Historic Revisionism: The Real Reason Democrats Want Blacks ‘On Their Plantation’


Since the start of LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty, the black community has been devastated – and it was by design!  Welfare, as it exists in this nation – is designed to breed dependency.  By demanding that a family cannot receive benefits if there is a man in the house, welfare has destroyed the family.  By limiting the aid given to families who try to work their way out of poverty, welfare has taught people not to work – thus destroying their spirit and dignity.  By paying more for every child in a dependent home, welfare has encouraged those families which were already in need to increase their need by becoming larger.  This, in turn, breeds more dependency, but also more crime – both of which are then seized on as excuses for more dependency and more government control through more laws of ever increasing oppression.  And by claiming that they are the only Party that cares – because they are the only promising to do more of this – the Democrats have convinced blacks and other minorities to support their destructive agenda.  They have deceived the poor and most vulnerable into lifting up the very hand that suppresses them and keeps them down.

Now, I am well aware that there will be many who have bought into the Democrat Party’s lies, and that’s OK.  I have compassion for most of them because that same Party has made sure they and their children would be ignorant, and that their friends in the media will make sure they remain ignorant.  It’s true, all of this is true.  The Democrat Party – and an ever increasing part of the Republican Party, that part lead by Progressive Republicans – see minorities as nothing more than a means to an ends: the way to keep themselves in power.  None of them care about minorities, let alone poverty.  However, it might help if you heard this same message from someone who I might not agree with politically, but who understood the Truth of what I am saying now:

Now, I do not know that I would have used his language, but I understand why he chose to use the language he used.  And I may not have agreed with his belief that we owe an allegiance to our race, but I agree with the message he is trying to explain to his audience.  I may not agree with his proposed solutions, but I agree with him as to what he says the problem is.  I agree with all of this because they are violations of Natural Law.  And because we continue to violate Natural Law, the problems of his day are the same today as they were then.  What’s more — unless we all wake up and understand this Truth and return to Natural Law — these problems will remain this way.

Things will remain this way because they work for those in power, and those in power never change anything until the people force that change.  The key is to have the wisdom of our founders so that we know what to change, how and then possess the character to make those changes and nothing more.  We must have the self-control to stop, so that we do not become that which we opposed.  All of this is found in knowing and understanding Natural Law.

[NOTE: The Progressives in the leadership of the Republican Party use similar tricks to keep the “Conservatives” on their ‘plantation,’ as well.  It’s all about votes to these people.  Well, it used to be: now that they have electronic voting machines, voters are not so important to them anymore — hackers are.]


3 thoughts on “Historic Revisionism: The Real Reason Democrats Want Blacks ‘On Their Plantation’

  1. As Malcolm X described the “black vote” as “a chump” for the Democrats,
    today, so called “conservatives” are “a chump” for the Republicans.

    When is America going to wake up and realize, that in fact, both parties are, as Judge Napolitano described, 2 wings of the same bird of prey?

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