Trump Is Proving My Assessment Of Him Correct –He’s A Hitler In The Making!

I have said that I cannot support Trump because he has to many similarities with Adolf Hitler (the 1930’s Hitler — before he started WW II).  Well, if you are a Trump supporter, you are not going to be happy with this post, either.  That is because, the longer we watch him, the more Trump has proven that my concerns are warranted (or as Trump would say, he keeps proving me right).  Have you seen this yet?

Donald Trump: Americans Who Don’t Report Their Suspicious Neighbors Should Be ‘Brought To Justice’

“If it can be proven that somebody had information about any attack, and did not give this information to authorities, they must serve prison time.”

This is exactly how Hitler and the NAZIs worked: turn in your neighbors or run the risk of being imprisoned, yourself!

How is it that people do not see the warning signs?  Have they absolutely no knowledge of history?  Or have they been taught to hate Hillary so much they will support anybody but her — no matter how bad they are?  I don’t know.  Honestly, I no longer understand the people in this country (America).  They are not the people I grew up knowing and loving.

That said, if you are a Hillary supporter, you are even worse than those supporting Trump!

The people who support Trump only have strong indications that he will be a disaster for America, but you know Hillary will be a disaster for the world and you still supporter her!  Your hate is deeper than the people voting against Hillary.  You hate everything that is decent about mankind.  You may not realize it, but you do — you must.  How else can one explain supporting someone whose whole life demonstrates that she is a liar who will destroy anyone and anything to get what she wants?  Where Trump reminds me of Hitler, Hillary reminds me more of Stalin!  But then, the people who support her have no problem with that: they sort of like Stalin because he was a Communist and they like Communism.  Never mind that Stalin killed far more people than Hitler…

No one — nobody who votes for either Trump or Hillary can claim to be a friend of Liberty (or America).  One cannot support/vote for people who openly boast that they will trample individual rights and liberties and claim to support Liberty (or America).  They are mutually exclusive actions.  But it does not have to be this way.  If we would all just take responsibility for our own actions, we might be able to change things.  Ignore than insane who tell you not voting for their guy is a vote for the other guy.  That is the same idea as “If you don’t turn your neighbor in, we should jail you.”  You aren’t the one doing the crime, so why should you go to jail?  In the same way, if you don’t vote for them, you are not electing them.  Instead, try this.  When you go to vote, there is a place to write in a name.  Try it.  Actually vote for someone you sincerely believe will uphold the laws of this country.  No, your writ in probably won’t win, but who cares.  At least you won’t have any part in what will follow if either Hillary or Trump are elected.  But then, this only applies to people who understand that we all have to answer for the things we do in this life…

[NOTE: I no longer think of my voice as anything special.  There was a time when I believed I had something important to say, but not so much these days.  I write now because I feel driven to do so.  Something inside me will not let me rest until I post the pages you just read.  I’d just as soon not bother anymore.  It all seems like no one is listening and I do more harm than good.  So I have come to trust that whatever it is driving me has all this under control.  Personally, I believe it is God, but others may not.  All I ask is that, if anything I write helps you, or you think it might help others in any way, please, share this page.  Re-blog it, share it on FB or send the link to your friends.  So long as you feel it will do more good than harm, then please, use this page however you wish.  Thank you.]



19 thoughts on “Trump Is Proving My Assessment Of Him Correct –He’s A Hitler In The Making!

        1. OK, excellent. Let’s see if we can explore this a bit, please? 🙂

          I want to ask a simple question. It is not an attack. It is a sincere question, so I hope you will accept my word on this.

          Do you know the history of ‘revolutions’ which use figureheads as their ‘vehicle?’

          1. I don’t see Trump as a figurehead. He has a job to do and I fully expect he will get it done. I am aware of the risks whether Trump is looked on as a figurehead or not; with or without him there would be a revolution. My hope is the revolution with him will restore the Constitution and make America Exceptional again!

            1. This is my point. Trump has said he is corrupt (he admits to donating with the expectation of favors in return, the very definition of bribery). He has also said things that indicate he does not feel constrained by the law/Constitution. And he has advocated “solutions” that are entirely tyrannical in nature (this latest call to jail those who do not report neighbors is a perfect example).

              Now, if you will remember, many of the same people who support Trump today tried to warn Obama’s supporters that he was not going to do the things they said he would. they were projecting their hopes and desires on to Obama while they ignored Obama’s clear indications that he would not be the person they ‘hoped’ he would be.

