PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: WARNING! Failed Coup In Turkey Is Harbinger Of The Beginning Of The End!

I know that People have been saying the end is near since before Christ ascended into heaven.  So I know the natural tendency is to dismiss the warnings and label those who sound them as ‘crack pots.’  But before you do this with me, please read this post.  Things are different this time.  For the first time in history, we have been given the keys to understanding the prophecies which the Lord sealed.  If you know those passages, then you know that this is the last generation.  Please, I beg you, read this post all the way through, and do not take any of it lightly.  If you do, you just might find that what the world has always thought was crazy people reading things into vaguely worded fairy tales are actually supernaturally accurate prophecies of the times in which we are living today!Every prediction of the end that was made before 1967 was doomed to be wrong because it was made with the key that was necessary to unlock the prophecies that were sealed in the book of Daniel.  But the events of 1948 and 1967 have given us the keys to unlock those prophecies.  These dates, 1948 and 1967, saw Biblical prophecies come true: the return as Israel as a nation and Jerusalem to Israeli control.  For the first time in history, these dates gave God’s people the key to understanding Daniel’s 70 weeks.  But more than that, we can harmonize all the other prophecies which had to be ignored to create all the previous warnings about the end times.  For the first time ever, all Biblical prophecies of the end times can be put into a single coherent story line.  Now, this does not mean we can understand everything about every prophecy.  Don’t get me wrong, that is not what I am saying.  What I am saying, however, is that, for the first time in human history, we can see where they fit and how they work to make one story without contradictions.  The recent events in Turkey are part of that story!

Since the time of Christ, God’s people have believed that Rome would be the last beast in Daniel’s visions.  This is understandable, but it was wrong.  It is why none of the attempts to find the ten horns and seven heads and all the other descriptions have ever fit Rome.  All such attempts have contained contradictions: they did not match to the actual prophecies.  This is because the final beast is not a revived Rome, or ‘the antichrist,’ but a revived Islamic Caliphate!

Now, I understand this goes against what most of us were taught, but I am not leaning on the word of men.  The ‘Left Behind’ version of the end times is a creation of man.  It is not based in God’s Word.  What I am about to lay out for you is not complete, and not necessarily on target, but it is very close.  Like the Apostle said, we see as through a dim glass or fog, but that glass is becoming more clear and the fog is lifting.  If you give me the time, I will show you — and provide you with the links to help you study it in more detail.

First, we have to stop with the idea of ‘The Antichrist.’  There is no ‘Antichrist.’ Yes, there is an end times military leader who will lead an army against Israel, but nowhere in the Bible does it tell us to look for a possessed man known as ‘The Antichrist.’  In fact, John tells us that antichrist is a spirit, not a man.  So follow the Bible and not the teachings of men.

Next, we have to start learning the symbolism in the Bible.  If we will just read, it tells us what it means.  For example, the Bible defines a ‘beast’ as a kingdom.  It is not a literal animal, or even a man.  It is a kingdom, and it can be physical, spiritual or both.  Likewise, a head usually represents a leader or king and a horn represents power or powerful rulers.  And again, they can be men or spirits.  For example: many believe that ‘the Prince who is to come‘ is a reference to the antichrist.  But, if they would actually read that entire passage in Daniel closely, they will find that the Bible defines this ‘Prince’ as a spiritual being  (we can know this because the angel, either Gabriel or Christ, says he was delayed by the Prince of Persia.  No man could do this.  We are then told about the Prince of Greece.  There is every reason to believe we are dealing with spiritual Principalities here, just demonic ones).  ‘The Prince who is to come’ is not a person, but a demonic being, just as Michael is the Angelic Prince over Israel.  Finally, mountains and hills are symbolic of nations and empires, and harlots are symbolic of apostasy.

Thus, the Leopard-Bear-Lion beast with the seven heads and ten horns can be easily understood as an apocalyptic description of  the kingdom of Islam.  It is unlike the previous empires because it is a theocracy without borders.  It tramples everything.  Just look at how Islam destroys all vestiges of the culture before it.  And it is two fold (Sunni and Shi’a), with one side weaker than the other (Sunni is weaker than Shi’a).  And there is more, but it is lengthy.  I beg you, if you doubt, read the links I am providing.

Then there is Islam, and the Bible’s False Prophet, Muhammad.  In all of history, what other figure has been known simply as ‘The Prophet?’  But more than this, Islam is the negation of Christianity and Judaism.  There can be no more clear definition of antichrist than this, therefore, no more clear match to the Biblical prophecies.

Finally, when you read the names of the nations and peoples and regions Ezekiel says will come against Israel in the end times, you will find that — today — they are all Islamic!  What’s more, you will find that Islam’s colors are the same as the four horsemen: white, red, black and green.  Yes, the fourth horseman rides a green horse, not pale.  The original Greek says green!  But more than this, the nations which lead this attack come out of Turkey!

