Every time a person uses a gun to do violence, we are inevitably barraged with people seeking to use it to trample our right to self-defense.  This is irrational and it is w-a-y past time for us to get past this.  The gun is not the problem — period!  The problem is always the person: either the one using the gun to harm others, or the one using that shooting to do so.  Yes, that’s correct: if you use a shooting to push for gun control, you are as morally culpable as the shooter, maybe more so (because you are harming many times more people).

A gun is an inanimate object.  I can load one and leave it in the street with the safety off and, so long as no one touches it, it will not fire — ever!  And if it never fires, it will never hurt anyone.  So, if you are afraid of guns, that is a phobia, and a phobia is irrational.  There is nothing inherently wrong with having a phobia — unless you cannot control it.  If you have a fear of elevators, you do not suddenly develop a right to push society into eliminating elevators.  The same applies to weapons.  A fear of firearms does not give you a moral imperative to attack them.  In fact, it is just the opposite: attacking the right of other people to own firearms is a moral wrong!  This is because you are attacking their right to defend themselves, which is an indirect attack on their very life.

What’s more, the empirical evidence is undeniable: gun control does not work — period!  No, it does not, and it is time for reasonable people to stop arguing against factual reality.  If gun control worked, Chicago would be a utopia, but it isn’t.  If gun control worked, we would never have a shooting in a ‘gun free’ zone.  So, to all those out there who still insist that gun control is the answer to human nature: GROW THE HECK UP!

The simple truth of the matter is it takes a person to harm another person.  If a person is intent on doing harm, they will find a way to do so.  I like to use the example of a science fiction book I once read.  A mercenary is marooned on an artificial planet.  At the center of this planet is an artificial intelligence that will not allow weapons.  Soon after he arrives, the mercenary gets into a  fight and picks up a chair to use as a weapon.  The AI takes away the chair.  Next, the mercenary uses a pipe or something like that, and the AI takes the pipe.  After a few such instances, the AI realizes the weapon is the mercenary, himself — and it takes him away.

And now you understand the reason behind the death penalty: to remove the evil from among society, and warn those who would consider doing evil of the consequences of doing so…


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