Pieces Of The Puzzle: The Media’s Narrative

Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin, But No Michael Lane And No Chris & Channon

NOTE: This post is about learning to spot the little pieces of the puzzle that make up larger sections of the overall picture.  In order to understand this post, you have to have already read my post, Social Engineering: The Origin, Justification And Control Of Propaganda, about propaganda and how it is used to control the political narrative in the media.  You also have to have read Pieces Of The Puzzle: Political Correctness Exposing The Hammer And Shield Behind The Racism Narrative, which explains how racism is one of the ‘crisis’ points described in my post on propaganda that is used by the media to control their political narrative.  Without both of these posts under your belt, this post will sound like little more than hand-waving conspiracy theory.  However, if you have read both of my previous posts, then the information and direction presented in this post should help the pieces start falling into place for you and, with luck, you will begin to see that stories such as those that follow actually support the arguments in my two earlier posts. 

This post starts with a quick history lesson.  In the 1960’s, the counter-culture movement was trying to bring down the U.S. government.  The idea was simple.  If they could cause enough social unrest through riots, bombings and assassinations, then the people would demand a change, the government would topple and they could replace it with their utopian model.  Basically, this is the same idea the Communists had in Revolutionary Russia, and it didn’t work any better in America than it worked the first time it was tried in Russia.  The problem now is that the leaders of the counter-culture from the 1960’s didn’t go away, and they didn’t change their ideas.  They just changed their tactics.  Now they are in charge of our social institutions, government bureaucracies and even in the White House.  Bill Ayres is among them and he is a close friend of the President’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarred.  So it only stands to reason that they would still be looking for a way to bring about the social unrest they need to justify a government crack down that would then allow them to make the changes they desire.  In other words, they are trying to find or even manufacture a ‘crisis’ that they can exploit, and stirring the pot of racial tension is one of the primary ways they are trying to do this.  Now we are ready to look at how this agenda is reflected in the media’s narrative.

We start with two recent stories of which I will assume you are already aware: Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin.  Paula Dean’s life was destroyed over a comment she made many years ago.  It was made in the heat of the moment after she experienced a particularly traumatic event in her life.  And while the law suit against her would eventually be thrown out, the media still beat the drum of racism against her until her life, career and livelihood were destroyed.

Now enter Trayvon, who – as it would come out in court – had made equally inflammatory racial remarks, some of them directed at Zimmerman shortly before he died (this is in the testimony of Trayvon’s female friend who was on the phone with him shortly before the shooting).  In this case, it would also tunr out that the police had already determined that Zimmerman – an Hispanic, not a white – had no history or racism.  In fact, according to the trial transcripts, Zimmerman had been known to help blacks in his community.  So there was no evidence of racial motivation in this story, yet this is exactly the narrative that the media and even the federal government concocted.  The news media intentionally falsified their reports for the purpose of making Zimmerman appear racist.  The Obama Administration sent the DOJ to agitate on behalf of the Martin family and to push the racial narrative.  President Obama even added to the racial flames with his “If I had a son,…” comment.  On top of this, whereas Dean was destroyed for a statement she made in an emotional moment years ago, nothing was ever said about Martin having done the same thing in reverse.  Instead, he was made to be a martyr when – in fact – he was the aggressor in this case.

Now we have this story:

‘Law & Order’ Is Doing a Trayvon Martin Episode…With a Twist

“Law & Order: SVU” is taking its ripped-from-the-headlines formula up a notch, combining two major news stories in an upcoming episode: the death of Trayvon Martin and the Paula Deen scandal.

When you read the details in this story and you know the facts about both the Dean and Martin case, it becomes apparent that the producers of ‘Law & Order’ are pushing the same false narrative.  Now, this show airs on a public airwaves, which means the network should be held to some sort of standard to give the public some assurance that the airwaves are not being abused.  One would think that this would require the network to be more even-handed in the presentation of the facts.  But if we tried to press them about this, they would claim they are presenting the facts, they are showing no bias, this is art and they have a freedom of speech.  There’s the shield again!  But you won’t see the shield unless you also know about some of the stories the media does not work into popular TV programming:

‘A Story That Has to Be Told’: The Upcoming Documentary You Should Know About on Those Horrific Tennessee Murders…and How It’s So Difficult Two Editors Have Quit

The Significant Detail District Attorney Claims Media Misreported in Story of Murdered Australian Student Chris Lane

Revenge for Trayvon: Elderly man beaten for being white

 In fact, do a search for “Trayvon revenge killings’ and see what you find.  And do not be too quick to dismiss the many blog sources you will find in your results.  There’s a reason you have to go to the blogosphere to find this information: the media will not cover the black-on-white killings because it undermines their narrative and harms their political agenda.  And, when you start reading the stories on those blogs, you will find that many of them link to local news reports that just do not get national coverage.  It doesn’t mean this is not happening or the reports are not real.  It is the media’s narrative that is not real.  They are leaving out ‘the rest of the story.’


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