Why am I here, or is it, why are “we” here?

I have been asking the question “why?”, all my life.  Of others, of myself, and of


At first I denied “our Creator.”

Then I despised “our Creator.”

I took the words of various “religious leaders” and used them against “our Creator” to prove “our Creator” did not exist…

Then, I realized, in order to deny and despise him, HE must exist.  And then?Reluctantly, surprised, but honestly, I acknowledged him.

Decades pass, and as I reflect on life, I know: yes, “our Creator” does exist and if we will merely listen with “eyes wide open”, he helps us all, guiding and helping us through our “trials” of life and spirit… (often without our knowledge)

My good friend, Joe, has invited me to join and contribute to “our” learning and search for truth.   Humbly, I accept.  My contributions will come from all kinds of motivations.  Mostly, simply, as I am able to understand and convey in a language I am comfortable with.

Always though, G-d, honour, principle, right and wrong, with my meager attempts for understanding and wisdom, will lead the way.   Please feel free to question, coerce, chastise or agree, with my essays and posts in the future.

Sincerely & respectfully,

texas (with a small t)


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