TRUTH: FOX Proves Racism; Asks For African Music During Obama Segment

Also Reveals The REAL Reason They Fear Liberals/Progressives

The story is true, only, it wasn’t FOX News that did this, and it wasn’t about Obama.  It was CNBC and the story was about Ted Cruz.  Now, here’s the point: if you believed it about FOX News, but now that you know the truth but you no longer think this is clear evidence of racism, then congratulations, you are not only a racist, yourself, you have just demonstrated to the rest of us how the German people were so easily taught to hate the Jews in the 1930’s.  So, how long before you start calling to put conservatives in concentration camps…or gas chambers?

CNBC Host’s Stunning Slam on Ted Cruz: ‘Can We Get Some…Mexican Music, Maybe?’

CNBC’s Steve Liesman made an offhand crack Tuesday about freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and “Mexican music” that has some saying he went too far.

First, this is a statement about how utterly ignorant the anchors on CNBC are.  Ted Cruz is Cuban, not Mexican.  So, if you watch CNBC for news or ‘intelligent’ commentary, you might want to consider that the people delivering the message for this network are not so smart (or they are intentionally lying to you).

Second, had this been FOX News and the anchor had been talking about Obama and asked for African music, not only would that person have been fired, it is likely that Washington would be looking to remove FOX News from broadcasting.  They would be calling the network racist, not the anchor – and they would have a solid argument, because the management couldn’t claim they were unaware of the racist tendencies of their anchor.  But, because this is CNBC and they are supporters of the Left – acting here to further the Leftist agenda – nothing will happen to them.  But this story speaks volumes as to the truth about who these people are and what they represent.  At best, a children’s playground taunt comes to mind: “I’m rubber, you’re glue: whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks on to you.”  Only, in this case, it should sound like this: “We’re liars, you’re not: Whatever we say about you is true about us and not about you.”

Last, there is an open admission in this story.  Christ Mathews tells us exactly why everyone is really attacking Ted Cruz and Senator Lee: because they are the most serious threat to the Progressive movement to come along since Reagan – if not longer.  This also admits, indirectly, that the two Parties truly are one.  If this were not the case, then why is the Republican Party trying to destroy its own members along with the Progressive Left?

Remember: Matthews has praised Saul Alinsky as his hero and a hero of all those 60’s radicals who are now in charge of our social and government institutions.  And Alinsky said the way to destroy your enemies is not to win on the merits of your case, but to totally destroy their character.  And Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer — Satan, the Devil.  And people wonder why I call these people evil???  It’s because they have openly declared their allegiance to the epitome of evil, that’s why!

[NOTE: When an organization that is asserted to be ‘news media’ openly campaigns for the State — as CNBC has been doing — it is defined as Propaganda.  Until Obama got into office, this would have been illegal in this nation.  But, thanks to Obama and Congress, propaganda is legal again.]


4 thoughts on “TRUTH: FOX Proves Racism; Asks For African Music During Obama Segment

  1. I refuse to watch anything on MSNBC and CNN because of the favoritism towards Comrade OBama. They both praise him like he is the savior of this nation even when he is caught in a lie. They remind me of those kind of parents that are in denial whenever their child does wrong. But when something happens everyone else is guilty. Just like Obama, if he is wrong the right is out to get him.

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