SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Undermining Religion And faith

Many people who know about the Progressive movement in America do not know that it has always targeted religion.  Progressives have infiltrated our government, education system, press outlets and entertainment media – all for the expressed purpose of affecting their social changes from within these institutions.  They have done the same with the Church, and this story is a clear example of how effective they have been:

‘Might Be Greatest Man Alive’: These Catholics — and a Few Celebrities — Gush Over Pope Francis’ Remarks on Homosexuality, Abortion

TheBlaze reported that Francis’ remarks aren’t what some social conservatives want to hear, but these worshipers applauded what they heard as a message of inclusion from the man who assumed the papacy just six months ago.

First, notice the ‘word games’ in this story.  The people referred to as ‘social conservatives’ are really just believers trying to follow the actual teachings of their faith – nothing more.  However, by using the term ‘social conservatives,’ these people are subtly painted in a bad light, because the term elicits a negative response in our society as a result of a decades-long, Progressive campaign to create such a response to the term.  It is indoctrination and propaganda all rolled into one.

But then there is what the Pope has said, itself.  The man is clearly breaking from Scripture.  Scripture is assumed to be the word of God.  To break with what it teaches is to remove God from His thrown and replace Him with man.  This is precisely what the Progressive movement is all about.  Thus, the Pope is doing Satan’s work.  The net result: those people who are trying to obey God and keep to His commandments are further weakened, this time by the work of their spiritual leaders.  And the weaker the Church becomes, the more corrupt and immoral the people become, and the more susceptible to tyranny.

And this is why the Progressive movement has been active inside the Church: to erode our faith and replace it with the man and the State.  And, yes, I am saying the Pope is part of the attack on God: and as long as he is telling the faithful to ignore God’s word, he will remain an enemy of God.


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