TRUTH: We All Hear The Voice Of Truth, But Few Recognize It

How The ‘Revelations’ Among Obamacare Supporters Illustrate This Point

One of the main objections I encounter from those who reject faith is that a loving God would not throw people into a lake of fire.  Sadly, I can never get those people to understand God doesn’t throw anyone into the lake of fire; they throw themselves into it.  God gave us free will and then told us what His rules are and warned us of the consequences for breaking them will be.  Therefore, if we break those rules, then we have invited those consequences.  The same applies to violating the natural order of this universe: if we are told the truth about what will come from denying natural law, then we have no one to blame for the inevitable consequences but ourselves.  The reaction from those who once supported Obamacare is a clear example of how people simply do not recognize truth when they hear it.

When God created man, He gave us free will.  But because He loved each of us, He took great pains to warn us of the laws that govern this world and the next.  We can find them in Scripture, but Scripture also tells us they are found in the heavens and in reason.  In the book of Job, Job is able to deduce that God would have to provide an ‘interceder’ to save man because man cannot save himself.  Furthermore, Job concluded that, because God is love, if an ‘interceder’ is necessary to save man, God would provide one.  This is Christ, and Job gets it all from nothing more than looking up and applying reason to this world.  The book of Romans repeats this message, and Cicero affirmed it yet again – totally without any knowledge of the Judea/Christian ethic.  Even our founders said that this universal moral law is written in the hearts of men.  They called it our conscience.  So man is constantly presented with the Truth about God’s existence, His nature and the consequences of defying His law.  But, because God is love, He has the strength to allow us our free will; He allows us to make our own choices.  It’s just that – for far too many – that choice is the path to hell and not God.

The same is true about so many things in our life.  When the Progressives advanced individual income tax in this nation, they promised it would apply only to the rich and that it would never go above 7.5%.  Those who understood the Truth tried to warn this nation that this was a lie.  Our founders tried to warn us that this is a lie.  But the nation accepted the lie and, within a few years, personal income taxes had been extended to cover nearly everyone and were approaching 90%+.  Eventually, they would reach 100% above a certain level.  The same happened with Social Security and with welfare programs.  The same applies to economics.  Those who know the natural laws of this universe and who understand how the universe works have always tried to warn those who insist on rejecting those laws, rejecting God.  And so, every time they chose their own path, the Truth of these laws – eventually – catches up and the people suffer for their choices.  This is because too few recognize the truth when they hear it.

Now, consider this story:

Obamacare Supporter: ‘Of Course I Want People to Have Health Care, I Just Didn’t Realize I Would Be the One Who Was Going to Pay for It Personally’

This story confirms the Truth in the warnings that people tried to give about the lie of “affordable health care,” as well as the Truth about those who want to do good with other peoples’ money.  The people in this story admit they heard those warnings, but they did not recognize them as truth.  They chose their own judgment, instead.  Now they are paying for it and ‘hoping’ things will correct in the future.  Once again, they refuse to acknowledge the Truth.  Things will not get better.  They will only get worse.  This is the Truth about how tyranny operates: it never gets better unless it is defeated and vanquished.

There is a lesson for us here.  If you reject Natural Law and chose socialism, then you will suffer the same fate that every socialist society suffers.  It never lasts more than 70-something years – because it can’t.  Similarly, if you reject God, you will suffer the consequences for that action, as well.  The trick is to take a serious look at your life and the choices you have made and compare them to what has actually happened.  Don’t try to rationalize things; just ask yourself whether or not the things you were warned would happen if you took a certain action did or didn’t happen.  If you have been on the wrong side of those decisions more often than not, you should question whether or not you hear the voice of Truth.  And if you don’t, you might want to consider a sincere search for God, because one of His Truths is, if you seek Him – really seek Him – you will find Him.  He promised this, and He keeps His promises…because He loves you.



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