SOCIAL ENGINEERING: The Ties Between Media, Government And The Destruction Of Our Constitution

The following is a post from our sister blog page, The Road to Concord.  It details a clear example of how our society is being deceived into abandoning the principles of individual rights and liberty for the chains of slavery.  When you read it, note that the story in this post is about yet another media member going to work for government.  This is another indication of the ties between education, media and government, and illustrates how the people in them have been working together to change our society’s understanding of rights and liberty.  The purpose is clear: to convince us — through deliberate deception — to sell ourselves into slavery at what we think will be the expense of others.

A System of Oaths – Based in a Sincere Belief in a Creator – are Essential to the preservation of Liberty

The following story illustrates the erosion in our society’s understanding of the difference between Natural and Human Rights:

This Obama Nominee Questioned If the Constitution Even Matters

“We can pat ourselves on the back about the past 223 years, but we cannot let the Constitution become an obstacle to the U.S.’s moving into the future with a sensible health care system, a globalized economy, an evolving sense of civil and political rights,” Stengel wrote.

Stengel went on to write, “The Constitution does not protect our spirit of liberty; our spirit of liberty protects the Constitution. The Constitution serves the nation; the nation does not serve the Constitution.”

I wish I could write that I believe Stengel does not understand the difference between the notion of Natural Rights upon which our Constitution was founded and the notion of Human Rights to which he desires to change our system – but I can’t.  The man does know the difference, and it turns everything he writes about our Constitution into a study on political deception.  Human Rights are not the same as Natural Rights.  The first is a natural enemy of the latter.

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