I Refuse To Fight On The Side Of Apollyon Any Longer!


I became politically aware when I started my last two years of college.  I set out to earn a law degree, but I did not want to take the usual path most people were taking at the time by starting with a political science degree.  Instead, I chose to study the foundations of the law and society, so I earned a degree in both philosophy and sociology.  I suppose that’s what woke me up to the injustices in our society, but also to the need for consistent principles in trying to deal with them.  For me, the only source offering anything that even resembled rational consistency was the political right, or ‘Conservatives.’  Oh, if only I had also studied political science and history, as well.  Maybe then I might have come to the conclusions I have reached a little sooner — but I didn’t.  Instead, I fell into a trap that, at that time, I couldn’t see because I didn’t even know it existed.  It wasn’t until about seven years ago that I found the key that opened my eyes.  Now?  Now I see exactly what is going on, that I am guilty of being part of it, and that — if I want to make amends for my part in all of it — I can no longer continue playing the game.I’ll keep this short.  We are in a war.  We have been throughout human history, but most of us refuse to see it.  The signs are all around us, but they are indirect signs.  They don’t point directly to this war, like Pearl Harbor pointed to WW II.  That’s because this war is Spiritual, so the signs have to be understood in that sense.  When we accept this as fact, and we start looking at history in these terms, these signs start to become very clear — as do the sides.  At that point, you have to chose.  Will you be on the side of Lawfulness and Truth, or lawlessness and destruction?  For most of my life, I was on the side of lawlessness, I just didn’t know it.  I thought I was on the other team: the side of Lawfulness and Truth, but I wasn’t.  I had been deceived by the forces of lawlessness and destruction.  What I thought was Truth was not.  What I believed to be right was not.  But now?  Now I have surrendered to the Lord, and now I see!

I have bee listening to the deceptions of lawlessness rather than listening to the Light of Truth.  I know better, and yet, I have failed to obey the Light.  We call this lawlessness by many names, but no matter the name, it relies on our fear, pride and greed.  It seeks to control us, and to do that by using us to control others.  It seeks to destroy, and to do so by causing us to destroy.  It works through lies and deception.  It makes us believe in these lies and deceptions: to accept them as Truth.  And it succeeds because we are afraid, proud or greedy, so we want to believe.  However, once you find the Light or Truth, and you surrender your fears, pride and greed to it, you will start to see the lies for what they are.  You will see how they work — even on you. But the Light will also equip you to resist the darkness.  This is because the Light is outside of you, so its power is outside of you.  If you surrender, it will be lent to you, and you will be able to see the lies.  It is why I was able to see the lies, and to turn away from them, toward the light.  But this is not a one-time thing.  It is like a race, and we must continually chose to turn toward the light so long as we live.  Anything less is to surrender to the darkness…and the lies.

For too long now, I have allowed the lies to keep me from writing what I have been told to write.  And when I wrote, I allowed the deceptions of the darkness to twist the message I was told to deliver.  I’m human, and I know that makes me weak, but I also know that it is not my power I am supposed to trust.  For this, I am ashamed, but not disgraced — because the Light will not reject anyone who clings to It.  This is why I also know that the only thing I have to do is admit that I stumbled and ask forgiveness and it will be granted, and I’ll be restored.  And so I have.  I admit that, even though I did not want to be, and that I knew better,  I have been part of Apollyon’s army.  But no more.  From now on, I will renew my commitment to the Light, and to writing what He tells me to write…and nothing more.

And as to whatever cost this may bring…

Well, no one who worries about counting the cost is worthy of the Light.  It is enough just to trust Him and to do as He asks.  Once we do this, we can know we are living in His will, and if we live in His will, no matter what happens here — in this world — He will never remove our reward in the next!  So, from now on, this is why I must write: out of obedience, and nothing more.


4 thoughts on “I Refuse To Fight On The Side Of Apollyon Any Longer!

  1. Right on! I’ve had to endure two near death experiences to finally see it and I’m not shooting for strike three. I appreciate your words and insight.

  2. Joe, the higher realities of God are hidden until a relationship with Jesus Christ begins. It took me many years but with His help I now see the higher realities and know we are all involved in a spiritual war being waged in Heaven and Earth. Most today are blind.

    That being said I still believe we have the liberty to protect ones self, family and friends from others that seek to destroy us. We do not have to stand by and watch our loved ones slaughtered by the progressive ism’s, Islam or the violent criminals that prey on their fellow man.

    Just a little more light on the subject for added strength:


    “Battling against these forces of darkness is what makes human life possible on this earth at all. If Christians, who are the salt of the earth, are not giving themselves to an intelligent battle with Satan and satanic forces, fighting along these lines which Paul suggests — being “strong in the Lord and in the power of his might” — it would be absolutely impossible for human life to exist on this planet. If this were not going on, life on earth would be one horrible, unending hell. It is the presence of Christians, and those who are affected by their testimony and by their teachings, and the spread of the gospel throughout the world which makes possible those moments of enjoyment of life which even the non-Christian is able to know. That puts things in right perspective, doesn’t it? There you see life as it really is. What a mighty call this is then!”

    This is extracted from the end of the sermon. Thankfully there are still followers of Jesus Christ willing to speak out and do the work of the Lord while there is still time.

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