Pieces Of The Puzzle: Political Correctness

Exposing The Hammer And Shield Behind The Racism Narrative

PREFACE: This is not an easy topic to discuss.  There are many historic and definitional aspects connected to it, not to mention a great deal of emotion.  So it is impossible to discuss this issue in a short essay.  For this reason, I humbly beseech you to stay with this post, as everything I write on this issue in the future will be predicated upon the information presented in this post.  In a real sense, this post is the foundation for the issue of racism and race relations on The OYL.

Racism is real, but we must take great care to understand what we are talking about when we use the term, racism.  In the United States, racism is seldom used to refer to a wide-spread belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities, and that race determines inherent superiority.  Rather, it is most often used as a synonym for prejudice or bigotry.  The primary and crucial difference here is that prejudice and bigotry are an inherent part of human nature and not institutional, whereas racism usually has an institutional or policy aspect attached to it.  But this is a subject for a definitional post and not the focus of this post.  The focus on this post is on the secondary use of race relations in the United States; a use that is seldom acknowledged and often denied in spite of the clear evidence of its reality.  In the United States, racism is used as both a hammer and a shield by which n agenda of social engineering is being forced on society.

At this point, we need to take a short history lesson.  The following video is essential viewing.  If you are not going to take the time to watch it, you might as well stop reading this post – in fact, stop reading this entire blog.  Unless you learn the information presented in this video, you will never be able to understand what is happening in this nation or why.  Nor will you be able to understand and properly consider the argument in the remainder of this post.  However, if you watch this video, it might open your eyes to a piece of history that will suddenly help you make sense of a great deal of what happens in our world today.  You will also be better equipped to understand the central themes running through every post on this blog.  So, please, take the time to watch this video:


 OK, toward the end of this video, the narrator explains that the media willingly participates in creating and defending the ‘narrative,’ the political agenda.  I am now going to expand on the information presented in this video by showing you another example of how it works in our society that will support the video.  Do you remember the Zimmerman/Martin case?  Are you one of those Americans who are now convinced that case was about white racism?  If so, you are among the victims of this racially motivated ‘narrative.’  Zimmerman is Hispanic, and he identifies himself as Hispanic.  Yet, the media invented a new classification of ‘White Hispanic’ so they could paint Zimmerman as a white man.  They then manufactured a falsified story about the audio tape designed to make Zimmerman sound like he was making bigoted comments about Martin.  Do you remember how the media was caught in that lie?  Did you ever hear about the police reports that confirmed Zimmerman’s family’s reports that – not only is he not a racist — but he has helped to mentor and work with black youth?  The facts of this case show that the media intentionally tried to create a white racist out of Zimmerman so they could push their racial narrative.

Now, have you heard about the recent shooting of the Australian baseball player, Chris Lane?  Did you hear the three shooters said they were “just bored?”  Did you know two of them were black, and that the white shooter was the getaway driver and not a shooter?  Did you know the three shooters have something in common with Martin: they were want-to-be gangsters?  Did you know at least one of the shooters had made hateful comments, videos and/or tweets expressing hate toward whites before the shooting?  Did you hear that the media – once again – has falsified the facts to present a misleading story?  In this case, they misreported the facts to try and make it look as though the white kid was the shooter in this case.  Have you heard about any of this?

The Significant Detail District Attorney Claims Media Misreported in Story of Murdered Australian Student Chris Lane

These Are the Three Teens Charged in the Murder of Student Chris Lane ‘For the Fun of It’ (UPDATED)

Revealed: Possible Motive in Senseless ‘for Fun’ Killing of Australian Baseball Star

‘HATE THEM’: Here’s What Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say About ‘White’ People, Guns and Killing on Twitter

There is no evidence that Zimmerman is a racist or that the Martin shooting was racially motivated, yet the media pushed the narrative that both were true.  The President took sides and even sent the DOJ to agitate against Zimmerman.  At that point – the point where the government took a side — real racism entered the story, but it was black-on-white racism, not white-on-black.  However, in the case of the Chris Lane shooting – where there is real evidence of a racial motivation for the shooting – the media is doing everything it can to create the narrative that it was not motivated by race but by ‘boredom.’  Certain members of the media are going so far to protect their narrative as to question why people would be trying to make a racial issue from the Lane shooting:

MSNBC’s Reid: Why is Chris Lane Shooting Being Made ‘Racial’?


