AGENDAS: Treason Within The Leadership Of The Republican Party

Mitch McConnel l Reportedly Tells TEA Party Members They Are Traitors – To The Republican Party

In the first hour of his radio program today, October 8, 2013, Glenn Beck reported that he was told, by a Senator who was present and is not aligned with Beck politically, that the Republicans in the Senate were called to a private meeting where they were told that – if they took money from Freedom Works or the Senate Conservative Committee – they were enemies: both to the Party and to certain Senators, personally.  Ted Cruz was apparently the focus of this attack by the Republican Party leadership.  Make no mistake, if this story is true, it represents treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people by the Republican Party leadership!  Here is the story:

Glenn Beck Set to Reveal Name of Republican Senator Who Allegedly Called FreedomWorks Supporters ‘Traitors’

Glenn Beck told his audience on Monday that the following morning on his radio program, he will reveal the name of a Republican lawmaker who said anyone who stands with FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund is a “traitor” to the Senate.

The Senate is supposed to support and defend the Constitution first and foremost.  To place Party before country is the definition of treason.  To place self before the people is treason.  The Republican Party leadership has not moved against Obama’s treason because they share in his guilt.  The Republican Party is not pushing hearings on Benghazi, or real investigation of the NSA and IRS scandals because they want access to the power of these agencies, themselves.  They want to be able to use that same power against their enemies.

This is corruption of the kind we used to think belonged only in Fascist Communist nations – and we were right!  This is the spirit of “Party uber alles” (Party over all).  This is the sort of thing that does not happen in a free and self-governing society, and yet, it is happening in our government.  So, what does this tell us?  It clearly testifies that our government has morphed into something akin to those Fascist and/or Communist nations!

So, what do we do?

First, do not give any more money to the Republican Party or to Republican Party candidates.  If you think you are bypassing GOP control by donating to the candidate, you are not: you are still directly funding the GOP!  The way things work, the GOP candidates have to give a set amount of money to the Party before they can get money back – or even use the money they have raised.  This is part of the control system the Party uses to control its candidates.  So, if you are a Patriot, you must stop giving money – in any form – to the GOP or GOP candidates.

Instead, give to TEA Party groups.  Look into Freedomworks and the Senate Conservatives group.  If you find an organization with a Constitutionally-oriented or libertarian-minded agenda, and the Republican Party is against it, then it is a good sign that it is in the best interest of the nation.  Put your support behind that group.  But – whatever you do – start to actively defund the GOP.  And never, ever vote for a GOP candidate who is not supported by these other organizations.  If this means you need to vote 3rd Party, vote for the Libertarian or, if nothing else, write in a name.

Don’t worry about losing to the Democrats.  With the GOP being run by traitors, we lose whether the D’s or R’s win.  It’s time to start fighting for liberty again.


Here’s the Republican Senator Who Allegedly Insinuated FreedomWorks Supporters Are Traitors in Ruthless Closed-Door Meeting


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