              So my next question: how is Trump any different? Given that he has shown the same types of indications that he will not be the person his supporters claim he will be, why are you supporting him?

              1. Yes, I recall and I was one of those screaming about hussein and settling for mccain and then Romney which neither made it to the election with my being happy about voting for them. For me Trump has yet to commit a dealbreaker. But I want you to know you are the second of those I hold in hihh regard to suggest such an assessment.

                1. Lisa,

                  I want to thank you for having a conversation with me Not only does it help those who follow along to better understand, but it also helps people to see that I am not a ‘monster’ (I know I do not come off well in written word, so when I can have these chats, I treasure them, ty).

                  I just want to end with two thoughts.

                  1 — Before Obama was elected, had he done anything any different from the things in Trumps past to suggest a ‘deal breaker’ with him? And yet, the warning signs were there, it’s just that those who voted for him chose to ignore them and support him anyway.

                  2 — So, if Trump is just a mirror version of Obama in 2008/2012 (and he is; he’s a ‘Republican Obama’), then aren’t we just asking people to do the same thing as we told Obama supporters not to do back then?

                  Thi is the thing I am trying to get people to see: if you keep doing the same thing but convince yourself the result will be different this time…

                  Well, it has been said this is the operational definition of insanity. It is also why all those on the Left (the Communist/Socialist?Progressive/ etc wagon) are insane: they keep telling the world that, even though their ideas have NEVER worked, THIS TIME it will be different (because this time they or their man/woman is in charge). Do you see? 🙂

                    1. Yes, but — if the feedback I get is any guide — the way I write causes many people to believe I am some sort of hate-filled bigot who judges everyone and everything with which I disagree. In truth, it’s just that I was taught to write with a sense of disconnection. Philosophers do not make the best motivational speakers 🙂

                      What solutions for America? The solution is found in our founding — not the 1776 part, but the part our founders told us created 1776. If we would bother to read, we would find our founders pointed to the Great Awakening and Spiritual Revival as the source of America’s liberty. The seeds of the tree of liberty were planted by our national belief in God. The founders also warned us that, if we ever lost or turned away from that belief, we would also lose our liberty. Looking around, I think I see evidence that they were correct — it’s all around us. So, for me, the only solution is for enough INDIVIDUALS to turn and repent and get back to being personally moral in everything we say and do. Anything less will just insure our ruin.

  1. “No, your writ in probably won’t win, but who cares. At least you won’t have any part in what will follow if either Hillary or Trump are elected.”

    You can write in who you like but it’s really just a non-vote because either Hillary or Trump will be elected whether you like it or not. That is reality. And if we are to take you at your word, we should all care if our write in doesn’t win. We should care a great deal.

    And we are all most certainly going to have to take part in what will follow WHEN either Hillary or Trump are elected; unless we move to a different country.

    Both candidates stink but just writing in a name you like and then absolving yourself of any responsibility of what is to come doesn’t sound like very practical advice.

    I’m surprised you didn’t give supporting evidence for your comparison of Trump to Hitler, unless I missed that one.

    1. I have made the case of Trump paralleling many of Hitlers 1930’s characteristics/policies in several previous posts. You can search for them on

      As to the notion that we have to chose Hillary or Trump: that is the reasoning that has given us this choice between arsenic or hemlock. Either way, you are taking and advocating the taking of poison, and then condemning all those who are trying to urge you NOT to take the poison.

      Have you read my post about the insanity that is sweeping the Western world…?

  2. Regardless, I don’t think the long game is going to be bringing 1776 America back. I honestly think the days of a common religion, ideology and culture for the whole country are gone. The poison now tastes sweet to the masses and I don’t think they are going to turn back from it. They won’t realize it until it is too late and by then the poison givers will be too powerful. Maybe I’ve lost my hope in this nation. The more God is removed, the less hope I have. However, if faced with a mandatory choice between two evils, I will always choose the lesser of the two.

    1. Debbie,

      It would seem I share your assessment of Americas ultimate demise. The only thing I think we may differ on is the willingness to vote for a devil — lesser or otherwise. I believed that way for too long. I finally realized that this is why things keep getting worse: because we all got comfortable voting for someone we KNEW was a devil… 😦

  3. I see why you equate Trump to Hitler. I don’t see any reasoning as to what makes Hillary, Stalin.

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