Why would reasonable people be upset about the way the media is treating the Lane shooting?  People are upset because the media is trying to push a lie.  But it is not just the way the media reports false information to paint these lies, it is also connected to the stories they refuse to run.  Have you heard anything about this race-related murders?

Another Senseless Murder You’re Not Hearing About — and Some in the Family Wonder If It Could Be a Trayvon Martin Revenge Murder

IN fact, have you heard about the rash of black-on-white murders since the Zimmerman verdict where the murderers have openly stated they were “doing it for Trayvon?”  DO an internet search for it and you’ll find that the media has been suppressing these stories.  Now, have you seen this story?

Homeland Security Employee’s Hate-Filled Website to Prepare Blacks for the ‘Inevitable Clash With the White Race’

The man in this story not only works for DHS, he is connected to the weapons and ammunition procurement program for DHS.  Now, if this story were about a White Supremacist in DHS who was in charge of buying weapons and ammo for DHS, and he was running a web site teaching other Whites how to prepare for the coming race war, do you think you could get away from that story?  If you are honest with yourself, you know it would be everywhere.  All you need as evidence is the way the media tried to connect the Colorado ‘Batman’ shooter to a local TEA Party group, just the way they tried to connect whites and racism to the black TEA Party member in the video at the start of this post.

There is a consistent, coherent pattern here and it demonstrates a clear agenda.  The media is pushing a narrative, a narrative that is allied with a political agenda controlled by people who are in government and our social institutions.  Racism is one of the issues they use to push this agenda because it can be used as a hammer to force this agenda: the hammer of guilt.  But it also contains its own shield.  Anyone who tries to explain what is happening – such as I am doing now – can and will be accused of being a racist.  It is how they shut down the debate and protect their agenda from any attempt to show people the Truth.  Education is another example: they can use guilt to drive the agenda and, if you try to expose that agenda, they can accuse you of being ‘against the children.’  But none of this would be possible with a truly free media because there would be too many competing voices to keep the narrative focused enough to be effective, and this need to focus the narrative leads us to one more thing we need to understand. Another name for a media-sponsored narrative that pushes a political agenda is – propaganda!

Without some form of censorship, propaganda in the strict sense of the word is impossible. In order to conduct propaganda there must be some barrier between the public and the event.

— Walter Lippmann

Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.

— Joseph Goebbels


9 thoughts on “Pieces Of The Puzzle: Political Correctness

  1. As far as race, I’ve read it was two black boys and an Hispanic. I read that Luna was ratted out by the Hispanic boy, and that Luna had never been so mad in his life. 🙄

    I think these punks wanted to get into a gang, and that it had nothing to do with race. I really hope they’re tried as adults. The problem with prison is, they come out worse. Prison life would be a helluva lot different were I the president…… Kells 2016 (cause I got it all over Hillary….and I’m cuter.)

    I’d love for you to do a post about the DHS agent. It’s really pathetic that this is the garbage we’re paying for. Then again, one need only look at the top of the heap to see where the problem lies, right?

    1. Kells,

      Start adding the OYL to your routine. I am dealing with these other stories/issues, I’m just trying to deal with them in a less D/R way, if you know what I mean? 🙂

        1. Kells,

          It is nearly impossible to discuss our political scene without mentioning them, but this doesn’t mean I have to fall into the same old D vs. R trap — especially once you understand that this is what people want us to be doing so we won’t see what is really happening. I started this blog to help people — myself included– to look past the Left/Right, Democrat/Republican trap and to learn how to look for signs of what is happening behind those scenes. I can only hope you’ll appreciate the effort and help me pursue the goal by staying on topic. We have other places where we can chase rabbits 🙂

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