BIBLE PROPHECY: The Church Has Fallen For A Lie!

This is the fifth post in a series I am writing about end times prophecies in the Bible.  If you have not read the previous four posts, STOP!  DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!  It is imperative that, before you read any further in this post, you  go back to the first post and start reading — for your own sake, not mine.

“The folly of interpreters has been to foretell times and things by this prophecy [Revelation], as if God designed to make them prophets. By this rashness they have not only exposed themselves, but brought the prophecy also into contempt.  The design of God was much otherwise.  He gave this and the prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men’s curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event, and his own providence, not the interpreters’, be then manifested thereby to the world.  For the event of things predicted many ages before will then be a convincing argument that the world is governed by Providence.”

– Sir Isaac Newton (yes, that Isaac Newton)

Sir Isaac Newton just explained the very same concern I expressed in the beginning of my last post in this series: that we making absolutely sure that we approach, study and teach prophecy correctly so as not to weaken the faith of believers and drive off others who might otherwise have been drawn to the Lord had we not made His Word sound like folly to their ears.  Therefore, I beg the reader to understand that I do not take this series lightly.  I have a great fear of trespassing against the Lord’s Word, especially His prophecies.  Nor do I wish to engage in endless speculations about what material world events are the specific fulfillment of which prophecies.  That is where so many go wrong, and mostly because they do not understand prophecy.  At best, I might show where events in this world fit the patterns in prophecy, but I am not going to say anything is absolute unless Scripture does.  Still, the fact remains that the Church has fallen for a lie, and this lie has put the Church to sleep.  Where the Church should be busy doing the Lord’s work, instead, it is busy speculating as to when it will get to leave that work.  Consequently, many outside the Church are perishing where they might otherwise have been saved had the Church not fallen for this lie and gone to sleep.  Therefore, it is imperative that this lie be exposed and the Truth of prophecy be restored.  This is why I write: to bear witness to what the Scriptures actually say and to put an end to the speculative teachings of men.  I pray the reader will have an ear to hear.

What is this lie I mention?  I call it the “Tim Lahey – Left Behind” version of the end times.  Essentially, it is the idea that the Church will be ‘raptured,’ then the earth will go through a seven year ‘Great Tribulation’ in which we will see the rise of ‘The Antichrist,’ a ‘One-World Government and Religion,’ a ‘Third Temple,’ and a host of other things which simply cannot be directly supported by a single verse of Scripture!  Yes, you read that correctly.  None of the things I just mentioned are actually supported by Scripture!  That’s because they are the work of men, and not God.

Now, I understand this is going to cause me a great deal of trouble.  The majority of the Church — at least in the West — is vested in this interpretation of end times prophecy.  So was I.  However, when I started to study the prophecies to determine when I could expect to be taken out of these troubled times, I encountered some very troubling realities.  The Scriptures contradict with this entire story!  But I knew that Scripture cannot contradict, so I knew something was wrong with what I had been taught.  As a result of this cursory study, I started what would become five years of the most intensive study of my life.  During this time, I finally came to understand why the Lord made me the way He did (but that is a personal testimony, and this is not the time nor place to tell it).  The short of it is this: my studies of Scripture (and history) have convinced me — beyond all doubt — that we — the Church — have fallen for a great lie!

But how and why did we fall for the lie?  The answer is easy, but sad.  We — the Church — no longer study our Scriptures!  We do not want to hear the true Gospel message.  Instead, we want to have our ears tickled.  For example: we love the ‘health, wealth and prosperity message so many teach,  but the moment anyone tries to teach the ‘or else’ side of the Gospel, we close our ears and shout them down.  I wonder how many of us realize that for every promise of reward Christ made us, He also issued a warning of wrath?  The end result of this is that the Church has become lukewarm!  We play at being faithful believers, but our lives do not match our words.  Now, to anyone who actually does read and understand their Scriptures, this should chill them to the bone — and for more than one reason.  But, sadly, the average believer is already tuning me out and shouting me down — if they are even still reading this at all.  That’s OK.  I was trained for this sort of thing, and I have done my research, and I know it is true because we can trace this ‘Left Behind’ version of end times prophecy to its beginning — in the 1500’s!  Not the first century Church, lead and taught by the Apostles, but to men who were trying to protect the Catholic Church from the accusations of Reformation leaders.

What follows is a link that explains the origins of this lie much better than I can, and in much more detail.  I have provided the link, and I am begging the reader to follow it and read it — all of it.  It is from revelations given to brother Ellis Skolfield and the believers at Fish House Ministries (no relation to the Scolfield Bible in any way).  And lest anyone think I am advocating the teachings of a man, I want to make it clear that I do not agree with everything brother Skolfield believes.  Scripture says a little understanding is given to each believer.  Well, one of my gifts is to put the pieces together.  So, let it be known,  I am nothing, and have been given nothing more than what was given to far greater believers than myself.  All I have done is read the works of many, many believers and used my gift for sorting wheat from chaff to put the pieces together.  However, I also know that I am called to teach the believers, and that as a teacher, I will be held to a higher standard.  Frankly, this terrifies me.  I know how filthy my rags are.  Still, the fire within me will not let me rest.  I must write, or it will consume me! All I can do is assure the reader that I will share and teach only what I believe to be true, and where I have doubts, I will say so clearly, and I will support everything with Scripture — just as my mentors do.  So, with that said, I want to point out that the only part of what follows which I completely endorse is the history (as it can be verified through many secular sources, witnessed by the many footnotes Skolfield has provided) and Skolfield’s warning to the Church.

Now, here to pick up where I am leaving off and show you where this big lie began, I give you brother Ellis Skolfield:



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  1. Not a comment about content…. but My count is that this is the fifth post under Bible Prophecy.

    Unless of course I have flunked my common core lesson in ‘Rithmatic.

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