TRUTH: America WAS FOUNDED As A Christian Nation


This will take you two minutes to watch, and it will explain what is meant by “This is a Christian Nation,” then demonstrate that it is true by taking you for a quick walk around Washington D.C.

Stoplight: A Walk for the President

Now that you’ve watched the video, you need a quick history lesson.  Do you know who directed our leaders to put these things in our architecture or why he did it?  It was Thomas Jefferson, and he said to do it so it would be harder for future tyrants to remove the truth of our history.

Now I ask you, do you think Jefferson might have been looking forward to today?

HISTORIC REVISIONISM: President Attempts To Re-Make Our Founders

HISTORIC REVISIONISM: Evil Deceives By Re-Writing History

Yes, it’s true: our founders were flawed men.  However, they were infinitely wiser than anyone who have leading us today.  Now, if a people get the leaders they deserve, what does that say about our society as compared to that of our founders?  And what should that teach us about our belief that we are somehow better because they didn’t succeed in ending slavery — as they tried to do?  And do you think that this might also speak to which generation was actually smarter: theirs, or ours?


2 thoughts on “TRUTH: America WAS FOUNDED As A Christian Nation

  1. Does one believe they are evil or just ignorant? I believe they are lead by evil while they think they are being “good citizens” Many are useful idiots and some know exactly what they are doing.

    There is no more room for comprimise!

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