THE ORLANDO SHOOTING: If You Use It To Push Gun Control, You Should Not Be Allowed To Vote!

Yes, you read that correctly.  What’s more, it is 100% correct:

If you chose to use the Islamic attack in Orlando as an excuse to push more gun control, you should not be allowed to vote!

This is how it works:

We are all born with certain inalienable rights.  Among them is the right to life.  Inherent in a right is the right to defend your rights.  This includes the right to self-defense because, if you do not have a right to defend it, then you do not really have a right to your own life.

Any free and self-governing society is bound to protect and preserve these inalienable right.  This includes the rights of people with who you disagree.  If you have a right to live, so do they.  If you have a right to speak, so do they.  In fact, anything you claim a right o must be fully reciprocal, otherwise, it is not and cannot be a right!  And if it is fully reciprocal, then you have a duty to protect it for others — especially when you do not like them!  Therefore, if you wish to have your rights protected and preserved, then you have a duty to protect and preserve the rights of every other citizen in your society.

However, if you have a fear of inanimate objects — and a gun is an inanimate object — then you are irrational.  Furthermore, if you cannot control that fear, then you are also a coward.  An irrational coward cannot be trusted to do what is right in the face of a fear they cannot control.  Therefore, they should not — musty not be allowed to vote! What’s more, a free society has the right — nay, duty to deny such people the right to vote as they are a clear and present danger to every citizen of that society.

Anyone who disagrees with this identifies themselves as someone who should not be voting in a free and self-governing society.  They are either too cowardly or to… Well, honestly, too stupid to be trusted with such a crucial duty.

Seriously, folks: how can you look at Chicago and come away arguing that gun control works?  Only a person out of touch with reality can make such a claim and believe it.  The rest are lying for their own political gain, and those people not only should not be allowed to vote…they should be jailed!

Yes, Obama, I mean you!  You and everyone else calling for gun control when you know it does not work should be jailed for subversion!


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: There Is No Natural Right To Vote


6 thoughts on “THE ORLANDO SHOOTING: If You Use It To Push Gun Control, You Should Not Be Allowed To Vote!

    1. I am addressing a principle of Natural AND civil law. The 2nd Amendment is equal to all other rights, yet it has been one of the most trampled. To trample it is no different than to say… Oh, I don’t know: how about “You are less ‘human’ than I am?” We’ve actually done that before in this nation, remember? So why would we do it again? To attack one right is to attack all of them.

      If you do not see this, then you cannot be trusted to vote in a free and self-governing society, either. That is not a ‘judgment,’ it is a mater of definition. Don’t believe me? Try reading the founders. Not the historians, but the men who actually set up this nation and its system of government.

    2. Rich, another thing: I am not accusing people of a crime. So the idea that I am being “judge, jury and executioner” is a fallacious argument. In fact, it is no different than the irrational calls for gun control. You are making an appeal to emotion — the very thing against which I now seek to protect the rest of RESPONSIBLE society.

  1. When Obama took his oath of office he clearly stated and pledged to God and Country that he would protect and defend the citizens of America. He has violated this oath and opened the borders as wide as he can for one reason. To purposely cause as much death and destruction as possible in the homeland to effect his transformation. As a result of his actions he has allowed for the invasion continue while thousands of Americans are killed, maimed and exposed to long past threats form communicable diseases.

    The Orlando Islamic terrorist attack is proof. This individual was on the radar as a potential terrorist and from what has been released in the news media there was plenty of opportunity to take action if it were not for the disease of political correctness and fear of being called an islamophobe. These deaths are solely on Obamas hands. They are also on the hands of the club owner(s) that made it, as reported, a gun free zone and all Americans that voted for Obama and his fellow progressives.

    Yes there may have been deaths but I will wager those that are now dead and those that survived would have been better served if someone had been crying a concealed weapon, was trained and prepared to stand his ground and confront the attacker.

    Since the borders are no longer secure it is mandatory for law abiding citizens to arm themselves (biblically justifiable) and become proficient to protect themselves and others that are now easy targets for the terrorist and criminals that roam our streets mostly un-apposed until shortly after an act is committed. This includes the ability to render basic emergency first aid until professional medical assistance arrives. Even if you are not prepared to be armed you should be prepared to render aid. Courses are offered for free in most cities and your help may save a life. Small emergency med packs are fairly inexpensive and available and several should kept in every vehicle as standard equipment.

    If the US, State or local governments are no longer going to fulfill their obligations it is incumbent that each law abiding American citizen take up the slack. I want to specifically stress “law abiding”. We can ill afford to be accused of becoming what we oppose.

    So cancel the cable and take a few self defense, first aid and fire arms training classes. Take the whole family.

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