Trump And His Supporters To John Quincy Adams: We Reject You!

When Trump and his supporters reject Cruz for urging people to vote their conscience, they also reject the words of one of our most faithful and longest-serving founders:

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

— John Quincy Adams

I find that I am forced to decide: will I align myself with men — who tell me I have to do as they say or accept blame for whatever consequences may result — or will I align myself with God?  Well, unlike Trump and his people, I have a great deal of respect for our founding fathers — especially John Quincy Adams, who served this nation from the age of thirteen until his death at the age of 81.  That’s 68 years of devotion to this nation, and during the time of its foundation, at that.  So I place a great deal of credibility in whatever he has to tell me about how to live according to the founding principles of this nation.  But then, I wonder if he ever had to deal with the assertion that I have to either vote for a man who boasts about being corrupt, or a woman who refuses to admit she is?  Luckily, like most of the founders, he spoke to nearly everything we experience still today:

“Duty is ours; results are God’s.”

—John Quincy Adams

It would appear that, according to John Quincy Adams, I have a duty to vote, but not to vote according to my calculation as to the result of that vote.  I take this to mean I have a duty to vote for the person I believe best qualified (and most likely) to uphold the law and defend the Constitution, and to let God decide the result of that vote.

I guess that places me at odds with both Trump and Hillary, as well as their supporters.  I wonder what John Quincy would say about the hate those people will throw my way for refusing to support their corrupt candidates?

“But the indissoluble link of union between the people of the several States of this confederated nation is, after all, not in the RIGHT, but in the HEART. If the day should ever come (may Heaven avert it !) when the affections of the people of these States shall be alienated from each other, when the fraternal spirit shall give way to cold indifference, or collision of interests shall fester into hatred, the bonds of political association – will not long hold together parties no longer attracted by the magnetism of conciliated interests and kindly sympathies ; and far better will it be for the people of the disunited States to part in friendship with each other than to be held together by constraint. Then will be the time for reverting to the precedents which occurred at the formation and adoption of the Constitution, to form again a more perfect Union, by dissolving that which could no longer bind, and to leave the separated parts to be reunited by the law of political gravitation to the center.”

Do you understand what John Quincy Adams is saying?  If so, do you have any doubt that he was addressing America as it is today?  I understand, and I have no doubt that he was talking to this generation.  I just wish there were enough of us left who still valued ‘right’ over ‘want’ to do what’s needed.  But, sadly, I have every confidence that my fellow countrymen will vote ‘want’ over ‘right.’  Alas, when they do, they will have finally achieved one of their human desires that has eluded them since the founding: they will have succeeded in making us all equal…in our suffering!


4 thoughts on “Trump And His Supporters To John Quincy Adams: We Reject You!

  1. Joe,

    I’m all in and for a friendly separation. Now we just have to figure out how to split it up.

    Solution, offer anyone that wants to emigrate to another country US$5 million under the terms that they can never return, renounce their US citizenship and forfeit all benefits they were once entitled too.

    Just have the US Treasury wire it to their bank account and hand them a first class plane ticket to the paradise of their choosing.

    I wonder how many would take the deal.

  2. I was on the fence earlier about how I would vote until I saw your quote from John Quincy Adams. I am voting for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party for president this year.

    1. I may have to join you. All I know is, if we had been following the founders advice all this time, I do not believe we would be i the place where we have to chose between to w equally corrupt people. But, since we are, I am going to vote so that I can justify it to God, not to men.

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