Superman’s America Has Been Conquered!



This nation has been conquered!

And the American people cheered while they watched it happened!

I look at what is happening in the United States today and I think:

There was a time when the Truth mattered to Americans.  That time is no more!

Today, we watch our leaders and media lie to us every time they open their lips, but we do not care.  We have learned to accept lies as the new normal.

There was a time when Justice mattered to Americans.  That time is no more!

Today, we watch people we know to be guilty tell us they are innocent, but we do not care.  We have learned to accept corruption as the new normal.

There was a time when this nation understood that ‘The American Way’ meant that you did not begrudge others their success: instead, we worked hard and tried to learn from their example so that we could be successful, as well.  That time is no more!

Today, we see successful people and we automatically assume they stole it, only this time we do care.  This time, we turn to the lying, corrupt politicians and demand that they steal from the rich on our behalf and give to us, the equally corrupt and lazy.

This nation was founded upon the idea that we were the best person to decide what is best for us and our families.  That time is gone!

Today, we are ruled by elites who believe that ‘science’ is the best way to make those decisions, and that they are the best people to administrate over the implementation of those decisions: to make them into policy and then enforce that policy.

There was a time when Americans would have recognized that we are living under the reign of tyrants, and we would have revolted.  That time is gone!

Today, we bow down and lick the hands of our masters while begging them to make the weight of our chains a little lighter.

There was a time when Americans would have fought to the death to be free from all of this.  That time is no more.

Today, we cheer as our new masters are lifted up by the works of our own hands.  For none of these tyrants commands an army.  None have the ability to take power.  Instead, it has been given to them by people who believe in lies just as much as they do, and who are just as corrupt as they are.  Those people are us!  We, the American people, haven’t just surrendered to these tyrants, we begged them to take over and we cheered as they did so — and all for the promise that they would keep the weight of the chains they lay upon us light.

Now, lest we think we are not corrupt, I would remind us all that a moral people would know and understand that they cannot trust a liar, and yet, we insist that “our guys” are telling the truth.  They will keep their word.  It is the “other side” who lies and cannot be trusted.  MADNESS!  How can you see the speck in the other side’s eye for the forest in your own?  This nation has gone mad, I tell you, mad!  It believes in lies, and it curses the Truth!  And yet, it still insists that it can save itself?

I’ll tell you what this nation will get out of the path it is traveling.  It will get the same result as these people got when they did the exact same thing we are doing:


15 thoughts on “Superman’s America Has Been Conquered!


    1. That should not be there. I pay WP not to do that. Thanks for letting me know as I do not see adds on my side of things. I’ll have to check with them to find out why I am not getting what I paid for.

      Oh, and I rather doubt that add was as random as it may have appeared 🙂

          1. Can you take a look at ads appearing at my blog and let me know what you see? I tried to sign out and look, but I just get dumb notice that says, “your visitors will see…”

    1. Yes, history sure has affirmed the majority of their principles. Now, if we were as ‘advanced’ as we like to think we are, don’t you think we’d be wise enough to go back and actually listen to them? 😦

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