Remember, Scripture says the total picture is never given to any one believer, so we all have missing pieces.  I am no exception, and neither is the author of this piece.  So, if we ignore that part about an antichrist and just assume a military leader opposing Israel, the rest of the details in this article detail how Turkey matches Ezekiel’s prophecies to the letter:

Turkey As The Antichrist Nation Seven Scriptural Proofs

At this point, we need to start understanding Islamic prophecy.  Believing Muslims have been seeing their prophecies come to pass for several years now:

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: Do Not Be Fooled, Know What The Black Flag Of Islam Represents

One of the main roadblocks to the final fulfillment of Islamic prophecy is the need for the Caliph to be named.  Now, Muslims have been declaring this person to be the Caliph and that one for years, but the key is to name a Caliph that both Sunni and Shi’a will accept.  Once that happens, the world will catch fire.  Well, it may have just happened, and if it did, you need to know what to expect next.  Seriously, read the stories:

Erdogan Holding U.S. Tactical Nukes At Inkirlink Taking Control Of The Second Most Powerful Army In NATO And Is Hailed As Mahdi

Muslim Scholars declare post-coup Erdogan SUPREME LEADER for the ENTIRE Muslim World

If things go badly, Islam is going to have nuclear weapons very soon.  Once that happens, expect Israel to strike them first.  If you doubt this, read Zechariah.  You’ll find an interesting prophecy there:

Zechariah says the enemies of Israel will die from a plague that “consumes” the flesh of all living things — while they are still standing on their feet!  This made no sense…until Hiroshima and Nagasaki!  Now it makes perfect sense!

If you will then read Ezekiel’s description of the clean up after this battle.  He says they will need specially trained people to gather the bodies.  Anyone else who touches them will die.  They will bury them all in one location, and no one will be able to pass through that area.  It will take seven months to do this.  Now, if you do not know what you are seeing, and you only have some 8500 words to describe it, and none of them deal with nuclear warfare, how would you describe the clean-up of a nuclear battlefield?

Then we have the prophecies about Esau and Ishmael and how they tie to secular humanism and Islam. And how the areas where they lived in the time of the prophets are now Muslim, and Christ will destroy them personally when He returns.   And we have not even started on the prophecies about Ephraim — America!  Whose role is to bring Israel back into being as a nation and to arm her until she is strong enough to stand on her own.

There is so much more, and it all harmonizes.  Taken individually, maybe they mean nothing.  But when they all come together, and they match up with the “other side of the story” (Islamic prophecy), well…  At some point, a sane person would at least start to give some serious time to look into this more.  I mean, after all, your eternal soul could be at stake here.

So, I beg you, read these links.  Read the Bible.  Study it.. God’s Word says prophecy is so we will KNOW — not guess — KNOW He is God!  Put it to the test.  God’s Word says to do that, too — but to test it against itself: not your thinking, but God’s Word.  Pray!  Ask the Lord to show you, to understand.  And if you are not right with Him yet, repent and ask His forgiveness.  Ask Him to be Lord of your life — before it is too late because, friend, time is short!


5 thoughts on “PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: WARNING! Failed Coup In Turkey Is Harbinger Of The Beginning Of The End!

  1. Reblogged this on The Rio Norte Line and commented:

    I beg you to read this and not just dismiss it as more religious nuttery. Seriously, when you have the pieces put together by someone who has studied and understands the symbolic language and you hold it to what is happening in the Middle East today,… Well, it gets real hard to dismiss as fairy tails.

  2. I’ll grant that America probably gets an EMP strike, but I doubt that God wants His earth widely contaminated by a nuclear exchange. I don’t think Obama would retaliate, but that would begin the Trbulation. That will be a tough 7 years; is a way to cope with it, but it will be a major setback and a warning to man for the future.

    1. Bill,

      I don’t know what will happen, but I don’t think the nuclear exchange will be an issue — mostly because I no longer believe in the ‘seven year trib after the rapture’ understanding of prophecy. In fact, when I looked and let the Bible speak for itself, I couldn’t find any evidence for it. I think the trib and Battle of Armageddon happen right on top of each other, and then we go to the White Throne Judgment and the New Earth, so contamination wouldn’t be an issue. I understand that this is such a sensitive issue with many believers as to border on heresy, but there are very sound Biblical reasons to believe that the understanding I have been given is closer to what is going to happen. Try to find time to start reading through some of the links I provided and see if the understanding given to these brothers holds up to Scripture. Do as Scripture says and test it. I did, and it forced me to change what I thought prophecy foretold. I was wrong…

    1. chhelo,

      I understand, but that teaching was started by a Jesuit Priest who was trying to stop the Reformation. We can trace it. Before him, the Church has no record of that understanding of Daniel’s 70th week.

      But more than that, Jesus told us the Rapture comes at the very end. Right as He returns. Unless we are going to hold out the belief that there are several ‘Last Trumps” in the Scripture (which means Scripture is in conflict), there is only 1. Jesus said He returns to collect the elect at that time, with the Last Trump.

      Also, the Apostles told us several times that we have been in the Tribulation since Christ ascended. Now, there is the strong possibility that we are dealing with a tribulation and a ‘great’ tribulation, because Scripture mentions both. But the trib has been going on for a long time now. Either that, or the Apostles — including John — lied to us.

      Finally, I would ask you to consider two more point. Paul tells us that judgment starts with the Church, so why should we expect the Church to be rescued out of anything?

      Second, look at God’s ways (i.e. pattern). He does not snatch out the redeemed then wait to destroy the condemned. He snatches them out just as the judgment comes. Lot right before, Noah the day the rain started, etc. Why should we expect God, Who tells us His ways do not change, to suddenly change this time?

      Brother, I suggest that this has been one of Satans greatest achievements because the ‘Left Behind’ understanding of Scripture has given the Church the excuse to go to sleep. And who is the restrained? the Church! How do we know? Jesus said He had given us the keys, and the power. So if the Church goes to sleep, the restrainer is removed, the light goes out and darkness takes over.

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