DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Raising The Debt Ceiling Does Not Increase Debt

This may not make me popular with those who read it, but I am going to explain this anyway — because it is a perfect illustration of how Progressives use language to deceive people. 

Obama is correct: raising the debt ceiling — in and of itself — does not actually increase the national debt.  Think of this in terms of your credit card.  If I raise your credit limit, I have raised your debt ceiling.  But, if you do not use your credit card to make any additional purchases, then you have increased your debt ceiling without increasing your actual debt.

However, this does not excuse Obama.  He is still being disingenuous.  He has every intention of increasing the national debt once he gets the debt ceiling raised, but — for now, and in his mind — he is telling the truth.  It will not be a lie until after he gets the debt ceiling raised, and even then, it will — in his mind — still be true because it was true at the time he said it.  The deception comes in when he tells us we need to pay our bills.

By mentioning these previous commitments that need to be paid, Obama is clearly telling us he has every intention of increasing the national debt.  That means — while he is technically telling the truth about raising the debt ceiling not increasing the national debt — he is doing so with the intent to deceive.

The point here, the reason for this post, is to demonstrate how — in their minds — Progressives can say things we all know to be lies or — at best — disingenuous and yet, they still believe their own words.  They do so by using strict, narrow meanings for the words they speak and confining them to a fixed point in time.  In this case, Obama is technically telling a truth about the debt ceiling not increasing debt, but it only applies for the moment, before the debt limit is raised.  Once that happens, Obama’s words will become a lie, but — in his mind — they will remain true because — in his mind — they stay fixed and operable only in that point in time in which he said them.  Once he achieves his goal, his words stay in that point in the past and their consequence going forward is ignored because — in his mind — they never happened.

This is how language is manipulated by Progressives, and it is always done with the intent to deceive.

[NOTE: the connection to the media is clear.  If the media were not part of this plan to deceive, they would explain the same thing I just did, only they would explain it to the American people.  But the media does its best to prevent such an explanation from getting out because, if it did, their tricks would be exposed and much of their agenda along with it.  That would spell the end to their political ambitions and they all know it.  Instead, the media helps their partners in education and government by keeping the truth from the people and making excuses and/or attacking the people who try to make the truth known.]


5 thoughts on “DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Raising The Debt Ceiling Does Not Increase Debt

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that most of the media is a willing conspirator in this gradual destruction of American Exceptionalism.

    They have been guilty for many years of intentional lies and
    Disinformation. Their plan has been to aid and abett the enemy of America.

    What they don’t realize is, at some point, they won’t be needed either.

    The insurgents are running the asylum.Check history- their plan has never worked.

  2. I don’t know if this is worth writing,since only one comment from your post,
    on the same day this was posted.I am a little above average intelligence.
    But also an average Joe.I have to claim ignorance on many political issues.
    Ignorance = unlearned,Definitely not stupid.My question is how many times
    in the last, say 40-50.years,has congress not approved raising the debt limit.Sincerely trying to find out today.
    And what about, “By mentioning these previous commitments that need to be paid,”. Aren’t you talking about last years budget,And the issue is
    the 2014 budget.
    “As for Obama telling the truth but”…getting a raise in your debt ceiling
    doesn’t mean your going to meet that debt ceiling. How can you say he would be disingenuous,and has every intention of increasing the national debt.Every household wants a cushion to fall back on.I would want my government in case of unforeseen events to have that cushion
    By the way, would you talk like you write to your neighbors,friends,
    fishing buddies.If not, don’t do it for the public.It comes off phony.

    1. Someone,

      I’m not sure how to tell you this, but yes, I talk this way to my closest friends. Ask Kells Bells: it drives her crazy 🙂

      As for why I can state with certainty that Obama has every intention of increasing the debt, I have the past to guide me. Obama lies — period. I go by what he does, not what he says. By that standard, we can be as sure that he intends to increase the debt as we are the sun will shine tomorrow.

      For the same reason, we can be sure that the Congress will eventually give in and things will keep getting worse. Neither side cares to actually fix the problem because both sides have invested too much time and effort in creating it. And yes, I am stating that our economic problems have been intentionally created.

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