Towards a pragmatic ethics of climate change

Here is a scientist that appears to me to be seeking truth and attempting to shine the light on those not seeking truth.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

The global climate change debate has gone badly wrong. Many mainstream environmentalists are arguing for the wrong actions and for the wrong reasons, and so long as they continue to do so they put all our futures in jeopardy. – Thomas Wells

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Truth eternal, Yagyu Munenori Illuminates in 1632

Some time ago I stumbled upon one of the writings of Yagyu Munenori (1571-1646) as translated by Thomas Cleary and published by Shambhala Classics here.   When Yagyu Munenori was barely 30 years old,  he became the official shogunke heiho shihan, or Martial Arts Teacher to the Family of the Shoguns.  Munenori completed The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War in 1632. Continue reading “Truth eternal, Yagyu Munenori Illuminates in 1632”

Inevitable results. . . did “America” lose the war? No, “true nature” has been illuminated.

Chamberlain returns with promises of no more aggression. (hosted by the uk dailymail)

Today the statist’s true nature is illuminated, as Hitler’s true nature was illuminated upon commencing Blitzkrieg after signing an agreement with Chamberlain.  Afterwards, not only Churchill, but his nation, understood the reality of their predicament and the actions necessary to ensure Britain’s future:

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Why am I here, or is it, why are “we” here?

I have been asking the question “why?”, all my life.  Of others, of myself, and of


At first I denied “our Creator.”

Then I despised “our Creator.”

I took the words of various “religious leaders” and used them against “our Creator” to prove “our Creator” did not exist… Continue reading “Why am I here, or is it, why are “we” here?”