AGENDAS: Nothing Has Changed Since The Dawn Of Man

I have tried to explain to people that history repeats because the nature of man does not change.  A friend of mine who has been reading my work is fond of telling me that people do not read anymore.  If I want to make my point, I need to do it in pictures or video.  I’d like to think those who read my posts are different, that they care enough to read.  But, just in case – and to humor him — I found a couple pictures that illustrate this point and thought I would share them with you:

 First, think of what is happening in our society this very moment.  Now, read what was being said as Rome was collapsing into tyranny:



Now do you understand why knowing history is so important?  It’s not that knowing history will allow us to stop anything – though it might – but that it teaches us the sign so that we can tell there is a storm coming in time to take shelter.

People, look at this nation, the world: the storm is already here!


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