up the effects of the electro-magnetic solar storm on the early electric/telegraph system in the 1800’s. It fried the system and even started fires as it came through the wiring. Bad sun storms used to cause trouble before we went digital. most of us just don’t remember.

      This is mentioned in the 1979 report I linked to in my post. It is also why, in the 1970’s, they were not sure that the follow-on warheads would actually detonate. They had not yet learned to shield the circuitry from the known effects of EMP. It is also why you can find those pictures of the B-52 on a giant wooden platform from the 1970’s — they were testing its resistance to EMP. SO yes, I knew about it a long time ago 🙂

      Now, since we are on the subject: Have you heard that they suspect there are AT LEAST 2 and possibly as many as 7 nuclear devices ALREADY INSIDE THE U.S.?

      1. Nothing conclusive on any device in America. It is speculation and remains unsubstantiated. Concerns are that Syrian chemical weapon components were recovered at the southern border and being kept under wraps while investigated. Alleged to have connections to al-Qaeda rebel factions and not clear if that is hearsay or if, actual bodies have been arrested and detained (Nevada Dreamland). It would be extreme negligence if founded and nothing done to secure border but, effort would require realistically at least four US divisions or equal in manpower plus, marine security and US lacks the cutters to and patrol boats. A plan that was in fact thwarted involved (in 2010) where drug dealers wanted to fill an aircraft (general aviation fixed wing) fly nape of the earth, then bail out, and on auto pilot until crashes or runs out of fuel and recover narcotics. Similar has been said of arming with nuclear dirty device, but nothing further said on the subject. I brought up a route for NK freighter scenario and the response I received was silence. That, I don’t know if I should repeat. Very unsettling.
        I never considered wiring to fry. I thought in terms of control apparatus.

        1. Brittius,

          I understand. We tend to think in terms of the part of the whole system in which we work. Most cars would be effected and would not run. Electric plants would go down. It could kill many capacitors (over load them) and other non-digital items such as cathode ray tubes, vacuum tubes and even the filament light bulbs (depending on strength of EMP). There are actually weapons designed to knock down incoming cruise misses using this principle (it literally melts the circuitry in their electronics).

          As for the evidence for nukes already being in the U.S.: go to YouTube and type San Diego customs nuclear device inside U.S. and see if the local TV story is still up. You could also go to Amazon and search for the book that’s out there using the same criteria. It is ALL public knowledge, it’s just kept quiet — and you know why. So you really aren’t telling the “first string” anything it doesn’t already know. The only threat in our current conversation comes from the wack-job in his mother’s basement who doesn’t know enough to do anything without a Google search. Otherwise, there was an episode of NCIS that explained exactly how to make a dirty nuke and where to get the materials. So, honestly, we’re good :-/

  3. Joe,

    We have Obama and he is more of a threat to destroy the country than an EMP attack.

    I assume, if any one of the countries capable of such attack, succeeded our submarine based nuclear armed missiles could provide a much more devastating response.

    1. chhelo,

      So you think Obama would actually nuke his Muslim allies in the Middle East? Don’t you think he is too afraid of what the Muslim Brotherhood would do to him if he did that? And no, I am not making a joke.

  4. If you haven’t already, read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. It’s a fiction novel about an EMP attack on the US and how it effects one North Carolina town. The book has a forward by Newt Gingrich.

    Forstchen has a PHD in military history and the history of technology. He has also co-authored a book with Gingrich, “Pearl Harbor.”

    1. Mr. G,

      I read it. I sure wish I could say he was a bit pessimistic in that book but — sadly — I think he was pretty much on target. HOWEVER, an EMP will not take out “everything.” It only effects that with a line of sight to the detonation. So many items will be shielded by the terrain. Still, panic and stupidity will do the rest.

  5. The US would likely set off its own EMPs Plural over Iran and China and maybe Russia…..or the US taking out Iran ans China would serve to give pause to Russia.

    At that point Obama would not be a serious issue, in other words some would set the ball rolling outside of his command.

    On the other hand all this recent talk about firing two senoir Nuk officers could be Obama trying to clear the Deck so to speak of those who WOULD act.

    1. Don,

      I think what we are seeing with regard to the military is an attempt to remove anyone from leadership who might oppose Obama should he declare “emergency powers.” Control of the military is the last step before a take-over…

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