Historic Revisionism: If It Had Not Been For Whites, Blacks Might Still Be Slaves

Learning to Recognize and Understand the Spirit behind an Agenda:

Slavery, Racism and Modern Race Baiting

 Whether people want to admit it or not, good and evil can believe they are working toward the same goal.  In such a case, the only thing that separates them is how they go about achieving those goals.  Therefore, we must learn to recognize and understand these goals and tactics and test them to determine whether they are in keeping with Natural Law.  Once we can do this, we will be better able to determine whether a given agenda works toward good, or evil.  One way that evil works is through revisionism: the altering of fact connected to past events.  This is usually what people do when they want to create a false or misleading account of the past to support an agenda in the present.  To support this false narrative, they re-write historic fact so that it fits or supports their agenda.  However, when we deceive others simply to convince them to agree with or support us, we violate Natural Law.

Natural Law rests on the assumption of free will, but in order to exercise free will, we must be clearly and accurately informed.  Anyone who intentionally seeks to withhold a full and complete accounting of fact, or who substitutes a false or intentionally deceptive accounting of fact has willfully interfered with the ability of their audience to exercise their free will by intentionally altering the information upon which the audience will base their decisions and actions.   Now, I would ask you to note that I have stressed the connection between violations of Natural Law to a willful act by those who know better.  If one ignorant person accidentally or unknowingly misleads another, so long as it wasn’t done with ill will or intent, it is not a violation of Natural Law because there was no intent to infringe upon the free will of others.  But when the act is intentional, or when it is conducted by someone of great prominence who – by virtue of their position – should know better, then it does become a violation of Natural Law.  Thus, historic revision by those who know or should know better represents an intentional deception, which, as a Violation of Natural Law, is evil.  The following story illustrates how historic revision works:

Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Using N-Word, Harboring Ill Will Towards Black Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist

On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker, stars of Oscar-bait The Butler. During the interview, in which Cooper thoughtfully nodded as Winfrey and Whitaker race-baited, Oprah suggested Emmitt Till and Trayvon Martin were equivalent symbols, and that Americans were racist even if they didn’t have ill will toward black people. When Cooper cited polls showing that black Americans were upset about Trayvon Martin and whites thought too much had been made of the case, Oprah sighed, “Oh, I know, I know. That’s why I love the film in light of this discussion is because it brings context to this discussion. I mean, look at the film, beginning with that lynching scene and ending with walking into Obama’s office, look at what has happened in the span of one man’s lifetime.”

Now, I am sure there will be many who read this who will not only object to my claim that this story represents evil, they will be angry with me for having done so.  To them, this will be ‘proof’ that I am racist and, therefore, I am the evil one.  I can only hope that those who feel this way do so because they are ignorant because they have been deceived, because the facts are that blacks are partially responsible for slavery getting started in this nation and, without the efforts and sacrifices of whites, they may have never earned their freedom back.  The facts also show that those whites who fought and died to free black slaves and to establish civil rights for all minorities were not aligned with the Democrat Party, but the Republican Party.  And the facts show that most of what people are taught today concerning the history of slavery and racism is – at best – a lie of omission.  But, in far too many cases, it is a willful lie designed to deceive people.  For example, here is a story that shows that the things Oprah asserts as ‘fact’ are, at best, inaccuracies (which are better known as lies – especially when asserted to further a political agenda as Oprah has done):

Top 5 Inaccuracies in ‘The Butler’

The new political drama Lee Daniels’ The Butler takes its cues from a Washington Post article about a black servant named Eugene Allen who worked in eight presidential administrations.

That part of the story is essentially unchanged. The rest of the film, a movie stuffed with politics, historical re-creations and presidential imitations, is rife with inaccuracies that should be corrected.

Read the 5 inaccuracies…

Here is another:

Glenn Beck Takes Apart Oprah’s ‘Offensive’ Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till Comparison During Heartbreaking Segment

[Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this story because you happen to dislike Beck; listen to what he actually has to say.  You might be surprised to learn he has actually done his homework and that he is not who you have been told he is.]

Now, let’s look at some real history.  Do you know which political Party the KKK supported?  Better question, did you know that the KKK started out lynching Republicans?

KKK’s 1st targets were Republicans

Dems credited with starting group that attacked both blacks, whites

I have only scratched the surface of this issue, and the Oprah connection.  Now, I do not know whether Oprah actually knows she is deceiving people, or if she is ignorant of history and has done so accidentally.  But, as I said, given her stature in society, it doesn’t matter if she is ignorant of history or not.  Her position carries with it a greater responsibility, which creates a duty on her part to make sure she knows the facts before she starts opinion on matters such as this – as I have previously explained.  So, whether she knows the facts or not, she has violated Natural Law because she is working to revise historic fact, and historic revisionism is aligned with the spirit of evil.  This is why we need to know and understand history: so we can learn to recognize the spirit of evil.  When we know and understand history and we hear someone asserting as fact that which we know is not true or did not happen, we know that we are either listening to an ignorant person who we need to try to educate, or we are listening to the spirit of evil speaking through the voice of that person.



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